Monday, August 24, 2009

Purchase - MAC Style Snob - A Taupe To Warm Your Heart

It’s been ages since I wrote about a warm taupe. I think I may have been neglecting the warm taupes out there. But neglect no longer. MAC Style Snob is the warm taupe that wins my heart. Sometimes, when you are mired down in a cool silvery and plum taupe bog you forget the bright sunshine that a warm taupe can bring to your heart. Ah yes. Style Snob is that sunshine that warms my heart. This shadow is versatile enough to wear as an all over wash or a crease. It’s also fun to pair with brown, navy and deep green.

Released on July 23rd, 2009 in the MAC Love That Look collection This Starflash formula eye shadow is creamy and metallic and a light brown taupe. I’m very fond of the Starflash formula from MAC. These shadows contain Soybean, Jojoba, and Olive Oil which helps the powders have a more creamy application and also allow it to adhere better than other powders…not to mention that they are more long wearing than other MAC shadows. The difference in texture in these Starflash formula shadows is apparent upon application. It feels a lot softer on the eye, but gives an exceptional pigment payoff when layered. The finish itself is a very frosty, flashy finish. They contain pearlized particles, but they are much finer than the Veluxe Pearl formula because the pigments in these Starflash shadows are “jet-milled”. They can be worn sheer for a more neutral light frost, or built up for a very reflective finish.

The lovely warm brown taupe may look like a similar MAC shadow called Satin Taupe. However, as you can see, when swatched side by side, MAC Satin Taupe (permanent collection) is darker and plumier than MAC Style Snob.

Do you NEED this? DUH! It’s Taupe, it’s Limited Edition and it’s TAUPE. Get thee to a MAC counter or to the MAC Cosmetics website ASAP before it’s gone for good!

MAC Style Snob all over, Sephora Colorful Mono No. 6 in the crease and MAC Shroom to highlight. Becca Berbarella to line and Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara.


  1. I love warm taupes (can't wear the cooler ones) and was wondering about Style the photos

    hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. Happy Monday!! I most certainly will have to try MAC Satin Taupe.. i also like the warmer shades. Bought Smoke&Diamonds a little to frosty/flashy tho..I find Ulta has some nice e/s,too.

  3. OOh, love that color! Must get :D

  4. Thanks for posting this. Joey is right. She thought that it's too warm/pink for me so I can now skip it until I see it at the CCO.

    Do you approve of the Sephora monos? Can you compare this one to any similar colors?


  5. What a coincidence, on my drive to work I was just thinking about warm taupes and how they just don't work for me. I did get Smoke & Diamonds, but it's a little too silver on, but I love love love Benefit's Skinny Jeans and Where There's Smoke.
    Saying that, that Sephora is looking mighty was the quality of it? I haven't been too impressed by them before and don't know if they've changed/improved their shadows.

  6. Gah!! This post has pushed me over the edge. I was convincing myself I didn't need this but...I do! I do! I don't have enough warm taupes and warm taupes actually suit my skintone better than cools. So wallet hates you. I need to buy another eyeshadow like s hole in the head, but this must. be. mine.

  7. YAY! A warm taupe finally!

    I'm so glad you loved Style Snob, and the Sephora brand taupes! I told you to get No.6, right? I only ask because I don't remember which ones I have =/ bleh. I need to look for them in that black hole of doom I call my train case.

    But really, I love this EOTD! I'll have to copy it.

  8. eyeshadow seductrive pictures!!!! I love them. I really find Snob so flattering. I thought that my Satin Taupe would fit the job, but the warmer taupe looks so gorgeous....

    BTW, you have stunning eyes and taupes really make them sparkle.

  9. Sarah and Claudia and anyone else. The Sephora Monos are much better quality than the earlier Sephora shadows. The one I have in the photo was recommended to me by Joeybunny. It is the pearl No. 6...which I kind of wish they had given actual names b/c numbers are hard for me to remember. But regardless. Great quality nice staying power and well pigmented.

  10. Gah the MAC one is beautiful! I must stay strong and resist!!!*repeat* stay strong!

  11. Yay, a warm taupe! I'm waiting for this in the mail.

  12. Style Snob is very pink on me. I think it must just be me, because everyone else says it brown. It wasn't at all what I was expecting when I ordered it, but it really is lovely and has become one of my favorite shadows. It looks great paired with plummy purple.

  13. Hello there! I'm new to your blog, but already loving it!!!
    I bumped into it when i googled for MAC smoke and diamons. To makhe a log story short: I just paid 2x for 3 Starflash shadows, I even ordered the Snob one without having a clue (just followed a gut feeling hahahah) so it's good to know it was a good (but pricey) choice.
    I have a feeling my wallet is going to regret meeting you hahahahaah.Just kidding. Well, maybe not....


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