Friday, November 20, 2009

Guest Review by Joeybunny - Fyrinnae Snow Leopard Eye Shadow

I just recently became involved with Fyrinnae.

Yes, recently. Not years ago, like every other normal MUAer, but recently. I’m a little upset at myself about this. For three years I stared at everyone’s pretty pictures of the sparkly, shimmery pigments in their happy little jars, and read about how absolutely sweet and gracious the Fyrinnae boys are. Yet, I continued to hold strongly onto my prejudices about loose eyeshadows...while my MAC pigment collection started to grow.

Clearly, I’m an idiot. I don’t hate loose shadows. I like them a lot! Yes, they have a learning curve and yes, they can be messy; however, they can be pressed if you so choose, and the color saturation is worth the shadow fallout. So why didn’t I order from Fyrinnae earlier? I guess I was just lazy. Bad Joey, bad!

So what made me finally bite the proverbial bullet and order from Fyrinnae? The fantastical, super magical, orgasmical Pixie Epoxy, which hopefully one day soon I’ll review. So with my Pixie Epoxy order I also threw in a loose shadow for shits and giggles (I believe it was Macabre) and you know what? It rocked! It was incredibly pigment-dense and shimmery, with long-lasting staying power. I was sold. So I made a second order based on my general taupe hooriness, and Elvira’s recommendations.

Elvira, the Mistress of Taupedom, told me I needed to get Snow Leopard loose eyeshadow. So I did, and when I finally opened it, I let forth a moan of pleasure that I’m pretty sure reverberated through all of Manhattan. Well, my roommates definitely heard me. Anyway...

Snow Leopard is one of the prettiest taupes I have ever seen. It looks like deep, dark, shimmering sand in the pot. The Fyrinnae boys describe it as “a soft, deep taupe shade that has subtle hues of rose.” Swatched on my skin, it’s a dark grey-brown taupe with what look to be burgundy reflects (this is different compared to the Fyrinnae site swatches, which look bizarrely pewtery-gold). On my eyes, it’s not very shimmery and the grey undertone pops out more. It is perfect for every day. Elvira has used this before as liner, and as a crease shade. Since I’m not quite as beautifully pale as she, it makes a more subtle lid and/or crease color, although I do often use this over Pixie Epoxy, which darkens it and brings out more of the burgundy reflects. Also, this shadow is neutral enough to pair with any color, cool or warm. I’m loving it with Fyrinnae Knickers in a Twist (which Elvira reviewed HERE), Fyrinnae Samhein Spirits, or Edward Bess Dusk eyeshadow (Edward Bess review coming soon, guys!).

So, do you need this? Hell to the ‘effing YES you do. This is a taupe! TAUPE! TAAAAAAAUPE! It could cost a million dollars and eat baby pandas while you sleep and I’d still say you need it. Luckily, this eyeshadow isn’t as expensive or carnivorous as it could be. A 1/4 tsp sample sized jar costs an incredible $1.75 (enough for many uses, although I find that I actually have made a decent dent in mine already and it’s only been about two weeks), and a full sized jar is $5.25. So affordable! Also, the lovely Fyrinnae boys charge a very low shipping rate and include a free sample with every order! How could you possibly resist that? You can’t! So go order!

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Hi All. Elvira here. Just a little swatch comparison for you all. As you can see Snow Leopard is darker than the other taupes I have in the warm family, but I thought you might like to see that Ulta Sandstoner and MAC Style Snob are identical. Seriously, they are the same color. The texture is softer with the MAC shadow, but since Style Snob is limited edition and Ulta Sand Stone isn't, I thought you all might like to know.


  1. Bunneh! Great review - I have this and I need to use it more. I have trouble w/ Fyrinnae shadows sometimes because when I wet them, they often go on muddy. I can't wait to try the Pixie Epoxy. Hope that will be the answer to this!

  2. Hey JBunny - you are GOOD! I just went to the site and ordered the Epoxy and 2 1/4th sized shadows - Equality and Cheetah.

    I can't believe I only spent $10.25in total! Thanks for introducing me to this brand and I cannot wait to play with my new makeup!

  3. Joey - That's a really hot looking color! I've never tried that line before. You've induced a lemming.

    Elvira - AMAZING TAUPE SWATCHES!!! I need to find that Bourjouis :)

    Thank you girls, great post.

  4. There is a new taupe shade in NYX, called taupe pearl- it is really beautiful and as taupe lovers, you should check it out. I just discovered NYX, partly great to your post that compared dune to some other taupe shades :)


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