Monday, November 23, 2009


So in anticipation of failing to sell anything and making a fool out of myself I have created another blog where I will be selling used and new makeup.

In the attempt to find the makeup and skincare items from The US, Europe, Japan and Korea that suit my skin-type and skin-tone best I stumble across things that might be great but just don't work for me because of their color or texture. I also used to collect limited edition makeup and realize that if it will only sit in a box, there is no use having it.

I know there are many makeup lovers out there who want to try out these items themselves and won't mind if something has been slightly tested and if the price is right it's even better.
Pink Sith Sales is a blog where I can offer such items and find them a home where they'll be more appreciated.

Click HERE to start Shopping or to browse.


  1. What an evil thing to do! All of your Guerlain is calling to me...must....resist.... ;-)

  2. oooh I've been wanted MAC's Earthly Riches!

  3. I totally feel your pain. I have enough makeup to makeover Manhattan :( It's taking over my room. I feel bad trashing it. As of now I've been donating it to family members but it's still crazy. I'm eyeing your Bobbi Brown pink sand blush. I can't wait to see some Asian brands go up for sale.

  4. Hi Sith, just discovered ur blog this eve., have now been here for hours! You're a mensh! Guess what? I'm in ur area, Fairfax, Va.! I'm 55, vy. light complexion. Have taken lots of notes. Am sick w stage 2 kidney failure, but am enjoying makeup as ever! Kindly add me for your sale site. THANKS, PINK SITH. ps -- I luv STYLI-STYLE lip liners; u might enjoy their 'SAND' one, it's so perfect.


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