Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Purchase - Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation

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I have a sickness. It’s called Foundationsearchaphrenia. That means that I am always on the look out for a “Holy Grail” foundation. I have found many “Holy Grails” in the past, but they always let me down at some point. I have tried powder, mousse, liquid and cream. I have tried Drugstore brands, Department Store brands, Boutique/Niche brands and Overseas brands all to no avail. You see, I have skin that is difficult. I’m acne prone, oily and dry, red and a completely darker shade on my face than on my neck. It is sometimes difficult to find a shade match and something that stays on my oily skin and does not break me out all that the same time. You would think it wouldn’t be so difficult with the kazillion foundations out there, but somehow I have found a way to make my life more difficult.

Giorgio Armani (GA) was having a sale a month or so ago. Since I had heard such great stuff about the foundations from this line I decided to get one. I know I needed a foundation that had a mattifying effect, so I found the Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20. GA claims that:
“Lasting Silk UV spf 20 high resistance makeup is inspired by extreme backstage conditions. This revolutionary new water-based foundation provides 14-hour satin matte coverage without the coverage feel. For normal to oily skin, providing medium coverage.”
Ah yes. That is indeed what I needed. I used Karla Sugar’s blog to find my shade…because honestly, the GA website has crappy swatches and I was too lazy to go to my local Neiman Marcus to look at the foundations in real life. I determined that I would probably need Shade #4. Although #2 looked light enough for me, I find that I tend to think my skin is lighter than it really is. Plus, I read in some other on line reviews that led me to believe I would be fine with #4. Of course after using it I think I would be a #3. Oh yeah. GA doesn't make a shade #3 in this formula. Just my luck!

The foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump. Which I like very much. I use 3 pumps for my entire face, but mind you I use a brush to apply, so if you use fingers you probably only need 2 pumps. I have been using the foundation daily for one month and so far I have PLENTY left. The foundation does not have any fragrance that i can detect and does not seem to oxidize (Turn Orange) on me.

The foundation seemed like a decent shade match for me, but upon application it looked way more yellow on my neck than I wanted it to. Careful blending is necessary when I apply this. I used my MAC 187 duo fiber brush to apply the foundation. I stippled it on my face and move the brush in a circular motion into order to blend the foundation and give it an air brushed appearance.

The foundation, once set, looks amazing on. It provides medium coverage but can be built upon, if necessary, without caking. However it still did not cover all of my acne scars/marks. The foundation wears well with a primer, but does not last 14 hours on my oily T-Zone. It’s more like 8 hours and I have to touch up on my nose & chin before the end of the work day. The foundation looks good, but it also settles into my pores and fine lines at the end of the day, but honestly I have yet to find a foundation that dosen’t do that, so I’m not annoyed by that. After a month of wear, I found no adverse reaction to the foundation. I experience no makeup related breakouts from use. All in all it is a decent foundation.

Do you NEED this? Well. I have to say the retail price is VERY high. I got it on sale for $46.40 and I thought that was a lot, but the retail price is $58! Since it does not completely cover all my red marks, and seems to fade after only 8 hours of wear I don’t find this a MUST buy. Foundation is so subjective. What might not work for me, may work for you. I am going to use it until it runs out, and then be on the search for another “Holy Grail”. Because as far as I know, there is no cure for Foundationsearchaphrenia.


  1. wow i thought it was HG product !lol
    i saw in a magz months ago and was raved by 2 of 3 featured makeup artists !
    8 hours for 50bucks?no wayy

  2. ooh! Elvira! You have me lemming this foundation!!

  3. hehe yea ur ryt gurl its not worth the hype...try Oceanmist cosmetics mineral foundation, LilyLolo Mineral foundation, or Mac's studio tech (If you havent tried it yet hehe)

  4. I used to use Armani foundations, but it got too expensive and I found that they slid off my nose after about 3 hours, even with primer.

    My friend let me use her MAC Studio Sculpt (NW15) and it is amazing. Really.

    [ I normally can't wear MAC foundations (my skin rejects them--the product doesn't adhere or something, it is actually funny to watch an MA try to deal with it)].

    For evening I use Shu's face architect (pump version, not the pot version) and that is lovely too.

    meanwhile, I will continue to struggle with concealazoidaphobia.

  5. My kingdom for a magical foundation, sigh.


  6. you know, it's AU$90 here ... yeah..

    follow me @ my blog:

  7. all you can do is keep looking *sigh*
    well, happy hunting!

  8. I have the same problem with foundations. Even though I'm insanely pale, I feel like my face is a tad bit darker than my neck. Maybe sun damage? I don't know. I really want to try his Face Fabric foundation in white, but so freakin' pricey. At least for me right now.


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