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Purchase - Chantecaille Sylvie's Personal Palette

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I had wanted the new Chantecaille palette ever since I heard of it. What a perfect item I thought. Three eye shadow colors and a blush. I had never once used any Chantecaille eye shadows or blush but I had heard such good things about it I decided to get this palette. This is a limited edition palette for fall. It is called Sylvie’s Personal Palette. Upon first look you see the colors are pretty basic. Easily dupable. I probably have similar colors already in my collection, (except for the blush) so why did I want it so much? I have no idea. I had this irrational NEED for this palette. Perhaps it was the model (Sylvie Chantecaille's Daughter, Oliva.). She is stunning is she not? Perhaps it is the rose design which is stamped into each eye shadow and on the blush. I do love roses and all things rose. Maybe it was the color of the blush. I don’t have anything that shade of pink. Maybe it was the convenience of having a blush picked out for the eye shadow…honestly at 5:45 in the morning I’m not always awake enough to pair blush with eye shadow..This would be a time saver right? Perhaps I didn’t NEED a reason to want this palette. Yes. That’s it. I don’t have to justify every purchase. Sometimes you just get stuff because it’s pretty. Yes. That’s it. So stop judging me!

Let’s start with the case shall we? It’s slim and a purple-y silver. It comes in a smart little leather metallic drawstring bag…however I don’t think you can actually draw it closed...but that’s beside the point right? Once you open the case there is a piece of velum paper with the words "base", "color", "definer" and "cheek" over the appropriate colors.

Palette with overspray:

Palette without overspray:

The eye shadows:

The base eye shadow color is a warm matte bone. Don’t let the glittery look fool you. That’s just overspray. The bone color is almost exactly the same color as my natural skin. It could double for face powder I think. The color is very sheer. Darker skin tones might enjoy this color slightly more than fairer skin tones. The shadow is not soft and not hard. It’s not overly powdery but not creamy. It’s hard to describe. It seems to just attach itself to your brush and then attach itself to your eyelid. It’s just that easy.

The color shadow is a shimmery brownish taupe. The shimmer in the picture is overspray but this is definitely a frosty color. It seems to turn a tad more plum on me than it is in the pan. It makes a lovely crease color. The pigmentation is amazing. You only need a little bit to get a lot of color payoff.

The definer shadow is a plumy brown satin. It is not matte but it is not frosty either. This again has the overspray but once it is gone you are left with a wonderful crease color or liner color or outer V color. Honestly I think if you wanted a really dramatic look you could use this as a crease color with the brown taupe as a lid shade and then use the matte bone color to highlight. Again, the color payoff is amazing and a little goes a long, long way.
The shadows wear really well. These are my first Chantecaille shadows so I can’t draw from past experience but I am floored when I return home from work and my shadow looks as good as it did when I left in the morning. I’m not kidding. This stuff does not fade or crease or anything. It’s wonderful.

The Blush
First let me say that I’m a tad confused as to why Chantecaille decided to pair a cool-ish blush with such warm-ish eye shadow shades…but us neutral girls (Hi! That’s me) will love it. The blush is a neutral to cool-ish pink. The shimmer is overspray this is a satin formula blush with no glitter. I must say that you MUST…let me repeat MUST use a light hand when applying this blush. It is so insanely pigmented. You only need to acquaint your blush brush with the blush in order to get color payoff. Seriously. Anything more than a second on the blush and your brush will be saturated. I recommend using a small skunk brush for an even more diluted color. The blush is my true love in this palette. I don’t have anything like it. It does seem to wear off by the end of the day, but I have oily skin and no blush really lasts all day on me.

So here is the big question. Do you NEED this? Well don’t take my saying “No” as a negative thing. If you are anything like me, you probably have duplicates for the eye shadows already. The price tag is $72 USD. Some may find it spendy as far as makeup goes, but then again, three shadows & a blush for $72 isn’t bad for high end makeup. Plus the palette is refillable…obviously not with the limited edition colors it comes with, but other Chantecaille shadows & blushes can fit into this palette once you finish the original shades. So am I regretting the purchase? Not in the least. I wore this palette for three days straight and didn’t tire of it. The colors are on the warm side for the eyes, but I’m cool with that. Get it Warm and Cool? HA! The blush is to die for and I love it all being in one sleek little package. I’m very happy with it. If you want one you better hurry to your local Neimans or order it on line as soon as possible because once it’s gone, it’s gone. I already saw one for sale on evilbay for $89.99! Yikes! Oh AND the Chantecaille website is FINALLY up and working so you can order DIRECTLY form the manufacturer!

EOTD using the Chantecaille Sylvie's Personal Palette. Definer to line bottom lash line, Color in Crease and Base over lid. Chanel Ecriture de Chanel in Brun to line.


  1. It's totally gorgeous, Elvira, and I've now got me a lemming!

  2. omigod! such pretty colors! Looks good on you! ;D

  3. Oh! It's freaking beautiful! Looks wonderfully pigmented too.

  4. I still want this, despite how horrid that blush would look on me. I am SOOOOO glad you love this!! xoxo

  5. I love the look you created with the palette. The colors are so pretty!!

  6. I want it! But $72 is a bit pricey for me. Hmm this or the new Chanel Paris-New York? GAHHH!
    I don't have any Chante.....

    I def want the Chanel Brun e/l after seeing it on!

  7. I completely agree with you! The blush is the best part of this palette- there's nothing like it. This is my first palette from Chantecaille but I've been in love with their pressed powder now for a few years. Tempted to try The Shadow and the Rose trio palette. Have you tried? I would like a nectar version of the blush to alternate with.


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