Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purchase - Obsessed Minerals Pressed Shadows

I heard about Obsessed Minerals by reading Elke Von Freudenberg's blog. She raved about a gold eye shadow and the coop pressed pattern that I had to check it out for myself! I liked the fact that not only did Obsessed Minerals sell loose pigments, they also sold pressed pigments. Obsessed Minerals is a small e-tailer of mineral cosmetics. I’m not a big mineral makeup fan, but I like some of the shimmery qualities and unique colors that mineral makeup can bring so I decided to test it out.

The first thing I thought when I went to the obsessed mineral site is that this is definitely a small operation. I’m good with that. Fyrinnae is one of my favorite e-tailers for pigments and they are small too. Sometimes you just find a diamond in the rough…you know what I mean?

I concentrated on the pressed eye shadows because I really hate dealing with loose shadows all the time. Plus I noticed two shades right away that I liked. I got to the end of the pressed pigment list and saw that for an extra dollar they will press any loose pigment you choose! Sweet. I headed over to the loose pigments to search and picked my last pigment, Mocha Grande.

Now let me say something about picking the pigments. The photographs of some of the pigments are awful. The lighting is bad and some of the product looks well used. Now I’m not one that is squeamish about used cosmetics, but I like to see fresh product at the minimum. What’s worse was the lighting. I really couldn’t tell what some pigments looked like because the pictures were so dark. Honestly, Obsessed Minerals could take a page from Fyrinnae as far as presentation of color/swatches go. Don’t even look at the mineral lipsticks if you don’t like looking at used makeup…trust me.

OK. Moving on. So each pressed pigment is $10 each. It’s a little on the high side, in my opinion, but I decided to give it a chance anyway.

OK. So far we have bad pictures (Red flag #1) and semi high cost (Red flag #2). I went against my better judgment and ordered three shadows.

The shadows were shipped very quickly and packaged well. YAY! Upon testing the shadows I find them to be VERY soft and powdery. OK. I get that. Pressed pigments can be powdery. But upon use one of the shadows just crumbled. I honestly don’t think enough binder was used when pressing that particular pigment. Sometimes you need to add in a binder (like glycerin) or else the alcohol you use to press the pigments, once it evaporates, the pigment just falls apart. So anyway. I wasn’t too happy with the crumbling.

Upon wearing the shadows I found that they were easy to blend and they wore well, but honestly, they kinda got muddy by the end of the day. I’ll leave that up to my less than professional application and not to the product.

So here are the three shadows I purchased.
Mocha Grande – A deep brownish reddish purple shimmer

Steel Plum – A silvery purple shimmer. TAUPE! Gotta love this one. It's very pretty and soft, but becomes more intense and frosty when applied with a damp brush.

Swift – A warm silver frost with slight gold undertones

No Eye photos. I just didn’t like the blending I did. It looked like a hot mess…I will say that Steel Plum and Swift make a pretty combination. It reminds me of a warmer and much FROSTIER Nars Tokyo Duo.

please note that this picture is a tad warmer than in real life. Swift is not as gold as it looks in this photo. I guess taking pictures of pigments isn't all that easy.

Do you need this? Maybe. It’s personal preference. I’m not a fan of the pigment crumbling upon use and the poor pictures on the web. However a pretty plum TAUPE makes up for some of the issues. Remember. Taupe eyeshadow can erase a lot of hurt and make everything better. Are you interested in taking a look and testing a few colors?


  1. "Taupe eyeshadow can erase a lot of hurt and make everything better" LOL!!! That's great!

    Hmmmm will you repurchase from them? I don't know if crumbly eyeshadows are worth it!

  2. Oh and I just went to their website. Um... the pictures look kinda amateur... like pics off of someone's blog. Am I being an ass for saying that?

  3. I agree. The pressed shadows shatter and crumble too easy.. and it didn't help that I dropped mine the 1st day I got it too. But the color is sooo pretty, you almost don't care...

  4. I have been very "meh" about ordering from them...I 'run' (lol) a mineral makeup blog but HOLY EXPENSIVE I don't pay $9 for any eyeshadow!! Plus, I can take better pics with my freakin Walmart camera! I'm glad you did this review!

    Fyrinnae is amazing though...$5 for a pig is the perfect price, although I would pay $9 for them XD

  5. i was hoping to read a positive review since i like minieral e/s but it's the best if it's pressed down. sucks...


  6. K: No. I would not repurchase. Too expensive and the quality is meh...and ITA about the pictures. and no you are not an ass for saying as such. :-)

    Elke: Thanks for stopping by. Yeah. the color ALMOST makes up for the crumbling...almost.

    Lisa Kate: Thanks for your comment! ITA the photos are bad. Yeah. I think Fyrinnae has my heart too!

    Jojoba: Yeah. I would skip this one. I shudder to think how they would arrive to you where you are. No matter how carefully packaged I bet they would be dust by the time you got them. :-(

  7. Do you have any pressed pans of MAC pigments? They actually can be pretty soft and crumbly too. =\ I think it is just the nature of pressed pigments vs. eyeshadows that are pressed to begin with. From the looks of things I'm pretty sure Obsessed Minerals presses them by hand, which would make for pretty soft shadows.

    $10 is pretty expensive though, absolutely!!

    As to the pictures...I guess I'd rather have amateurish photos than the kind of ridiculous swatches you get from companies like NYX, where my pale lavender nail polish arrived brightass orange. o.0

    But hey. Taupe.

  8. great haul
    love the colors.
    could you do some tutorials using them? thanks

    im a new follower and love your blog.


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