Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blogger FTC Operations Change

As I am want to do, I have changed my mind about labeling my posts in order to comply with the FTC ruling for Bloggers.
See my original post here
I will no longer put "Purchase, Free Sample, Etc." in the Title of the post. I will now just be putting the the Purchase, Free Sample, etc. notification in the Label for the post. You know, the place where I put in eyeshadow, taupe, etc.
OK. So thanks for reading that. To pay you back for such boring legal mumbo jumbo here are pictures of Dior's Smokey Crystal Quint and swatches.


  1. That palette is so freaking gorgeous - I wish it would work on my skintone! D:

  2. I was very unimpressed with the palette. The swatches looked great, but in real life, I didn't find all that unique. But just my thoughts.

  3. seems a bit too shimmery for me. Even for a smokey look. IDK I guess I like all my e/s to be daytime wearable too.

    but it is really retty.

  4. Hi Catherine: It's think it's better suited to cooler skin tones...just my opinion but Joeybunny did a review and said that it worked really well for her and she is definitely warm toned. But look at it this way. You saved $55! LOL

    Anon: If you ask me. the most unique thing about the palette is the silver and the lilac . I really like it, but if you already have those colors in your collection I can completely understand your point. I think that many Dior quints have a love it or hate it reaction. I certainly know of a few quints that came out that I never ever want to purchase, nor that I find unique too. Good thing they make so many so we all have a choice! :-)

    Ktb8293: Oh I agree. This quint is a) SHIMMER city and b) not smokey... granted it's called smokey crystal so perhaps they were thinking of smoked crystal which that dark taupe certainly resembles, but honestly when I think smokey I don't think shimmery. I agree with you. The iridescent quints are usually OTT shimmer. Which I admit I'm a little crazy about. I really love the quint and think it's beautiful but I can't see it working for many people so I'm surprised at the wide spread gushing this quint gets.

  5. I need this! I love anything shimmery, gorgeous swatches. x

  6. oh dear... i've been evading this palette in fear that i'll love it but i do love it. ahhhhhh

    i want it... i need it .. gimme gimme hahha


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