Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Free Sample - Bond No. 9 Astor Place

The calendar reads September
I resist with a spray
The weather turns gray and cool
I resist with a sniff
Pencils and backpacks invade the kitchen table
I resist with a spray
Sweaters are unpacked from storage
I resist with a sniff
Autumn is upon us but Spring fills my senses
Bond No. 9 Astor Place brings me back to spring
I refuse to douse myself in patchouli just because the calendar says so.
It will forever be Springtime as long as I have Astor Place.

I never had a particular image in my mind when I thought of the ideal floral perfume. But when I had an opportunity to sniff (and wear) Bond No. 9 Astor Place, that image is firmly implanted in my teeny tiny brain.

Bond No. 9 Astor Place debuted on April 1, 2009. Granted I’m several months late in wiring about it, but better late than never. The multi-colored bottle looks like a bouquet of fresh spring blooms and it makes me smile.

According to Bond. the notes of this scent are:
Violet Leaf, Mandarin Zest, Freesia, Red poppy buds, Orris (iris root), teakwood, Musk and Amber

Astor Place would be ideal for The Big Day...the Wedding of course! It's an ideal Mother's day Scent. It's an ideal Office scent to escape from the drudgery of gray cubicles and gray weather. Astor Place is not too strong but not meek either. It is long lasting and has decent silage.

If you are going to buy only one new flowery fragrance this year I recommend Bond No. 9 Astor Place....however, if you are like me and are going to buy a kazillion floral fragrances this year....I stil recommend Bond No. 9 Astor Place. Let's put it this way. I love Bond No. 9 The Scent Of Peace and I got a big bottle of it for my birthday. I sniffed Astor Place and had immediate perfume envy and a slight case of buyers remorse. My next purchase WILL BE Bond No. 9 Astor Place.

Astor Place, the eau de parfum, is available in two sizes: 100ml and 50 ml, at Bond No. 9’s four New York City boutiques,, 877-273-3369, and at Saks Fifth Avenue nationwide.


  1. Omg. I have a sample of that. It's amazing!

  2. This is my absolute favorite perfume. It's so expensive, but so delish and lasts for hours! Great blog, btw! Check out my blog at


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