Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Rock - Shimmery Taupe

You know I couldn't go too long without offering a new Taupe shadow to drool over. And while this week is slow and this post might go unread because of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US I felt a duty to report on my newest taupe acquisition. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow in Rock. First introduced in the Stonewashed Nudes palette a few years ago, Bobbi Brown now offers Rock Shimmer Wash eye shadow as a single!
OK. What is a Shimmer Wash eye shadow and why do you need one? Let me explain:
Bobbi Brown says that her Shimmer Wash eye shadows are:
"Sheer, lightly pearlized shadow, which can also be used as a highlighter shade under the browbone."
Oh but they are so much more. You could use a Shimmer Wash shadow like Rock, all over the eye up to above the crease and have a lovely subdued shimmer neutral TAUPE eye. Add in a matte highlighter (because shimmer and shimmer can be over the top some times) and you have an ideal every day eye. It's a silvery grey taupe and neutral enough to pair with cool and warm colors alike.

The shadow is lightly pigmented but goes on smoothly and stays on all day. honestly, even I have some fading when I use an eyeshadow base, but Bobbi Brown Rock did not fade or crease on me after 12 hours of wear (I did use my ArtDeco Primer). The shadow is shimmery but not overboard shimmer. If you are familiar with Dior Iridescent eyeshadow palettes, those make the shadow look matte. So basically I'm saying that it's not crazy shimmery. It also has no glitter. I like that because when you wear it all over as a wash you don't have to worry about glitter fall out. But what I like most about this formula is that is is buildable. You can lightly wipe it across your lids or you can pat it on as say a crease color or to finish off a grey smokey eye. The color does not get muddy when you apply multiple layers. that's always good.

The packaging is smart as usual. A sleek black compact with a clear window to see what color you are grabbing or pop out the pan and put it in one of Bobbi Brown's customizable palettes. Maybe a three pan with a highlight and a crease color...or with other Shimmer Wash shadows for you to pick and choose. Right now I have a 3 pan palette but I debating what to put in with this particular Rock color. I'm in no rush as I have a feeling that Bobbi Brown might be having a Friends and Family sale some time soon...which means a possible discount. We will wait and see.

Now I have come to terms with the possibility that SOME of you might not own 5,465,423,135 taupe eye shadows like I do and you are looking for just ONE good shadow. Well whatever you FREAK, but if you are one of these strange creatures I suggest Rock Shimmer Wash eye shadow is the one for you. If you are like me, you might find that Rock Shimmer Wash looks eerily similar to NYX Dune or MAC Smoke & Diamonds. But you would be W R O N G. Yes. in the pan the shadows do look similar but MAC Smoke & Diamonds is a touch warmer and NYX Dune is more opaque once applied on the skin. Ah ha! So there. You DO NEED it!

Bobbi Brown Rock Shimmer Wash eye shadow up to the crease, MAC Arctic Grey to blend & Highlight, BECCA Barbarella Cake Liner, Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara & Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara.


  1. You were BORN to wear taupe. I have to wear it with some kind of highlight otherwise it's dirt-city on me. *Jellz*. *Le sigh*. Happy Daywestolethelandfromthenativeamericans!!! :D

  2. As usual you have inspired another "Taupe Lemming" I now must have this shadow! As you say, there have been rumors of an F & F from Bobbi Brown, let us hope such rumors become true and I can get this along with the Earth Metal Palette!

    And a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mr. Sith and Darthypie!

  3. Hi all... since i dont have any Bobbie Brown this may be a good first. At the moment im lovin' "Where there's smoke" Have a good Thanxgiving!

  4. I love this color and it made me excited to think about the possibility of a Bobbi Brown FAF sale. You know, I love the neutrals and her whole simple/polished aesthetic but sometimes I cannot justify paying for some of her items. I have a 3 pan palette too with a lonely plum blush waiting for some company!

  5. Wow, that is indeed a gorgeous taupe! I'm kind of wondering if I'd like Smoke & Diamonds better though, since it is warmer... this one is probably much easier to find hehe. I've never tried anything Bobbi Brown before... but F&F is coming up!

  6. Goodness. I don't have any Bobbi Brown but this is just gorgeous. I might have to pick it up if I'm not feeling too broke--if I am, then I'll get Dune, heh.

  7. Oh HELLO, I'm getting so getting this. I hope that the rumored Bobbi Brown F&F sale is true so I can order this and also Ash e/s =) and a new palette!

  8. Oh Sithy, I LOVE your Taupe obsession...this is a great one!!

    I just got a Bobbi Brown LE holiday palette, and theres a similar shade...thanks for sharing!


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