Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Poll

Mr. Sith and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this week. We were married a few days after September 11 and as Mr. Sith likes to say “It was a bad week that ended well.” This year, for our anniversary, we both took the day off and went to a movie & lunch together. Now that we have Darthypie, going out to a movie is a special treat. Honestly it’s not financially sound to go to a move during the evening. That would require a baby sitter AND the cost of the movie which would make an $18 evening turn into a $50 evening. Let’s face it. I’d rather buy makeup with that money. Mr. Sith and I decided on our first anniversary that we would follow the “traditional gifts” for anniversaries. i.e. Paper for the 1st, Cotton for the 2nd, etc. I did really well with my gifts…or so I like to think…and Mr. Sith did OK on his….so HE likes to think…but this year, the 8th, was Bronze. Honestly I couldn’t come up with anything suitable for a Bronze gift. The rule is that you can’t spend more than $20 on the gift. Honestly I couldn’t find anything I wanted to give him that was a) Bronze and b) Under $20. Mr. Sith had the same problem so we went without gifts this year and just did a card exchange. We are quite a sappy pair. We usually get 2 to 3 cards each. We both gave each other the sweet romantic “you are my everything” cards in the morning. Awww. Then after the movie we both had cards to exchange again. Mr. Sith gave me my card, and I gave him his card. Guess what? We had picked the identical card for each other! How gross is that? Don’t you just hate us? Yeah. We hate us too. We laughed and realized that we are perfect for one another. We both have the lame and dark sense of humor and obviously excellent taste in greeting card selection. By The Way, the movie we saw was District 9. Most amazing movie I have ever seen. A new standard in story, acting, and special effects has been set. If you haven’t seen it yet. Get thee to a movie theater STAT!
On to the poll!

1. Lip Of The Day – Lunasol Intellectual Lips in #25 Beige Pink. A warm nude light pink. A great color with smokey eyes OR to distract from the fact that you have a huge zit on your upper lip. Honestly. Lunasol lipsticks are as good as Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks. If they didn’t cost so darn much I would have more of them.

2. Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the top or the bottom? – Ah ha! This is a trick question because I squeeze from the middle! It drives Mr. Sith so the point that we each have our own toothpaste tubes. Once the middle is flattened out from all my squeezing I squeeze up from the bottom to make a new middle. Hee hee!

3. What are you waiting on in the mail? – Aside from my Giorgio Armani Foundation and lipstick which I mentioned on Tuesday, HERE. I am waiting on my Chanel nail polish in JADE and my Rouge Allure Laque in Ming! Quite the Chinese theme going on. The Jade nail polish is a light pistachio green. I can’t wait to post pics of it for you all!

4. Fall beauty trend(s) that you didn’t think you would like but are finding yourself strangely attracted to it. – I guess the Black lipstick and Matte nail polishes. I’m honestly thinking of getting a black lipstick from the new MAC collection coming out next Thursday. I hear they are sheer, but I’m OK with that. Maybe I will use them over my more brightly colored lipsticks for an interesting look. As far as matte nail polish goes. I have 2 now and I think I want at least one more. I like them. They look neat and better on than I thought they would. Both are by Zoya, one is a deep crimson red and the other a gunmetal grey.

5. What is the weirdest gift you have ever received? – For our wedding, Mr. Sith and I received this resin book ends cat things. It was heinous. Too awful for words. Here’s a picture of it.

a much younger and blonder Pink Sith


  1. 1. Lip Of The Day

    Not sure yet. I think it might be Revlon Matte l/s in Really Red

    2. Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the top or the bottom?

    After the initial opening (where I squeeze from the middle) I squeeze from the bottom. AND I replace the cap. This is the only neat, anal retentive thing I do. Saint Jerome, who is so neat in every other way, squeezes from the middle. When the tube begins to empty, Saint Jerome rolls up the end and puts a binder clip on the end.

    3. What are you waiting on in the mail?

    Well, my bras came, my Rosario Guerrero postcards came, our Austrian pottery came from Vienna so I think Jerome and I are just waiting for some vintage Sotheby Monaco auction catalogues to arrive from France.

    4. Fall beauty trend(s) that you didn’t think you would like but are finding yourself strangely attracted to it.

    Dark Green and dark brown cream nail polish, I think. Too old for black lipstick no matter how sheer it is.

    5. What is the weirdest gift you have ever received?

    Weddings bring out the weirdest gifts. For our wedding, Saint Jerome and I got only 2 gifts!!! Two gifts from my mother's friends and they gave us (are you sitting down?) — JUDAICA! A challah knife and platter from one person and a Seder plate from another. What's wrong with Judaica, you might ask? Well, Saint Jerome is a practicing Catholic (or was at the time) and I'm an extremely non-practicing, non-believing Jew. We gave this stuff to Saint Jerome's church thrift store.

    Another time, a secret Santa at work gave me a box of Perugina Bacis (which Saint Jerome ate all of,grrrrrr). Now this is a really nice gift but considering I was going through a Powerpuff Girl phase and was collecting Buttercup stuff, I was the easiest person to buy for.

