Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Press Sample - Revlon Runway Nails Collection. DO NOT WANT - I guess I'm the only one.

image from revlon.com
I am blessed to have very strong nails that grow quickly. I don’t do anything special to them. It’s just genetic. One thing I don’t like about my nails is my cuticles…but they would look better if I took better care of them. I’m just warning you that in the upcoming pictures my cuticles don’t look all that great.

So you ask,

“Elvira, if you have such great nails; (bragger!) why on earth would you wear artificial nails?”

That’s an excellent question.

I wouldn’t. Not normally. But Revlon sent me some nails to try and review. So I did it for the sake of Science...err. I mean Beauty. I was sent these by Revlon. Mind you they didn’t pay me, but they did give these to me. I planned to do an honest review. In fact, I thought it would be a pretty decent review with slight ragging on the designs as I’m not one for French tips or designs on the nails. Well I was mistaken. Brace yourselves Revlon, but I HATED these nails. Now don’t be sad because apparently I’m the only one that did. I looked at other beauty blogs that reviewed these Revlon Runway Collection nails and most, if not all of them, LOVED these things. I guess I’m the lone dissenting opinion. Meh. I’m OK with that.

First of all the designs. They are a little too flashy for me…I think I received some of the more conservative designs from the Revlon Runway Collection. I’m not fond of glitter lines, hatch marks etc. It’s just not for me. However. I know several people like to have designs on their nails, especially for a special occasion so I guess, if you can find these, they would work for you.
I tested Stella -the most conservative of the designs with a pink-y beige with lighter beige hatch marks on the tip Minx - a bit flashier with white tips with black fishnet design overlay and a glitter line at the base of the tip. And lastly, Starlet – A flashy Metallic Pink tip with metallic silver design interlaced with glitter. (Ugh). I have seen other designs in the collection and they get a bit more dramatic. If it’s your thing to have designs on your nails then I think you will like the ones that the Revlon Runway Collection offers.

Secondly the application was annoying. I never perfected a way to apply these artificial nails without getting glue on my skin. I thought that for a novice it wouldn't be easy to screw these up. I guess I was incorrect. The instructions tell you to apply glue (Included with each nail kit) to your natural nail and also to the underside of the artificial nail. Pay NO attention to that. If you actually do what they say, you will have so much glue that it will seep out the sides and get on your skin and form bubbles under the nail. Just apply glue to your natural nail. Have an orange stick (included in the kit) handy when gluing to remove any excess glue that may seep out from under the nail. Nail glue is like super glue. It bonds in seconds and you basically need pure acetone to remove it.

The curve of my natural nail must be higher than most people’s because NONE of these nails laid flat on my natural nails.

I had problems with air pockets and bubbles. It pressed down firmly. I swear to god I did. But even after doing that, they would pop up in the middle and I could see air pockets…which allow moisture to get in (which it did when I showered) and moisture and nails don’t mix. Hellloooo perfect breeding ground for nail fungus! FAIL.

I will say that I find it positive that the artificial nails come in a variety of sizes that I think that most people will be able to find a good fit.

Thirdly the wear. Oh they wore really well…unless you have to buckle darthypie in his car seat and CRACK! I lost my artificial thumb nail!
Also, because I was so concerned with making sure I didn’t get air pockets I pressed too hard on my nails and I think I really hurt them. Some of my nails were so tender that it HURT the next day. That’s my own fault…not Revlon’s. I just didn’t like the feel of them on my natural nails. It just felt strange…again that’s my issue…not Revlon’s.

Fourth and lastly. Removal. OMG what a pain in the butt. Trust me. The glue Revlon includes is awesome. Once applied it will probably survive almost anything. So how do you get it off? Acetone. And I’m not talking about watered down acetone that you find in nail polish remover…however that will work too. I’m talking about pure, straight from the beauty supply store Acetone.
image from sallybeauty.com
Once I was ready to remove these talons of evil…uh I mean artificial nails…I gave each one a quick file on top of the nail and soaked them in acetone for about 8 minutes and they dissolved off. I once soaked them in nail polish remover with acetone and it took 20 minutes to FINALLY remove them and my fingers looked like prunes. Either way, after both removals I applied cuticle oil generously all over my nails and used a strong hand cream to help replace the moisture that was lost during the removal process. It’s not a pretty sight.

