Wednesday, November 18, 2009

China Glaze Avalanche

I must admit that I am a silver, grey and purple addict when it comes to nail polish. I have so many shades of gunmetal grey it's shameful. I used to have tons of silver but I gave them all away in a fit of "not being good enough" one day. I am slowly building my purple collection but 5 polishes does not a collection make. So when I saw China Glaze nail polish from last year's Ski Winter collection I was immediately drawn to it. It was silver and grey and purple all at the same time. What a wonderful icy cold shade for my tips this winter.

No there are some that detest metallic/frost finishes. They claim that the finish is streaky and shows brush marks. I say, that's not the case with this polish. China Glaze Avalanche is smooth, easy to apply and after two coats it is opaque. The brush marks, if any, are so slight I hardly notice them...and to be honest, since I know most of you are not nailpolishophiles you may not care about brush strokes in the first place.

Do you need this? Well I think the formula for China Glaze is the best and I love frost/metallic so I say yes...but those with warmer skin tones my not find this as flattering on them. Oh and it makes a great pedi color too!


  1. Happy Wed! I bought this a couple years ago at Sally Beauty. I thot it would be tooo metallica but turn out its one of my faves.... i love those purple-eggplant colors which are actually quite 'neutral'. I love your makeup reviews!

  2. Happy Hump Day E!

    I recently discovered China Glaze and I may have to find this color since it's not in my budget for a $20 Dior Silver Purple polish!

  3. Whoa, gorgeous! I would love that on my toes.

  4. Gail: Hi! Thanks! I am totally into Purple right now. If you have any to recommend I'd love to hear about them. :-)

    Lexi: OMG. That Dior polish is sooo pretty tho. Yes. ChinaGlaze is awesome. Try buying from that have it cheap!

    Joey: It is awesome on toes, esp on darker skin. :-)


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