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Press Sample - Parfums DelRae - MYTHIQUE

Diane Huntress (portrait of Diane de Poitiers) c. 1550, Anonymous painter of the School of Fontainebleau (Paris, Musée du Louvre).

DelRae Roth has a new addition to his line of fragrances! Available now, Mythique, will join the five existing fragrances in the DelRae Collection.

Inspired by a painting Diane Chasseresse (translates to Diane Huntress), depicting the French Renaissance figure, Diane de Poitiers, the mistress of Henri II, and the great rival of Henri’s wife, Catherine de Medici. Diane de Poitiers became a woman of mythical beauty, intelligence, and charm. Widowed at a very young age, she always dressed in black and white while wearing simple, yet beautiful jewels. She was a woman who lived with passion and she is the muse for DelRae’s newest perfume; MYTHIQUE.

Oh and by the way. Henri the II gave Diane a Chateau and Diane was 20 years his senior. You can understand that Catherine would be pissed about her husband having a cougar mistress …that’s why, when Henry II was critically injured in a jousting accident, she never once let Diane see him (although it is written that he called for her many times), nor did she allow Diane to attend the funeral. Later Diane was banished to her Chateau and lived to 67 in quiet luxury and anonymity. The story itself is mythical so it makes sense that DelRae chose this figure for his new perfume.

The perfume centers around a very beautiful yet costly Orris Butter from Florence, Italy. Orris root essential oil (AKA Orris Butter) is one of the most precious perfume materials. The roots need to be peeled and aged for a long time before extraction and distillation. It is invaluable in perfumery, for its powdery and delicate aroma and its role in floral compositions (especially violet-like). Orris is also used to soften woody, floriental and oriental compositions. The Orris Butter combined with flowers found around Diane de Poitiers’ Chateau in the Loire Valley make an exceptional and complex perfume.

The notes are
Mandarin, Italian Bergamot, Ivy,
Peony, Jasmin concrete Sambac, Florentine Orris Butter
Sandalwood, Patchouli Indonesia, Ambrette Musk

So this fragrance is NOT flowery despite all the Peony, Jasmine etc. It is a great Iris fragrance. If you don’t like Iris, you probably won't like this scent, but seriously, if you do like iris, this is one knockout of a scent.

The crisp Mandarin and Bergamot greet you once you apply. Like walking into a French Chateau’s garden. You open up the ivy covered gate and are greeted with rich citrus trees that line the garden. Heavy with fruit, you pick an Italian Bergamot Orange and the oils from the skin seem to mix in the air. The bright pink peonies gather by your ankles and the scent almost envelops you…but you see in the center of the garden... Iris! So beautiful with the blue to white to yellow gradation. You wonder how nature could have created such a perfect delicate flower. The iris are strong and tall and drip the remains of the morning dew on your toes as you wander into the Chateau. A box made of sandalwood is on the table in the parlor. It is next to a vase of fresh cut iris. The two scents mingle to form a powdery embrace, which gives way to the Indonesian patchouli that seems to permeate the walls. It’s not overpowering, but at times it can seem to bully the delicate iris. You decide right then and there that being banished to a Chateau isn’t all that bad. After all, you still have your wealth and your looks… and there is a rather attractive Duke living down the way…

Chenonceau, in the Loire Valley, which was a gift to Diane from Henri.

50 mL /1.7 oz costs $135 The EDP can be purchased directly from Parfums DelRae at www. or by clicking on the store locator from the website here

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