Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Sample - Givenchy Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect in Rose Taboo

image from sephora.com
For those that hesitated or were not able to get the Beauty Insider 100 point gift of the Givenchy Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect in #04 Rose Taboo, you might want to think about purchasing a full size version.

During the frenzy that was and still is Sephora Friends and Family event, Sephora Beauty Insider members with 100 points in their Beauty bank were eligible, for a short time, to get this Givenchy Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect in Rose Taboo. I normally pass on the 100 point gifts unless it’s an item I really, really want to try. Givenchy gloss is one of those items. I adore my Chanel Glossimers very much. I was looking for a new line of glosses to try since I pretty much have every Chanel color I want for the time being. I decided to try out Givenchy because I heard they use a lip brush (WIN!), they are not sticky (WIN!) and they have a non offensive scent (WIN!)– Unlike YSL glosses which smell awful to me. So I received my little Givenchy gloss when I received my Sephora order. I must say that I was almost as excited about the gloss as I was what I PAID for. I soon found out I had good reason to be excited. The gloss in the package looked a lot like Chanel Wild Rose Glossimer. But upon application the Givenchy gloss definitely was more opaque and the silver shimmer was not as prevalent on the lips. It does have a scent. It’s very sweet candy smelling scent. I can’t describe it but it’s not so strong that when I wear it I can “taste” it when I breathe. The color is a nude pink my lips but better (MLBB) color. It’s slightly warmer than the swatch Sephora has on its website but not so warm that cool gals couldn’t pull this off. It’s such a sweet and dainty color. It’s fab for slicking on for a quick neutral lip or when you are in a hurry. I will say that the glitter in the lip gloss is kind of gritty. I have never had this problem with Chanel Glossimers so I was a bit disappointed about that. The texture was sleek and light. It did not feel sticky at all. The brush made for wonderful precise application and does not splay out like those wretched Bobbi Brown gloss wands brushes! Best of all this gloss is shiny. I mean like put on your sunglasses shiny. I mean like, it looks like I just ate at KFC shiny! Better yet, it says shiny for a long, long time. It does not seem to dull as it wears off.
Win! Win! And Win!

Last time I counted I had about 6,890,604,568,087 pink, my lips but better, lip glosses. This one is a definite WIN for me and I will purchase it again when I run out. And YES I do actually USE up lip glosses Judgy McJudgenstien!

One thing I find a tad misleading is that the name of the product “Gloss Interdit Ultra-Shiny Color Plumping Effect”. The ultra shine to this gloss gives the ILLUSION that your lips are plumper. The gloss itself has no plumping qualities to it. It’s just an illusion. And while I love Doug Henning; and agree that “Magic is a world of illusion!”, your lip gloss should not be. Oh how I am dating myself by even mentioning Doug Henning. There are so many people reading this right now that have no idea who he is and what the “world of illusion” references. I’ll just sit here with a smug look on my face while you scratch your head and wonder if I’m really married with a kid or if I live with 15 cats in a house full of junk. (Ha! Shows what YOU know. You’re only half right!) Do you need this? It depends. If you don’t mind a little grit from the glitter and you don’t mind that it’s scented and you don’t intend to plump your lips then yes…but that being the case there are an equal number of cons as there are pros. So I say it’s all about color. If you love the color or if you love one of the 13 other colors this gloss comes in then by all means pick one up. You’ll be out $24.50 for your troubles, but your lips will look afreakinmazing. (Yes. Afreakinmazing is a real word Judgy von Judgicutty!)


  1. While I was not "lucky" enought to score this w/ my Beauty Insider points, I just wanted to let you know I DO KNOW who Doug Henning is!! Had some wicked hair as I remember! And now.........I have to go buy this gloss before Sephora F & F ends.

  2. I got this,too, and I was surprised at how opaque it is.

  3. Oh man....anytime you can incorporate Doug Henning in a post is a WIN in my book!!

  4. How come I always miss out on the amazing BI gifts? This gloss looks awesome!

  5. I love how this gloss looks on you =) while it is quite nice, I find the texture to be a little too liquidy for my tastes. And I wish the color was a little darker =/

  6. Wow that colour looks fantastic one you! I saw this but missed out, this colour would have been really bad on me though - were you allowed to select the shade?

  7. I wanted this gloss, but MUA broke Sephora (AGAIN!) so it was gone by the time I was finally able to order. Looks loverly on you though!

  8. Glad I read this. I am not grit fan.

  9. I'm waiting for mine in the mail--Sephora orders take 4evah to get to me! Doug Henning was a dork, I much preferred Kreskin--now he oculd bend spoons! LOL!!

  10. It's gorgeous on you!!! I still need some liner to keep it from sheering out on me (pigmented lips) but it's a great BI gift nonetheless (FINALLY!) Wheeeeee!

  11. I got one of these in the Sephora Favorites MFMU kit. (although it was not my first makeup kit, I just enjoyed trying the samples :) It's pretty nice, I can't say I own anything else of this color. (And i totally agree on being more excited for the samples, ex. - the mini bare escentuals matte sample with mini kabuki brush. It was a sad day when I learned how much I hate the line.)

  12. At first I was kind of annoyed that the F&F sale wasn't valid in Canada, and then I managed to talk an SA into giving me a card to use instore, and got a friend to CP, but I didn't actually buy anything that hadn't been on my 'want' list for months. So spending to get random things to try! I also just go the new Smoky Crystal Dior palette and it's GORGEOUS. Can't wait to use it!

    This gloss is so pretty! The Sephora here finally carries Givenchy but they don't have testers out and I hate buying makeup un-tried :S It looks gorgeous on you though!

  13. fatbottmdgrl: This gloss would look awesome on you! and YAY for knowing who Doug Henning is!

    Miss Molly: Hi. Thanks for the comment. Yes. It's surprising..in a good way.

    Lexi920: You know it! DH was the man!

    /lachesis: Hi honey! Long time no see! Aww. I'm sure they will have something good one day again. BTW you look hawt in that black lipstick!

    Joey: TY! Try a lip liner underneath or a lip stain to darken the overall look of the gloss.

    The Mighty J: TY! I agree, this would not be the best color on you. You do rock the darker lip colors and they just so happen to have some in that line. A deep plum (I forget the name) would look good on you. And no. we were not allowed to select the color.

    Evelynn: Hi! Thanks for the comment. Yeah MUA is good at breaking websites! LOL

    S. Vanessa Hailey: Yeah. it's not terrible grit like the YSL golden glosses but it's noticeable for sure.

    Cindy: Wow. That sucks you are still waiting. I'm fortunate enough to live 1 state away from the distribution center! And Boo! Doug Henning can kick Kreskin's ass! LOL

    Becca: Beccer! Yeah. My lips have very little color in them. which is a negative when it comes to sheer glosses. I know. Quite a nice BI gift. They are so few & far between.

    caseybby: Hi! Thanks for the comment. Yeah. I struggled w/ BE for almost a year before I finally gave up. That stuff just doesn't work for me.

    Justine: HI! TY for the comment. Trust me. Sephora is all sorts of screwed up when it comes to Canada! I don't understand it. OMG. The Dior palette is awesomeness! you will love it! And yeah. I'm the same way about forking over $25 for a lip gloss I couldn't try first.


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