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Guest Review by Joeybunny - Purchase - Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Vol. 2

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Hi all - Pink Sith here. Joeybunny brings you another fab review.. This is just in time for Sephora Friends & Family sale that start on October 19th. More information about that sale coming up, but now, on to Joeybunny and her review of Urban Decay Book Of Shadows-Vol. 2!

The Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Volume 2 came out at the end of August. If you remember my post about the original Book of Shadows, then you know that I clearly had to have this palette immediately. The original Book of Shadows is one of my prized makeup possessions, and it still gets much love from me a year later. I ordered the Book of Shadows 2 the day it went live in August, but due to a mix-up between Urban Decay and USPS, I didn't receive my palette for nearly a month (this was a terrible situation, and I'll never order from Urban Decay again, but that's another story for another time). Well, I've had the palette for about 3 weeks now, and here is what I think:


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Ok, glad I got that out of my system. But seriously, the new Book of Shadows is much, much better than the first one. Granted, the new one still has the obnoxious packaging (and is actually slightly larger than the original), and I still hate UDPP, but hotdamn, these shadows are gorgeous.

First off, the shadows in Book of Shadows 2 are a lot better coordinated than the shadows in the original were. What this means is that the colors don't all seem alike (the original's neutral shades were all very similar) and they are arranged in four rows for those who don't have an easy time pairing shades. There's a smokey gray-plum row, a taupe-pink row, a neutral-brown row, and a green-blue row. Secondly, there are only two glittery shades in this set, as opposed to the the 4 or 5 glitterbombs from the first volume. Thirdly, there's a highlight shade in this set (Sellout!), which is something the first Book of Shadows lacked. Finally, instead of little brushes, the Book of Shadows 2 comes with mini sizes of Zero and Bourbon 24/7 liners! How awesome is that.

Here is a list of all the pre-existing shades that are in the Book of Shadows 2:
Perversion - This is the only repeat from Book of Shadows 1. It's a matte black shade that I love as a shadow liner.
Gunmetal - This shade is actually fairly new to the UD lineup of shadows; I believe it came out last fall or winter. It's probably my favorite eyeshadow in the entire palette, as I have never found a true gunmetal shade before! It's gorgeous and shimmery and I want to rub it all over my body.
Ecstasy - This is an eyeshadow that actually debuted in UD's shadow lineup this spring. It's a bright, slightly pinked purple shade. I'm really enjoying this color, which surprises me.
Sellout - Sellout is usually touted as Midnight Cowboy without the glitter, and I'm not sure I believe that. But it's a gorgeous, highly shimmery pinked-beige color that makes a perfect highlight shade. Thank you for adding this to the palette, UD! With the first Book of Shadows, I had to use Midnight Cowboy as a highlight, once I shook all the glitter off.
Half-Baked - This is the darker, bronzier version of Baked eyeshadow (a gold shade). A classic UD color.
Twice-Baked - OH HELLO, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MY ENTIRE LIFE?! Twice-Baked is a color that's been around forever, yet I've never owned it. In the pan, it's deceptively warm. On the eyes, it is the perfect-neutral cool brown of my dreams. I've been using this with Sellout and a black liquid liner to create the classic Marilyn eye.
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again - Sigh. MCRA is MC with 100x the glitter. You need Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to use this shadow. It's ridiculous.
YDK - TAUPE ALERT! TAUPE ALERT! This is the only shadow in the palette I already owned besides Perversion. This is a gorgeous, warm, perfect light brown-beige-taupe color. Everyone needs this color in their taupe arsenal.
Flipside - A pretty blue-teal that I'm liking a lot. Reminiscent of UD Shattered but is much more blue.

Now, here's a list of the eyeshadow shades exclusive to the Book of Shadows 2:
AC/DC - AC/DC (along with the previously mentioned Gunmetal and soon to be mentioned Misdemeanor) make this palette worth its pricetag of $48. This is a gorgeous, stunning deep silvered purple-plum. I cannot tell you how gorgeous this color is. I have been using it with Gunmetal to create the most perfect gray-plum smokey eye.
Nylon - This is the other glittery shadow in the palette, but it isn't as glittery as MCRA (then again, nothing is as glittery as that shadow, ugh!). It's a deep buttered beige, and quite pretty.
Mushroom - TAUPE ALERT! TAUPE ALERT! Mushroom is actually an existing UD shade, but it's a cream shadow. I own the cream shadow, and it's kind of crappy. However, the color is gorgeous (it's a shimmery gray-taupe) so I was excited to learn it was being made into a powder form. However, the powder version of Mushroom isn't as nice a color as the cream version. It's more gray than taupe, at least on me. But it's still nice enough, I think.
Sphynx - This is another shade that already exists, but as a cream shadow. It's a bright pink color, but it's warm. Slightly bizarre, I think.
Jinx - This is the color I picture when I think of the waters of the Carribean. Clear, blue, and bright.
Homegrown - A grassy green, just like...homegrown grass (you get to decide which type of grass UD was referring to here, ha!).
Misdemeanor - This color defies description. There have been debates on MUA about what color this really is. It's gray, green, and taupe all rolled into one gorgeous smoky color. I love it. It's an instant smokey, sexy eye!

So do you need the Book of Shadows 2? Yes if: you're an addict like me, you love color, you love shimmer, you love variety, you want to try UD eyeshadow, or you don't have anything better to spend $48 on. It's really quite a fabulous deal since UD shadows retail for $16 each, and you get two mini eyeliners and a mini UDPP. I recommend you snatch it up soon, as it's a limited edition palette, and with Sephora's Friends and Family sale starting in next week, it'll probably sell out soon!


  1. I bet they mark it as out of stock, and then bring it back once the F&F is over.

  2. Thanks Joey! This looks like a good gift for my daughter. I think she has the skull palette and loves it.

  3. aw i jes got meself the 24 e/s palette from pop beauty! i so want this!

    xoxo elle

  4. i love thsi review very much. now this is a palette looking really good. i like the last 4 green/blue shades the most.

    the packaging looks a bit like Tarte for some reason

  5. Miss Molly - I wouldn't be surprised!

    Cindy - She'll love it =D

    Elle - This palette is AMAZING!!

    Jojoba - The last row is gorgeous and I'm usually not a green/blue girl. I think the packaging is better than Tarte's though.

  6. Hi there,
    I'm enjoying this blog BTW...just when i thought I was done shopping the F&F Sephora sale I had to read this entry. I love my UD Ammo and Get Baked Palette. I see that there are a few shades I already owned thanks to the aforementioned palettes but I am obsessing over that gunmetal and misdemeanor shades....sigh - I might as well hand over my credit card to Sephora - they own me!!!

  7. Oh my GOD. Just when I thought....I have too much eyeshadow....This review makes me want the BOS2. Those taupes, grays, plums......:;wants::

    Love the swatches too, this one does look better than the first!


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