Monday, October 26, 2009

Purchase - Two more Ulta Taupe eyeshadows because I'm the Boss of You

So many Taupe eye shadows and yet soo little time. Honestly I have more taupe eye shadow than I know what to do with, but that does not stop me from acquiring more. My most recent acquisitions are Ulta Eye Shadows in Sandstone and Mystique.

Now, I will admit that Sandstone is really bordering on beige and really may not qualify as a taupe, but since it’s my blog and I make the rules I get to say what is taupe and what isn’t. It’s nice being the boss. I’m only the boss of two things: This blog and Darthypie. I am the boss of Darthypie and I let him know that quite often. He has entered his “Why” phase of development.
For example:
“Darthypie. Please put away your toys.”

“Mommy Why?”

“Because we need to clean up before dinner.”

“Mommy Why?”
“Because we need to eat and I don’t want a mess everywhere.”
“Mommy Why?”

“Because I said so.”
“Mommy Why?”
“Because I’m The Boss Of You!”

That usually settles it. It’s fun to say. I highly recommend having a child for this very reason. Just so you can say “Because I am the boss of you.” It’s very empowering.

But enough of my being the boss. Let’s get back to taupe that really may not be taupe, but is taupe because I am the boss!

I have already talked about Ulta shadows before
here. The quality is OK. The cost is reasonable, especially when they are having a buy 3 get 2 free thing or something like that. I must say that after a long day the shadow does tend to crease a bit. I think I am spoiled because my Chantecaille shadows don’t ever fade or crease and after wearing those everything else seems… well…inferior.

Let’s start with a Taupe that IS a taupe.
Mystique. Ahh. I love Mystique in The X-Men. Movies and comic books. I must say that Rebecca Romijn makes an awesome Mystique. She’s sexy despite being covered in blue scaly skin.
image from

Just like Rebecca, Ulta Mystique eye shadow is sexy despite the dull presentation in the utilitarian Ulta plastic packaging.

Mystique is a true Taupe. It’s a brownish grey. It makes a wonderful crease color when paired with a champagne or light pink-y violet shadow and turns into an amazing smoky eye when paired with a nice true black liner. Either way. This Taupe should be a staple in every taupe lover’s collection. I find this color so versatile that I liken it to Chanel Safari. While it is not as shimmery as Chanel Safari and the quality is not as great. It is still pretty enough to use every day and never tire of it. Trust me. I have worn it for a week straight and love it each and every time I wear it.

On to the Taupe that may not really be a taupe. Sandstone.

This is a much warmer brown with a nice frost to it, but it’s really bordering on beige that it could pass for brown rather than taupe by some standards. That’s not to say it’s not worth a purchase. I find the formula to be very nicely pigmented and very frosty, but decent as far as wear and application. It pairs nicely with a warm brown in the crease or deep plum. It can be worn alone as a light wash of color or applied as a nice conservative day time smoky eye.

Do you NEED these? Well I say YES for Mystique for sure. Sandstone may be too warm for some people and not taupe enough for others. That’s OK. I don’t really think this is a must have anyway. It’s a nice to have.

Sorry. No eye pictures this time. ...OK Just one eye picture. This is Ulta Mystique and Becca Chantilly. Chanel Ecriture de Chanel liquid liner in Noir, Shu Uemura The Basic (Still sold out on Mascara and Maybelline Colossal Mascara.


  1. Those two are beautiful - and yes, neither one looks like it does in the package once applied. Although I don't really need the color Sandstone, I might have to get that - I am drawn to it for some reason! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Elvira,
    Hope your Monday started better than mine! I cannot wait to tell my daughter that I'm the boss of her. It's no longer fun saying it to my Mr. Lex - he knows...

    Also, I need to look at my collection of taupes or see if I'm lacking any. And I've yet to go to an ULTA - yes, I'm very late in the game!

  3. I have Mystique...I love it so much!

    ...*sigh* I wish I had a kid so I could be the boss of something but my stupid ovaries won't let that happen. I guess I am the boss of my guinea pig? Yes. Gus, I am the boss of you!


  4. I would love to see your entire taupe collection!!

  5. SRSLY? You didn't have mystique yet? Where the heck have you BEEN? I'm assuming you have Twilight already, but then again I assumed you had Mystique. Hum.

    p.s. you need Truffle, too. <3

  6. Since you are the boss lady, can you get Ulta to come to this side of the border as well. I don't have children but I do boss hubby around, on the other hand bossing doesn't work with cats at all!

  7. Happy Monday... I love Twilight and Gold Dust..very similar.
    Why dont you post your entire TAUPE collection! Fun!

  8. somehow I get the feeling that your entire taupe collection wouldn't fit in one photo. :)

    i've been looking for a darker taupe- so far the few i have purchased are lighter than they appear in packaging. i am BY NO MEANS collecting taupes, because they don't really flatter me for some reason, but i think i must go get Mystique.

  9. I want Mystique and Truffle =/ which I know you didn't post here but I hear it's also a must have. I have Sandstone and on me it's taupe, but just barely so =)

  10. I own Sandstone (and maybe Mystique too). I personally love ULTA shadows, and haven't had any problems with creasing, but I do always use a primer because I've never found a shadow that didn't crease on me without it. Thanks for the great review.

  11. ShakeupYourMakeup: Thanks for posting. Yeah I didn't really need Sandstone either...but something drew me in. I think it's the simplicity of the color and how it's great for an easy all over wash.

    Lexi920: Hi! It is totally worth it to say "Because I'm the boss of you." But even better if said child is in her teens and she retorts "You're NOT the boss of ME!" You have to keep a straight face when she says it!

    Lisa Kate: Aww. being boss of your pets can be just as fun! I was just saying that if one were on the fence about having a child, being able to say "Because I'm the boss of you." would be the incentive to have a kid.....I JOKE really!

    Old Cow!!! Hi. I've missed you! Oh my entire taupe collection? Humm. That might be a fun idea!

    TheGlossMenagerie: Hi Aly! Yes. I have Twilight. I referenced shadow in my post but I wasn't specific about what color Ulta shadow I had reviewed before. and NOW you are telling me I need truffle? GAH. You see. I have spent so much time tracking down exotic and hard to find high end taupes I missed the ones right under my nose!

    The Mighty J: Hey Lady! You can never be the boss of a cat. Sadly. And No I have no say in what Ulta does. I am sadly not the boss of Ulta. But thank you for giving me reason #75678 why I'm never moving to Canadia!

    Gail: Hello! Thanks for posting! Ooh I'm gonna have to check out Gold Dust! And I might just post my entire taupe collection. We will see!

    beautifulMonday: Howdy! Yeah. Mystique is pretty awesome. I think everyone can use it...and don't tell me taupes don't flatter you. There is a taupe for everyone. You just haven't found it yet!

    joey: BUNNY! I bet sandstone is a great base for you. How similar is it to that new UD deluxe e/s taupe you picked up earlier this fall?

    Marilyn: Hi!! I'm the same way w/ e/s creasing. I never wear shadow w/o a primer now a days. Honestly I have no idea what I used to do before I discovered primer. Thanks for posting!


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