Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Purchase - Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Pale Mauve

The other day I believe I finally killed my desire to collect every light pink lipstick on the planet. How did I do this you ask? Well I purchased a Bobbi Brown lipstick.
The End. Done.

Whew that was a short post.

You want more detail?

OK. I purchased a Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Pale Mauve #73 and it felt and looked like corpse makeup. Not that I know what corpse make up looks like or feels like, but I imagine that if I were a corpse that this is the lipstick they would apply to my cold dead lips. OK. That’s not fair to corpses. This lipstick isn’t even good enough for corpses.

Let’s start with the color shall we? In the tube. A mildly neutral milky pink. OK so far. On the lips?
Well you get the picture. YIKES! Who died? No. No one died. That’s just me in a craptastic color.

You might be thinking.
“Errrrm. Elvira. Aside from you being incredibly morbid and gross perhaps, and I say this only as a slight possibility, Perhaps you might have just picked the wrong color for your complexion.”

A) You don't have to be so patronizing and B) OK. Maybe this was not the best color choice. I admit that. I have other gorgeous light neutral pink lipsticks that I could use. This was a mistaken purchase. I was given the wrong formula and color. Since I cannot return…because I realized it too later after I bought it…don’t ask. I decided to give the lipstick a try…regardless of it being the wrong formula and color.

Upon application I exclaimed, “Holy crap, put a wick in that lipstick and light it because this stuff is waxy as hell!” It literally dragged on my lips. The lipstick has no slip. Applying this lipstick was akin to smearing a candle across my lips. One of the more unpleasant experiences with lipstick I have ever had.

My question is: How the heck does Bobbi Brown stay in business with a lipstick this awful? Seriously!

Do you NEED this. Hell NO! please read above for my reasoning.

What I really wanted was a Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color lipstick in Pale Mauve. It was a sheer pink and glossy as heck. Smooth and creamy. But since my recent wretched experience I think I might swear off all light pink Bobbi Brown lipsticks for the rest of my life. Oh who am I kidding? I’ll swear them off until next season….maybe.


  1. Great review. I was so excited to see this last fall too, then I tried it on my hand and felt the same - death in a tube.

    I am forever on the search for a pretty pale mauve that isn't too cool-toned as well.

    I've resorted to using medium mauvey colors (ie MAC Midimauve) and layering them with pale shimmery glosses (ie Bobbi Brown Lilac Sugar).

    *Sigh* the search never ends!

  2. You might want to try Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Color..you will be much happier.

  3. Actually I do love the color!^^ But not creamy lippies suck @_@


    This is my HG color!!! Don't knock the corpse lip shade!!! It's perfect for those of us with a nuclear winter complexion!!!! I am literally running out to buy a tube (or 15) as we speak!

  5. One of your funniest posts...EVER! Had me in stitches...
    If only I could treat my own (occasional) crappy purchases with a similar sense of humour!

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with bobbi brown makeup. Yes, I always have a problem with dreaded corpse lips when trying to find a milky pink. I am more of a medium-dark tone and I don't have lip pigment so you can see where I'm going from here. For me, NARS lipsticks are my saving grace - just not forgiving on my wallet!

  7. Awww I love her lipsticks - they don't budge even with balm underneath and they never bleed, but I love mattes and semi-mattes...I also think this looks beautiful on you but what the hell do I know? LMAO.

  8. LOL. Thanks for warning us hehe.

  9. Holy hell I want that lipstick. I love the color! Her lipsticks don't have any slip, yes, but they do stay on really effing well in my experience.

  10. Great review! You're right, it looks more dead looking than actually mauve. Oh well...this was a miss!d

  11. I think I'm going straight to nude lip whore hell for this but I LOVE it, lmao. If it weren't for the fact that the texture reportedly sucks, I'd be all over this.

    But then again, I think I look best in pale lipcolors... o.0 corpse lips is actually a good look on me.

  12. i agree. BB has HORRIBLE l/s formulation. the colors are pretty (well some of them) but the formula is just bad. i wonder why women buy her l/s. its as though she never updated them from the 80's when they were first launched.


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