    Anyway, my dearest Mrs Sith, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and the MR!

  2. happy anniversarry and many more to come (plus many more nicer gifts to receive!)

    1. Lippy of the day - Boujois Docteur Glamour in nude

    2. Me squeeze from bottom, SO squeeze from kinda balance out the toothpaste. Yes I close the lid too, Sarah M!

    3. I'm waiting for my L'egere BB cream from a singaporean swap >.< I can't get it here in Aus.

    4. More of a coming Spring Trend for me but I'll do your poll :) For my last Fall Trend, I bought a 'look-alike-pocahontas-fawn-kneehigh-boots' which I thought I won't like but I look better than with my ugg boots on! LoL

    5. Weirdest gift (not for me but for my SO) was a KamarSutra book from his dad a few years dad-in-law is 72 now >.<

  3. Saint Jerome says that he DOESN'T squeeze from the middle and that he's the one that keeps it nice and neat with the binder clip. My bad.

  4. 1. Lipstick Queen Lip Pencil thingy in Mystery (bought by Joeybunny's recommendation!)
    2. Middle when the tube is new, top when it gets thin
    3. 2 pairs of Earl jeans won on Ebay, the new issue of Elle with Posh on the cover, tons of books, an Express order, and a Target order (my stupid Target never has what I want, so I order online for shoes and such)
    4. A grey military-look jacket in comfy knit from Express; black booties to wear with opaque black tights and tunics or dresses from Target
    5. For our wedding, DH and I got a blue glass deviled egg plate...I'd never known there was such a thing as a deviled egg plate...luckily, it's pretty, so I just hung it on the wall.

  5. Oh, beauty trends...bah. I just wear dark lipstick more often and red nail polish more often in the fall. I don't know what the trends are. I thought the matte nailpolishes were cool, but they don't last long enough for me.

  6. 1) Burts Bees Lipbalm - pre-emptive lipbalming for the awesome taupe lip I'm going to be rocking in about 3 hours courtesy of MAC.

    2)I'm a middle squeezer, too! Actually I'm more of a however I can get the toothpaste from the tube to my toothbrush kinda person. I slay many a tube of toothpaste this way.

    3) A MAC daddy swap - 6 pan blush palette, 15 pan e/s palette, MAC Wipes and Sample Jars. YAY!

    4) I was always into the black lip thing, I was rocking it before it was popular. I'm kinda into the taupe lip thing, which given the amount of taupe fanaticism that exists in the MU biosphere, I'm surprised isn't more lauded. (yay SAT words, I've been reading a lot lately, just ask joey.)

    5) Probably a pizza making kit, it was given to me as a pre-emptive apartment warming gift, little did they know that if my Apt oven went above 150 it set of my fire alarm, and I, therefore, never used my oven. Pizza is the one thing that is always better ordered out, and its even better if its from Papa Johns with Garlic Butter sauce for a cholesterol power boost.

  7. Those bookends! My MIL would love those!!

    Happy anniversary!

  8. Lip of the Day? Started out as NYX's Chestnut gloss and now is NYX Iced Latte gloss, good pigment for cheap $$.

    Toothpasted issues? I squeeze from the bottom, yes I am slightly anal about this.

    What am I waiting on in the mail? Well, as an Estee Lauder company employee (I am an SA for Clinique)I have access to the online CCO, which is VERY limited, but I did score the MAC Holiday 2008 Neutral lip set this past week for $12.94 plus Aveda Eye MU Remover for $8 a bottle.

    Fall Beauty Trends you didn't think you would like but are finding yourself attracted to? Sadly, none. I am going thru a slightly guilty "I have more MU than I will possibly ever use phase" This too shall pass!

    Weirdest give I have ever received? Not weird, but ugly and awful, A DVF sweater in college that made me look like an oversize Bumble Bee and two of the ugliest polyester hand made skirts from an aunt when I was 16.

    Anyways, CONGRATS TO YOU AND MR.SITH!!! May all your ups and downs be between the sheets!

  9. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND JON! =D I can't wait until I finally get to visit you two. I will bring you worse than those bookends =P xoxoxoxoxo and I'm SO happy you enjoyed "District 9".

    1. Lip Of The Day – Oh hell, what IS my lip of the day? Oh ok, it's NARS Sweet Dreams lipgloss. I love this color =D very shimmery pink, neutral color, although I think it leans cool.

    2. Do you squeeze the toothpaste from the top or the bottom? – From the bottom. I refuse to waste any!!

    3. What are you waiting on in the mail? – Nothing, since I finally got my Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Vol. 2 =D

    4. Fall beauty trend(s) that you didn’t think you would like but are finding yourself strangely attracted to it. – None, really? I don't do nail polish. I've always done super dark/black lips. What else is there?

    5. What is the weirdest gift you have ever received? – An ex's dad used to make up these weird coupons and give them out during Christmas, like "A free million dollars, redeemable NEVER!"

  10. Yeah, you win. I thought our plastic cake plate without a cover, with our initials engraved (badly) and you could see the glue between the pieces was bad. The book ends are worse.

    (this is Ivy if you remember who I am). Hey!


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