Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Poll

Why do I have no problem spending $100 on cosmetics, $100 on clothing, $100 on shoes, yet when it comes to spending money on Hair Styling Appliances I blanch at the thought of spending more than $50? I’m cheap with my hair. I think it’s because I have a deep seeded resentment for it. My hair and I don’t get along. The first betrayal was when I was two. My hair turned from a beautiful brick red to blonde. Sure. Blond hair is nice, but red is better. Then I got back at my blond hair by coloring it almost every color in the rainbow between the ages of 16 and 27. I finally gave up the battle over color 2 years ago. My hair is now an ash brownblonde. It’s not really brown, but it’s not really blonde it’s ash bleh. Oh but my hair revolted in other ways. It decided to be curly but not curly. It decided to be straight but not straight. It decided to frizz in humidity and lay flat as a pancake against my head in dry weather. I countered by using expensive shampoos and conditioners and styling gels, but my hair triumphed and only got limper and frizzier. I then retaliated by using cheap ass products on my hair. White Rain was my favorite. I think I got the shampoo for less than a dollar! Oh how my hair hated it. I used hair dryers and curling irons and air drying and mousses and flat irons and what did my hair do? It split at the ends. I can just look at a hair brush and my hair will split. It breaks off in the most unusual ways. I think if there was a split end hall of fame I would be in it several times over. I tried to coax my hair into liking me by getting haircuts at fancy salons by gay men that talked about Madonna, Range Rovers and eternity diamond bands. Nope. $65 + tip down the drain. My hair looked nice for the gay man but decided to lay flat, plastered to the side of my head as soon as I got into my car. My hair and I just do not see eye to eye. That’s why buying a new flat iron for $100 kills me. Will my hair really be any different? My current flat iron is breaking. It’s reached the end of its short life and I need to put it out of its misery. What would you do? Spend the money on a real good flat iron (which I would use at least 2 times a week) or say screw it and have a gay man scold you for not coming in to the salon for a trim more often? BTW. The flat iron I want is by Sedu.
On to the poll!

1. Lip Of The Day?
Chanel Aqualumiere lipstick in Formentera. A limited edition color form last spring? Summer? I don’t remember. It’s a pretty frosty beige with plum undertones.

2. Do you have long, short or medium hair? Is it curly straight or in between? Do you like your hair as is?
– Me long. It goes to just below my shoulder blades, but the layers make it look shorter from the front. See above for the other 2 answers.

3. Do you wake up to a CD, the radio, or a buzzer?
– I wake up to a buzzer. I used to wake up to a radio but I started incorporating that into my dreams and oversleeping. Plus the only station I could get clearly was Classical Music which isn’t great to wake up to as it usually puts me to sleep.

4. Beauty item(s) you want most at the moment?
– Dior Smokey Crystal Quint, Amore Pacific Enzyme Face peel.

5. When was the last time you got your hair cut?
– I'm ashamed to say it, but I think it's been like 8 months? Uh oh. I really need to make an appointment.


  1. i have the SAME hair type, only I have refused to battle any more. anyways it's in a pixie right now which makes it behave. i also like having it to my shoulders to put up 40s style but it's awfully thick! (naturally medium brown)

    1- nothing yet, just Softlips as prep. i'll have to see what lippies are in my purse.

    2- oops, already answered this. currently v. short. i do like it as is, now that i know what it likes. (amazingly it doesn't need too much expensive goop.)

    3- used to wake to a CD, which was ideal for my college years. i often used movie soundtracks (esp The New World) because they're melodic yet dramatic, and my stereo would automatically raise the volume every minute until i turned the alarm off. my siblings HATED it when i occasionally forgot to turn off the alarm before leaving for a long trip.

    now i wake to DH cellphone alarm. LESS than ideal- i dislike the nasty sound options- but it works for the moment.

    4- i'm on a no-buy because i need some shoes and clothes. (and i have enough MU that i need to use some up first.)

    5- um, 2-3 weeks ago. i forgot that short hair needs more frequent trims or it loses all shape!

  2. 1. Grrr...this irks me, because I left my LOTD on my vanity table. It was supposed to be MAC Dubbonet, but it will be Vanilla Coke Lipsmacker because that's what I have in my bag.
    2. Short! Because it's fine, but I have a lot of it, my hair lays flat and frizzes and won't hold any kind of style and basically looks like crap when it gets too far below my chin. So I keep it in a longer pixie.
    3. I wake up to the most loud and obnoxious ringtone possible on my phone. Makes me want to get up and turn it off immediately, which is good for waking up.
    4. Dior Smokey Crystal Quint, Duwop Private Red lipstick, MAC Lady Bug, Russian Red, and pretty much all other red lipsticks.
    5. 4 weeks ago, and it's time for a cut again. Bleh.

  3. 1. Lip Of The Day? MAC Prep & Prime w/ Almay Hydracolor l/s in Rose.

    2. Do you have long, short or medium hair? Medium - it's very thick and kinda wiry and frizzy so I wear it up most of the time. Bleh. I'm cheap with my hair too.

    3. Do you wake up to a CD, the radio, or a buzzer? Radio - z100 because it makes me want to turn it off immediately, so it works like a buzzer. If I could find another conservative talk radio station, that would do it too. 92.3 was so offensive.

    4. Beauty item(s) you want most at the moment? – Dior Smokey Crystal Quint - wannnnnit!!!!!

    5. When was the last time you got your hair cut? Like 4 months but I'm planning one more cut before baby comes in February :D

  4. 1. Lip Of The Day?

    PX Russet. I might have to buy a back up if I see it at the CCO or closeout store. It's a great, non-russet red.

