Tuesday, September 15, 2009

20 Percent Off at Giorgio Armani Beauty!

I can never resist a good sale...especially when it's cosmetics. Yesterday I saw that Giorgio Armani Beauty had a 20% off code (MAKEOVER) and free shipping with a $50 or more purchase until Friday, September 18, 2009.

Since I have been lemming those eye shadows that Lina at The Beauty Look Book reviewed on her blog I decided this was the opportunity I had been waiting for. I was gonna get one..the greyish taupe one of course and maybe a lipstick too.

After only a few minutes I had $129 of product in my shopping cart. It was time to cull the wheat from the shaft and lighten the dollar amount.

Let's see....I had the Eyes To Kill palette in #1 Steel Black, Lasting Silk UV Foundation in #4 light sand, Sheer Blush in #12 Pale Raspberry, Shine lipstick in #5 Mauve and Silk Lipstick in #23 Rose.

Here's the strange thing. I actually tossed out the eye shadow, blush and one of the lipsticks. I kept the Lasting Silk foundation! I guess I might be a bit Taupe eyeshadowed out! I think in reality it's just that I'm still searching for my holy grail foundation. Well I still have until the 18th of September to use the code if I change my mind.

Expect a review and pictures soon!

Are you going to get anything from the sale?

Do you have any Giorgio Armani Makeup? What is it and do you like it?


  1. I wish I needed something - I just started a brand new tube of Face Fabric - it will probably last me forever :o

  2. I still need to go to Saks tomorrow and see those eyeshadows before I decide if I want to make an order =D but which lipstick did you get?!?


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