Friday, September 11, 2009

Guest Review by Joeybunny - Purchase - Paul & Joe Beauty!

A few weeks ago I had the happy occasion to meet up with a friend from Makeup Alley, MarleyPugh (hi Marley!), who was in NYC vacationing with her mom and aunt. Being the nice, native New Yorker I am, I just HAD to drag her to Bergdorf Goodman’s Beauty Floor (more like, basement, but it’s a sweet effin’ basement) because Bergdorf does have some extremely hard to find makeup brands. One of these brands is Paul and Joe, which Elvira has mentioned here a few times before. Paul and Joe’s ONLY U.S. counter is at Bergdorf, so it is always a real treat to visit.

Paul and Joe is famous for its incredibly darling packaging, and amazing lipsticks. I had the intention of buying Pearl Powder #3 (a taupe, clearly - refer to Lina’s amazing blog, The Beauty Look Book, for pictures) but it was out of stock. The fabulous counter manager, Hettie, then offered me a makeover using one of the new Fall eyeshadow duos, #063 Breathless. This is what I ended up with (and trust me, I would have bought more had I not been so broke!):

#063 Breathless is one of three new eyeshadow duos Paul and Joe is offering for Fall, along with three new lipsticks (the lipstick I bought is NOT one of these). The other two duos include a blue/blueish-grey and a yellowy beige / medium brown (I might have to get this one also). Now the packaging is absolutely adorable, of course, but the product inside is INCREDIBLE. Now mind you, Hettie removed my eye makeup before applying this duo, and did NOT use eyeshadow base. Dear readers, this eyeshadow lasted THIRTEEN hours without creasing or fading. This means it lasted through my time with Marley, plus six hours at work in a HOT vinyasa yoga studio, a long walk and train ride home, PLUS time at home before I decided to wash my face. And the colors are fabulous! One side is a pretty pinkish beige, which Hettie used as the highlight and base, and a gorgeous aubergine color, which she used in the crease (Pearl Powder #4, a pretty iridescent pink, was my lid color - I will be buying this eventually as well!). This duo retails for $24.

I also chose to buy Lipstick #21, which I believe is called Chocolate Mousse. Don’t let the name fool you, though. It IS more brown than my picture below captures, but it is actually a very lovely plummy-brown that brightens my olive-tan complexion. Hettie did use a plummy lipliner to up the plum factor, but it is fine on its own, I think. The texture and lasting power of this lipstick is new to me. It felt creamy and cushiony but feather-light, and it did last through a delicious lunch courtesy of Marley’s mom. I definitely need to pick up more of these lipsticks! They retail for $20 and are worth the cost - and how pretty do they look? You’ll feel elegant pulling it out of your makeup bag.

I highly recommend getting to the Paul and Joe counter if you’re ever in NYC. If not, do not hesitate to call Bergdorf Goodman directly, as the counter will deliver to you anywhere in the U.S. And if you get to speak with Hettie, even better, as she was quite darling and knowledgeable!


  1. Looks like a gorgeous nude!
    I love Paul & Joe packaging. It's like 50's vintage style. :)

  2. It was sooooo pretty on you. I'm still thinking about ordering the duo. Of course, I need more eyeshadow like a hole in my head, but still....

  3. Lovely! Can you buy Paul & Joe online?

  4. I just adore their packaging, thanks for sharing those pictures, hun!


  5. im a fan of P&J too! using their spf compact n eye primer! xoxo elle

  6. VampiressDoll - #21 is a gorgeous nude but definitely only if you're darker-skinned. If you're pale it'd be too brown on you.

    Marley - XOXOXOXO ORDER IT! Hettie is still holding the Pearl Powder #3 for you too =)

    Cindy - Yes, go to =D

    Farmgirl - You should see some more Paul and Joe porn I have =D

    Elle - I'm also using the SPF compact and will be reviewing it soon =D xox

  7. Prime (Cindi) you can also buy P&J from!

  8. P&J is so darn adorable! i was so sad when sephora stopped selling it. they take makeup and make it even happier!!

  9. Karrieann - I am SO happy every time I pull out my Paul and Joe products. They are just so adorable!


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