Monday, August 17, 2009

Purchase - Ulta Eye Shadow in Twilight. This Ain't No Tweener Sparkly Vampire

An Ulta opened up about 10 minutes from my house. Surprisingly enough I have only been to it twice since it opened. Partially because I'm not fond of the customer service...or lack there of at most Ultas and mostly because there is this super awesome playground near the Ulta that commands my attention because Darthypie commands my attention. Yes. Ladies. I put my son before makeup. I know it's a bit hard to believe. In fact I can't believe it myself. Yes. Darthypie is coming between me and my makeup shopping. My bank account is happy but my taupe collection had been suffering. Well suffer no more. I finally had time to peruse Ulta about 10 min before closing on a Sunday and basically ran in grabbed 2 shadows and ran out before Darthypie could put up a fuss and before one of the employees gave me the evil eye for shopping 5 minutes before closing!

So what did I pick up during my mad spree? Just two shadows. One of which is Ulta Eyeshadow in Twilight. Now normally I shy away from ANYTHING and EVERYTHING related to The Movie and Book Twilight, but since this shadow is named Twilight simply by coincidence I was OK with it.

Now all Twilight Fans (The books/Movies not the shadow) cover your eyes. No peeking!

GAH I am SICK TO DEATH of this whole Twilight phenomena. Good god I hope I was not as annoying when I was a tweener. Seriously. What's wrong with The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink? Those are classics! Sure, they weren't books, but that's besides the point! I mean, they made a movie, you don't need to read right? RIGHT! Sparkly Vampires indeed! Pah-Leeeez!

OK. Twilight fans, you can open your eyes. No offense. It's just fun to be in with the in crowd bashing Twilight. I honestly have never read the books or seen the movie. I do believe I would enjoy them, but I prefer to be a grumpy old cow and act like the whole Twilight thing is the worlds worst thing to happen to literature and cinema ever. Hey It cant be as bad as Bad Boys II. Worst. Movie. Ever.

Moving on.

So the Ulta brand eyeshadow is a plummy taupe. This is one plumtastic taupe. It's seriously bordering on purple that it almost shouldn't be called a taupe...but it has enough brown in it to just qualify. The shadow is frosty but not opaque. It has no glitter but a beautiful shimmer to it. The color is excellent as an all over wash or as a crease color. The shadow applied smoothly and was decently pigmented but nothing overly impressive. It's a tad on the hard side and there was a little fall out but nothing that couldn't be brushed away with a clean powder brush. It wears well (with an eyeshadow primer) and seemed to last most of the day without creasing.
The shadow quality is not the best I have ever seen. I prefer softer and creamier powders, but the color is pretty enough to use more than once. For the low, low price of $6.50 USD this is an excellent value. With almost 100 shades to choose from, I think that even if you aren't fond of this color, you might find one that does suit you.

Do you NEED this? Maybe. It depends. This is a lighter and somewhat cooler version of MAC Moth Brown but it certainly is NOT a dupe of MAC Moth Brown. It's a very plummy taupe, if you have a lot of those, you might just save your $6.50 and use it toward something else. If you don't have a lot of these colors then go for it. You really have nothing to lose...other than $6.50.

Here is my eye of the day using Ulta Twilight all over and Aveda Cobolt on the outer V and to line. Guerlain Oriental Metal loose powder kohl on inner rims. Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara with Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara. Please excuse the wonky brows. I had a small over plucking frenzy with my tweezers...hence the placement of the Pink Sith watermark!


  1. Yes! This is one of my all-time favorite shadows. I should have gotten a back-up at the time since I have no Ultas near me (though Bossman can always pick one up for me). I'm glad, too, that you showed Twilight and Moth Brown together. They go nicely together.

    And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who despises the Twilight craze, but the two best 'tweener movies of our generation are "The Breakfast Club" and "SIXTEEN CANDLES". Sixteen Candles is VASTLY superior to "Pretty in Pink".

  2. Well, I am probably too old to enjoy Twilight, but I am not embarrassed to admit that I do! Haha. I did grow up with the amazing 80s classics you mentioned, though, and there is just no comparison to those!

    But anyways, I also ADORE this shadow! I think Ulta's eyeshadows are of good quality--they are soft with little to no fallout, great color pigmentation, and blend well. Oh, and they last forever on me too!

    Twilight is one of two go-to shades for me. The other is Elegance. I wear them almost everyday! I agree that Twilight is a perfect plum-taupe shade. I stock up on this shade, and Elegance, everytime I make it over to an Ulta!

  3. I can't stand even thinking about Twilight. It did cross my mind momentarily that maybe it'd be fun mindless fluff... and then I saw Kristin Stewart in "Adventureland" and couldn't bear the thought of seeing her in another movie.

    But on to the eyeshadow! I tried these out in store during ULTA's crazy sale on their products, and bought a few more than a dozen of these, at just $3 a piece. I think they are FABULOUS, especially for the price. Decently pigmented, smooth, and a GREAT color selection. I much prefer these to Sephora brand eyeshadows, which are smaller, didn't have great colors, and are more expensive (I haven't tried Sephora's rereleased line, but at those prices, might as well buy MAC!)

  4. I am a HUGE fan of these shadows, especially when ULTA does their BOGO on them, I tend to stock up, I visit the ULTA 20-25 mins away from me approximatley every 1-2 months and I bought this upon recs from MakeupAlley boards. This is a gorgeous taupe, but as the Sith says, tends towards the plummy, but hey for $6.50, or $3.25 if you hit the BOGO, its worth having in your stash!

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  6. i think it's light and not a dupe but it's one of the best you have on your eyes. seriously i think your light skin works perfectly well with this light taupe. i think i'd be better with moth brown than this has i am darker but on your lids, the colour shines.

    (my previous post was not shown.)

  7. *sobs* This is a gorgeous shadow!! I wish I could visit an Ulta so I could pick it up. I hear they have a lot of pretty colors =)

  8. This one is gorgeous ;) I've read about this one before but for some reason can never find it at my's a conspiracy.

  9. Ooh I love how this one looks! Darnit I've no Ulta here! I did not watch Twilight nor read the book(s). My last "association" with vampires was Anne Rice who sorta made vampires sexy instead of scary :P

  10. This is a gorgeous shadow. I do own this one, and you've inspired me to get it back out, along with some of my other Ulta shadows. I do need to figure out a way to depot them, but that's a whole other story. By the way, this shade looks gorgeous on you!

  11. I am officially lemming this, looks great on you!!


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