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Purchase - MAC Black Knight Lipstick and Blackware Gloss - It Depends

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OK. Let me first start with a little rant.
You kids have it soooo easy these days. Do you know how hard it was to be a freak when I was your age? We didn't have Hot Topic. We didn't have easy access to Doc Marten's We DIDN'T HAVE THE INTERWEBZ! When we wanted to look like a freak, and by the way, I was Old Skool when it was just Skool, we had to MAKE our clothing. We had to sew our pants up so they were "skinny jeans" we had to BUY vinyl from the fabric store and make our own pleather skirts. When we wanted freaky nail polish, we had to MAKE our own by mixing colors and adding glitter. Yeah. Glitter found in craft stores! Better yet. we sometimes used SHARPIES on our nails & covered it with clear nail polish! We didn't have green hair dye at ready access. We had to us LIME JELL-O. When we wanted black lipstick, ya know what we did? We used black eye liner and lip balm! AND WE LIKED IT!

(OK. We really didn't like it. Revlon black eyeliner tasted gross and wore unevenly. Wet N Wild had a decent eye liner but it wasn't black enough. and none of it was lip safe I'm sure. I dread thinking about the toxic chemicals I ingested in the name of freak beauty)

So there you go. MAC comes out with a black lipstick AND gloss in their Style Black Collection and you baby freaks with your McDonalds punk clothing and your clip in pink hair extensions can saunter into your local MAC counter and just pick up a little tube of freakdom. I hate you!

/end rant

You might be asking yourself
”Does an over 35 suburban mom have any need for a black lipstick and lip gloss?”

The standard answer is

The makeup addict answer is
“It Depends”

“It Depends” is a crutch. It allows makeup addicts, such as myself, to purchase almost ANY makeup item, within reason. “It Depends” gives one latitude to purchase bright fuchsia lipstick, ultramarine blue eye shadow and green nail polish AND wear them all together. OK. Actually “It Depends” does not give THAT much latitude. It shouldn’t at least, but some ladies have been known to abuse “It Depends” from time to time.

Back to the matter at hand. The New MAC Style Black collection hit stores last Thursday and in a mere matter of seconds many items were sold out. Typical MAC frenzy. Fortunately I was able to snag a few items from this collection. Most noted is the black lipstick and lip gloss.

Now I have heard some rumblings from certain someones ::cough JOEYBUNNY cough:: that the gloss was too sheer and so was the lipstick. That told me that it was most likely going to be perfect for my uses. A sheer black lip gloss is exactly what I “needed” to tone down some bright lipsticks and to deepen some other lipsticks for the neat-o dark Autumn look.

So let’s look at the lipstick first. It’s called Black Knight
Sorry for the wonky pic angle. google blogger was acting up.

This is the cremesheen formula. The lipstick is super creamy and slick. It is translucent bordering on opaque (depending on how many coats you apply) It has a very nice shine to it without gloss and wears fairly well.

The Lip gloss is called Blackware.

It is part of the Glimmerglass formula. It comes in a tube about the size of MAC Dazzleglass and it has the hefty $18 price tag as well. The gloss comes with a brush applicator (versus a doe foot) and is sheer. It is not opaque by any stretch of the imagination…even with layering. You are not going to get an opaque black lip from this gloss. The gloss is smooth and not sticky.

I adore the brush applicator but it’s not an easy gloss to apply evenly. I end up applying some of it and using my pinkie or ring finger to smooth it out and pat it on. It wears as well as most other MAC glosses.

So here is how I used the lipstick and gloss. I just wanted to show you what it looks like applied alone and then I’ll show you how it looks applied over various bright lipsticks.

Lipstick only Applied with brush to line lips and then directly from the tube.

Lipstick and Gloss. Gloss applied using brush wand.

See. It looks pretty good right?....I mean for a black lipstick. Not something I could get away with at the local Safeway supermarket, but maybe if I got my fat butt downtown and went to one of the local goth clubs I could look like a complete poseur!

OK. So here we go. The lip swatch-a-thon. And trust me. I took more than just 3 pictures. I did like 3 other lipsticks, but these are the ones where my lips didn't look like they were going to peel off...which is what they felt like by the 4th lipstick. *note to self. Do not attempt to do more than three lip swatches in one evening.

Guerlain Fluer de Feu Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss

Fluer de Feu with MAC Black Knight lipstick applied with a brush

Clinique Buttershine lipstick in Parisian Red applied with brush and straight from tube.

Parisian Red and MAC Glimmergloss in Blackware applied with a brush

Besame Red Hot Red Lipstick applied with a brush.

Red Hot Red and MAC Black Knight lipstick applied with a brush.

As you can see. The addition of a black lipstick and/or gloss drastically changes the color and tone of the lipstick. Sometimes good sometimes not so good. You'll need to experiment with your own shades. Honestly, I wish I had a bright fuchsia lipstick. like MAC Girl About Town or OCC Lip Tar in Anime to show you how amazing it looks with a black gloss or lipstick mixed in. You'll gust have to take my word for it.

Do you NEED this? Honestly. No. You are probably just as well off picking up a cheap Wet N Wild black lipstick from the Halloween display. While the lipstick formula is very nice, I honestly can’t endorse spending the money on one. The gloss is another story. I think it’s a fairly decent gloss and works well with other colors so if you want to spend the money go for it, but honestly, you can probably find a less expensive gloss out there some where.

