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Press Sample - Guest Review by Joeybunny - Kenzoki Marshmallow Mask

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The lovely people at KenzoKi were gracious enough to send me their latest skincare treat: Marshmallow Mask. I immediately jumped at the chance to review it, because anything that has the word marshmallow in it sounds delicious to me. Honestly, I was half-curious if I could eat it. Sadly, I can't. But I digress.

I have the driest skin imaginable. Honestly, you'd never know if from looking at me, but my skin flakes and has a general ricepaper-y texture. It's kind of gross. Even my nose flakes! I have to work really hard to keep it as supple as possible, so I'm a huge fan of any skincare that can promise me superior moisturizing. I already have a KenzoKi skincare product that Elvira sent me - a chilly face wash or something, and I quite like it (although it's terrible for removing makeup). I was happy to receive more exposure to the line, and the press release sounded promising.

According to KenzoKi, Marsmallow Mask has "a rich, mellow texture [that] envelops the skin while ingredients cocoa butter, cameline oil, and cotton butter go to work to hydrate and repair." Apparently it can be used more than once a week. Which is good, because I need constant pampering for my poor face.

So, let's break down the ingredients:

Cocoa butter - this is a win for dry skin. I love cocoa butter and have used it since I was young for my dry skin.
Cotton butter - WTF you can make butter out of anything, huh? KenzoKi claims it's called "the White Gold" and is "famous for its regenerating and nourishing properties." Ok. Sure. Butter is butter. I'm sure it does something right? I mean, besides put more fat on my ass, har har.
Cameline oil - Ok never heard of this. According to KenzoKi, Cameline and its seeds are native to the Asian steppes and the oil is "hydrating and soothing". Again, ok. Isn't all oil hydrating? Also, I loved the note mentioning that it can also be used as a "cooking oil, as it contains omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E." Now I'm not entirely sure WHY that makes it a good cooking oil, but hey, that's the kind of stuff I want on my face!

Ok, I'm sold. Also adding to my enthusiam is: 1) This stuff LOOKS like marshmallow fluff! Don't worry I didn't taste it. I was tempted to.; 2) This smells AMAZING. It supposedly is scented with rice steam, but let's face it - rice smells terrible when it's being cooked. This stuff smells SO good. Kind of like FlowerbyKenzo, but...sexier. Hi KenzoKi people, PLEASE MAKE A PERFUME THAT SMELLS LIKE THIS KTHXBAI.

So after cleansing and toning, I slathered what I felt was a generous amount. Honestly, I was too afraid to use too much of this mask for a couple of reason. The jar is tiny, at least to me - 1.7 oz for a face mask! How long could that last? Also, I was, as I am with all new products, afraid of breakouts. I think I used an amount equal to a silver dollar plus a quarter. I used a little extra under my eyes and on my cheeks, which are my driest areas. The instructions said to leave it on for ten minutes, but I left it on for twenty (only because I can't tell time).

Upon application, my skin felt slightly cooled and coddled. It was an interesting feel...I never really rubbed marshmallow fluff on my face. When I checked on myself after twenty minutes I was amazed to see the majority of the mask had sunk into my skin! I totally expected it to just sit on my face but no! It actually penetrated! I was really surprised. I wiped the mask off as per instruction, but I still felt the mask on my face so I rinsed with warm water and patted dry. My skin had this incredible, incredible glow and felt like baby ass. BABY ASS. That soft, for real. Just to check to see if the effects were more than just temporary, I went to sleep without using my nighttime moisturizer. When I woke up in the AM, my face was glowy, super soft, and without any pesky pimples. WIN!

Now, would I recommend this product? Well it costs $45 and like I said, the jar is tiny for a face mask in my opinion. However, I used less than I thought I would end up using, and barely made a dent in the jar. I can see it, with twice weekly usage, lasting me at least a month. That's pretty decent I think. Also, the scent, feel, and effect of the mask was so decadent that I feel as if this could be one of those awesome pampering splurges. You know, Marshmallow Mask, wine, pedicure, bar of chocolate...all the makings of a perfect at home "It's all about ME!" day or night. And let's face it, it worked. And worked well. It's two days later and my face still feels softer than usual. And no, I haven't broken out. So yeah, it's not the cheapest face mask ever but it's incredibly effective and nice to look at and sniff. If you're in desperate need of moisture, I say spring for the mask if you can!


  1. Joey! Thanks so much for this review. I have the opposite skin type as you but your review makes me want to use this mask! LOL.

  2. Cindy (Prime Beauty)October 23, 2009 at 10:30 AM

    A marshmallow mask and chocolate? add graham crackers and it's a S'more!! It sounds divine Joey, thanks for the review.

  3. Dang this sounds good as I have severly dry skin!!!! Where can I get me some?

  4. As a sufferer of eczema since birth, I am weary to try any type of masks for obvious reasons. I am even suspecting that the MAC VAE is starting to disrupt my face - so maybe I should cut down to once a week instead of twice. That said, I'm still curious about this mask. Maybe if I use it once it'll be just fine on my hypersensitive skin.

    Or maybe I am just motivated by the word, 'MARSHMALLLOW'? Imaging the thought of bacon lip balm - a bit disgusting but mildly pleasant at the same time!!

  5. ooh Kenzoki! I love the Flower perfume! *.*
    awesome product! baby ass! LOL wish I could pamper myself with it~~~

  6. If I had dry skin, I'd run out and get me some of this marshmallow deliciousness. Great review, muffin! :D

  7. Elvira - You're welcome!

    Cindy - I so should have made S'mores!

    Mighty J - Check out the KenzoKi website!

    Lexi - I think this wouldn't harm your skin. My skin's very sensitive too and I was fine!

    Mary - I love the perfume too!

    Beccer - Beccer. Thanx =D

  8. Oh LOL at baby ass. The people at Kenzoki should use that tagline for their ads. But hooray for the marshmallow sister! People asking me for favors know that I'll say yes if you bribe me with marshmallows :)

  9. Baby ass, love it!!!!!
    Ita with Elvira, I'm mega oily, but I'm seriously thinking about this mask now, awesome review, I'm glad it worked for you!

  10. Kaye - They really should! Because seriously my face felt incredible.

    Claudia - LOL thanks! I really don't think this would be suitable for oily skin at all though.

  11. Thank goodness my skin is an oil slick, because you ALWAYS make me want the stuff you review!! Some beauty company needs to hire you to write copy.

  12. Marley - I would LOVE that, omg! =D


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