Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MAC Style Black Collection is On Line NOW!

image from maccosmetics.com

MAC Style Black Collection is up on
maccosmetics.com Click here for a direct link.

The new collection is bittersweet.
I'm excited that they have re-released the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator that I love so much, but I'm so very bummed that my beloved Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is in a tube. Not only is it 50 cents more expensive it's almost a full ounce less than the one they had last year!
This year Tube: $19.50 = 3.4 fl oz
Last year Jar: $19.00 = 4.5 fl oz

Grr. That didn't stop me from ordering 2 of them. What can I say? I'm addicted.

I also picked up a black lipstick and gloss. I know they are sheer but I'm OK with that.

So? What are you getting from this collection?

Mineralize Eye Shadow @ US $19.50 four colors
Gilt By Association
Young Punk
Blue Flame

Penultimate Eye Liner @ US $16.50 one color

Greasepaint Stick @ $17.50 one color

Eye Kohl @ $14.50 one color

Lipstick @ $14.00 one color
Black Knight

Mattene Lipstick @ $14.50 two colors
Night Violet
Midnight Media

Glimmerglass @ $18.00 three colors
Bling Black

Cream Colour Base @ $16.50 two colors
Bat Black

Nail Lacquer @ 12.00 three colors
Seriously Hip
Baby Goth Girl

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

214 Short Shader Brush 214 Short Shader Brush


  1. Definitely the Exfoliator and the Mask - probably either the Midnight Media Mattene or Black Knight Cremesheen, it depends on which one is less sheer.

    And then some things from the Trend '09 Collex.

  2. Oooh I wish I could get some things!! But NO WAY I'm buying MAC in japan - it's like twice the cost of getting it in the US!

  3. I got the exfoliator and mask (and backups/gifts, of course), Blackware, and Blackfire. I was planning on getting Black Knight, but I already have a black lipstick from NYX, and this looks identical! (except I paid $1.50 for NYX, and this is $14).

    Going to have to see the greatpaint stick in person before I commit to it, but it does sound interesting. Might also check out Mightnight Media while I'm at it, because of the slight burgundy tones in it.

  4. My mom spoiled me-- she ordered me the 4 eyeshadows and the grease stick thing. They shadows, used wet, look like my kind of glittery mess ;)

    now I just have to wait for her to send it my way...

  5. Yeah no, this is a total fail of a collection. I'm going to go see it tomorrow just to laugh a little. I DID end up caving on that ugly taupe lipstick from the Trend collection though LOL =D

  6. i really want the greasestick


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