In summary…ooh doesn’t that sound so scientific?... I would NOT purchase these artificial nails for myself…I can’t say re-purchase, since I received them directly from Revlon.

Do you NEED these Revlon Runway Collection nails? Maybe. If you have a special event and you want a pretty design and like wearing artificial nails. Otherwise steer clear of any and all artificial nail products. Your natural nails long or short, as long as they are kept well groomed are the nicest look in my opinion. However, as I said before, the majority of beauty bloggers out there that reviewed these Revlon Runway Collection nails really liked them. So I’m sure my experience was unique or should be chalked up to bad luck.


  1. Hey Elvira, i love your honest opinion!
    i got these in a swap package and passed them on to my teen cousins to play with. i keep my nails tidy and natural and that's it. i liked the 'done' appearance of the designs and might consider wearing them if i were in a wedding or something but they looked like too much fuss for regular me.

  2. A hilarious and delightful review — and though you won't want to hear it, those third nails (with the silvery swirly tips) look kind of awesome on you. Maybe it's time to embrace the nail bling?

  3. Thanks for the review! I wasn't too crazy about the patterns at all on the french tip. I'm sorry that it took forever to take those damn nails off!

  4. Those designs don't look so bad to me but like you, I HATE fake nails. Also acrylic nails. They just look so gross and flashy and chola-ish. Thanks for the review!

  5. haha, I have gotten those along with some of their fake lashes as well...But I actually tried very hard to not be sarcastic (while showing I don't like those at the same time.) in my review...Because I know the Revlon lady is watching me somewhere.

    Well, I guess it's not Revlon's fault anyway, I hate fake nail in general so no matter how good they are, they are still fake...

  6. I hated these too - remember my frantic emails Elvira?

    For those with smaller hands and nails, these nails WILL NOT fit you. I was only able to size my three biggest nails and that's it. Also my natural nail bed wasn't the right shape for these nails. And like Elvira, it took forever to remove these with pure acetone. I want to say it took over 30 minutes.

    However, I did like the blingy designs of these nails and wish they would have fit me, as I am all about fake nails!

  7. "talons of evil" = best line ever!

    Thanks for your honest review! I probably wouldn't pick them up since I'm not really into "flashy blingy" nails. I wish they would have something a bit more normal...

  8. I don't think I'd chalk your experience up to bad luck... I think it is an affliction you suffer- honesty! I think most people are hesitant to post less than spectacular reviews on items sent to them. I'm glad you aren't though! The whole point of blogging is to give honest, unbiased reviews on products. That's why I read your blog daily. =)

  9. I'm not big on fake nails but I too wanted to thank you for your honesty. Your blog is at the top of my must-read list because you're always honest and up front about the way a product worked for you. It's so refreshing!

    So, thank you again! =)

  10. Aww, sorry you had a negative experience with them.

    I tried the ones from Fingrs and became suddenly sort of obsessed with my nails lol. I'd always wanted to try fake nails with designs on them since they're easier than painting them sometimes...but I didn't want to shell out the $$ for real acrylics if I didn't know I was going to like them and didn't know if I wanted to shell out the $$ to maintain a manicure w/ fills and stuff.

    I liked them, but they are kind of a pain too and there IS indeed a learning curve to applying them. I DID glue my fingers together lmao.

  11. Great review, I liked them in some of the looks but the wear and removal ummm not so much.

  12. I just found your blog (while researching reviews for Revlon Runway Nails) and I have to THANK YOU for your honest opinion and straight-skinny on this product. Since these debuted last year, I have been searching for them in stores, but NO ONE (not Walgreens, not other drugstores, not Target, etc.) seem to carry them. I was about to finally order them online, and then I read this post. Like you, I find these designs too flashy, but I was ALMOST willing to give them a try... until I got to the part about removing them. UGH - no thanks. Isn't acetone really bad for you? I think I'll pass...


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