    2. Do you have long, short or medium hair? Is it curly straight or in between? Do you like your hair as is?

    Short but growing. It's just now curling at the nape of my neck. It's curly, straight, wavy, frizzy all at the same time. It's talented! I HATE my hair. I'm having a bad hair life!!!!!

    3. Do you wake up to a CD, the radio, or a buzzer?

    I wake up to DH telling me the time (e.g "Sarah, It's 5 past 6. Do you want to get up or sleep a little bit longer?")

    4. Beauty item(s) you want most at the moment?

    I want more of these $1.49 Nicka K eye shadows.

    5. When was the last time you got your hair cut? – 2001 or 2002 or before we left Ramon. Ramon must be dead now anyway. He was about 80-something when he cut DH and my hair. Last decent cut was August. Next cut is November.

  5. 1. Lip Of The Day? I'm currently loving the new Hard Candy "Button Your Lip" push-button lip gloss pen I just bought in the shade "Innocence." It's definitely a YLBB shade and goes with everything.

    2. My hair is long (currently goes just beneath my bra strap) and it's naturally wavy. I detest my current cut because it's grown out (I think the last time I got it cut was in March!) and I swear to you, it looks like Steven Adler's hair (if you watched Celebrity Rehab you'll know what I mean). It's poufy, frizzy and it sticks out on the sides due to the shorter layers that are now growing out. My boyfriend cracks up whenever I say I have "Steven Adler hair" but really, I feel like it looks like this right now:

    Luckily I have the right products to control this, but on lazy days it really does look like that picture. lol. OK, maybe not that extreme but you get the idea. For some reason I just cannot find a stylist who can work with it lately and give me modern layers that work for wavy hair. :(

    3. I wake up to the buzzer, for the exact same reasons as you! :)

    4. Beauty item(s) you want most at the moment? – I really, really, REALLY want the new Citron de Vigne edp from Fresh.

    5. When was the last time you got your hair cut? – See #1.

  6. 1. Lip Of The Day? It was Paul and Joe #21 lipstick but now it's some NYC lipstick, a rose color.

    2. Do you have long, short or medium hair? Is it curly straight or in between? Do you like your hair as is? – This is so obvious for me. My hair is apparently legendary now. SUPER long (to the small of my back), SUPER curly. and yes, SUPER beloved by me =)

    3. Do you wake up to a CD, the radio, or a buzzer? – Buzzer. I won't hear music.

    4. Beauty item(s) you want most at the moment? – NARS Taiga e/s duo, Edward Bess Dusk and Intimate eyeshadows, Killian Cruel Intentions perfume. Maybe NARS Brousse e/s duo also.

    5. When was the last time you got your hair cut? – I cut my own hair. The last time I trimmed it was a month or so ago.

  7. So sorry I'm too lazy to logout of the bf's gmail account. I'm not some creepy stalker man (creepy stalker maybe hahaha) I promise!

    Anyways you said you were looking for a new flat iron. has the GHD (holy grails of holy grails of straighteners!!!) for 99 pounds AND they've got a 25% discount off currently going, bringing that baby down to 75. I'm not if the VAT discount of 15% will apply also (you get your money back after 4 weeks) but there was no condition stating it didn't. For me that plus postage is around $160NZ bucks vs $280 or $300 retail which is a sweet deal. I can only imagine it being a pretty damn good deal in US dollars too.

    Anyways thought that might interest :)

  8. 1) Lip of the Day: Beaute Liquid Stain in Fluoron
    2) Short hair; dead straight; and I love it, other than that it won't curl no matter how much product I put in it, so I've given up trying.
    3) I wake up to an MP3 on my cell phone :)
    4) Dior Iridescent Palette in Smoky Quartz; the MUFE 25 pencil set even though it is 249$ (yikes)!, JS Mix Blushes
    5) A month ago? I need a trim though, it's almost at that inbetween length I hate.

  9. 1. Lip of the Day - I don't think I'll venture much beyond chapstick or some other lip balm.

    2. Short I's just above my shoulders, and wavy. Tbh I won the hair lottery. I have fine hair but tons of it. It's naturally wavy so I can wear it as-is or straighten it. Right now it's really trying to sit skyward, and that's not ok... -_- that's what I get for sleeping on wet hair.

    3. Typically I wake up to my tortie cat, Sienna on my body somewhere, purring. Then if I don't get up, I hear her going rrrrowwwwr. Raaahh. Rowwrrr. Prrrrrrrrrrrrrr. My alarm clock is just an annoying beeping thing. Purring Cat is way better, but I don't appreciate it on the weekends.

    4. Hmmm beauty items. Actually I'm not lusting after a whole lot at the moment. I'm looking forward to the little mini pigment sets that will be coming out on Nov 3rd (MAC), and that dior quint perhaps? But I am not lusting after it nearly as much as you would think, me being a dior quint hoor AND a taupe hoor. I'm a bit off my game, I'm afraid. I need to talk to you more. ;)

    5. Actually I got my hair cut was only a couple weeks ago. I'm not wild about it; it's kinda boring. But it really needed trimming because my overgrown shag haircut was really heavy/long in the back and tapered in the front and if I didn't do something soon I was heading into overgrown She Mullet territory. Sooo no more mulletyness for me, but back to a boring bobbed hairdo. When it grows out a little teensy bit more I'll go back to a diff stylist with more imagination. ;)

  10. p.s. get the sedu. I freaking loved mine. I still wonder whatever the hell happened to my baby. It got lost when I moved. :( I eventually replaced her with a GHD, which I loooove, but the odds of getting one for less than retail AND authentic are slim to none. I lucked out big time getting one that had been a display model for only about $100. That ASOS deal someone mentioned above sounds kinda cool. ASOS is an authorized retailer, so I'd check that out!


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