Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Purchase - Chanel #14 Mystic Eyes

Chanel Mystic Eyes Quadra Eye Shadow was released this past Spring but you can still purchase it directly from or Bloomingdales or Nordstrom. After my wretched Chanel makeover I went back to the Chanel counter and had the regular (and lovely) Sales Associate re-do my makeup. She used the Mystic Eyes quad on me and I was won over by Chanel's quads. I had heard in the past that many of the Chanel Quadra eye shadows are dull and lacking in pigmentation. I must say that either, Chanel got the message and amped up the pigment or the new releases are focusing more on pigmentation for the shadows. Either way, we win!

The pigmentation is decent on this quad. the shadows are sort of on the hard side but not terribly hard by any stretch of the imagination. They are sort of powdery so expect some fall out. They last a decent amount of time. Not a full 12 hours but at least 8-10 depending on the eyeshadow base you use and how oily your lids are. I didn't notice any creasing but there was some fading at the end of a long day. I'm OK with that.

The eye shadow quad itself is a conundrum. Things are not as they appear. The light silvery taupe shade is sheer and meant to be used as a shimmer wash over the entire eye and/or as a highlight for the inner corners of the eye and for the brow bone. The rich copper shade seems out of place among the cool deep brown. The pink? I don't wear pink eye shadow....until now. Once the shadows are combined a beautiful etude appears on your eyes. OK. I'm getting too whimsical too poetic. but I really was surprised how much I enjoy this quad. Had I not had the Chanel SA show me how to wear it, I might have not appreciated it as much as I do. She told me she took a class on how to apply this quad and it was almost the opposite of what I thought.

Here is how she applied the shadows on me:

The light pink shade turns into a sheer base for all over the lid. It's not as pink as it looks in the pan..thank goodness...and has a semi matte appearance to it.
The deep brown shade is use in the crease starting for the inner eye to the middle of the eye.
The Copper shade is used in the crease from the middle of the eye to the outer part of the eye.
That's right! 2 crease shades ladies!
you blend the two crease shades with a clean fluffy brush into the crease and work it slightly above the crease.
Taking a thin flat brush you use the deep brown shade to line the upper and lower lids. ( I like liquid liner so I only used this on the lower lid)
using a fluffy tapered brush you dust the shimmery silvery taupe shade all over the eye (LIGHTLY) and then use a flat and stiffer brush to apply the shimmery shade to the corner of the eyes and town the brow bone if desired.

Do you NEED this? Sure! It really is nice and I think it's a limited edition. Once it's gone it's gone. This quad would be better suited for warmer skin tones but neutral ladies take a look at it too. My next Chanel Quad purchase will be Winter Nights. I used to own Winter Nights but I swapped it away in a fit of insanity and have had "swappers remorse" ever since.

EOTD using Chanel Mystic Eyes Quad. Chanel Ecriture de Chanel liquid liner in Brun.


  1. that is super pretty. I have not had Chanel eyeshadow since college. I have my eye on an upcoming quad, though.

    hope all is well.

  2. I love this quad, the deep brown shows a bit plummy on me which is fine. You need to get Winter Nights back--it makes a gorge smoky eye!

  3. how come thsi quad looked so smooth on your skin? chanel e/s quad always look coarse when i use... :(

    not fair!

  4. Wow that does look very pretty Elvira - now I am thinking of trying it out too.

  5. pretty and i LOVE the idea of how to use the shades!

  6. That looks pretty on you =) I remember being slightly tempted by this quad back around Christmas =)

  7. Wow, this looks fantastic on you! I have this quad and have always done the taupe on the lid, copper in the outer v, brown used wet as a liner, and pink for the brow bone. I can't wait to try the way you mention, cause it looks freakin gorgeous!

  8. Great review! I have been lusting after this for a while and was hanging out for your review after you mentioned it on mua. I believe this quad may be permanent in the asia-pacific, at least Australia as it is stored with all the permanent line now at our counters.


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