MAC Cremesheen lipstick in Black Knight costs $14 USD
MAC Glimmergloss lip gloss in Blackware costs $18 USD


  1. I lurve your rant :D I won't go out and actually BUY a black lipstick but it would be fun to try. I guess we should be seeing this on our shores soon. I much prefer the bright red on your lips vs the darker shades

  2. I still prefer my Gunsmoke gloss from Sephora (the Kat Von D line)- I like the shimmer and how it looks with mauves and Lavender Whip.

    What's your favorite red lipstick?

  3. I love the black lipstick and gloss on their your other lipstick probably wouldn't be that happy to be covered by that color...

    I am glad that I read you review...I would totally get that if I were to dress up for Halloween but then I don't...

  4. Your rant made me laugh, so funny :)
    Thanks for the swatches. I can confidently say I will not be trying the mac lipstick haha
    Amy x


    Also, I appreciate the shoutout. Back in high school I used black eyeliner also on my lips (or Sharpie LMAO). The thing is, I went to a Catholic all-girls high school and all of the punk and metal girls always got crap for our dress and our makeup from the principal and vice-principal. I didn't know about Shu or MUFE's black lipsticks back then, which are WAY better than the MAC ones, FYI everyone.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like the products. Everyone needs a sheer black gloss to carry over their lip wardrobe to Fall and Winter, I think.

    And one day, when I visit, we'll go to a goth club together and totally feel at home. Love you!

  6. the MAC girl told me this collection is coming end of this month, which was YESTERDAY! I guess I should call again and see if we have it. (I really doubt it.)

    I don't think you are THAT old. So stop the rant! :P

    And I am very surprised that you actually like blck lipstick and gloss. It's something I totally avoid.

    But I reckon it's just nice for Halloween this year... :)

  7. great review!

    I already have a dark brown/plum lipstick, now discontinued from Shiseido, that I love, but have very little occasion to wear, so I know I have no use for a black lipstick.
    As for the lip gloss, I actually have much more need for a gloss to lighten my lip colors up. If you have any suggestions for a cheap, non-sticky gloss, that'd be great :) I was looking at Ettusais (pricy at 1500 yen) and Kate (sticky but cheap).

  8. Paris: Thanks. Yeah. I like the bright red too.

    Marley: I'll have to check out that gloss. I would like a little shimmer to the black gloss. My favorite red lipstick is Besame Red Velvet (Old or new formula) followed by Besame Red, Besame Red Hot Red and then while not a lipstick Dior Creme de Gloss in Rouge Nectar #845 Oh and Clinique Buttershines in Apple Brandy...and Well I could go on for days really.

    Citrine: Thanks. I don't dress up for Halloween anymore, but I used to. once Darthypie gets older I'll dress up with him.

    Dazzledust25/Amy: Yeah. well us old people like to complain about things. Yeah. Honestly I don't think I'm going to keep the lipstick.

    Joey: LMAO @ eldergoth! Yup that's me! We like to be miserable. It makes us feel more goth! ITA about the Shu Uemura black lipstick. This is a much better product and value. Love you too!

    Jojoba: I am THAT old! LOL. Don't be so surprised that I liked the black lipstick & gloss. I'm still a freak deep down inside!

    Kuri: I totally understand about not needing the black l/s or gloss. I don't know of a lightening gloss but I do know of a few tricks and products to lighten your lipsticks.
    1) Concealer on your lips before you apply the l/s will help
    2) Shu Uemura sells a white and yellow and I believe light pink l/s that are specifically for changing the hue of another lipstick. you should check these out.
    3) Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics have these lip colors called "Lip Tars" Highly pigmented and not sticky they come in a range of shades to transform lipsticks and glosses. Check out Jude's blog called The Girly Show at

  9. Thanks for the suggestions! I will try out the concealer right away. Completely forgot about Shu; how silly of me! Have been meaning to check out the Lip Tars anyway, they would probably be more cost effective than Shu.

  10. Elvira,
    I'm wif ya sistah! These young whippersnappers these days have it too easy. They don't have to use their imagination anymore. Hell, they think black nail polish is new too! And what about white? WE had to use white out!!

  11. LOL!!!! I loved this post. I used to get my blue lipstick and yellow eyeshadow from House Of Field, where all the trannies used to shop, before it closed. Amanda Lepore worked there back in the day but I don't think that was during the same time you were getting your freak on...mine was in the early 90s. I'm still too old to wear the new blacks. You kids enjoy!

  12. The natural look of Guerlain Fluer de Feu Kiss Kiss Stick Gloss is nice, but I actually prefer the lipstick and gloss from sally hansen natural beauty (Carmindy's stuff) line for this kind of look.

  13. OMG - you are my new hero! I am 35 and I constantly shake my fist at these Twillight Tweens yelling out, "you know how hard it was for me to put my chic punk look together? how long i'd have to scour smelly BO thrift stores in the Haight district?"

    I am so glad I subscribed to your blog...

    and yes, I did purchase the black grease stick just because it's looks great on for quick smokey eyes and I get to live out my 80's CBGB's NY punk/fantasy look...

    the black glosses - not so much cuz even in my goth days I'd sport a blood red lip instead!

  14. Lexi920: Hi and welcome! YAY! another eldergoth! LOL. I'm glad you understand where I'm coming from!

  15. Hello Elvira,
    For serious, you had me with the whole Hot Topic bit...that's how I felt about the place the minute I saw it open it's doors at my neighborhood mall over 10 yrs. ago! It kills me when I have to go in there to buy b-day/xmas presents for my 14yr. old niece!

    YOU ROCK!!!!


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