Monday, November 9, 2009

Purchase - Fyrinnae Eye Shadow in Knickers In A Twist

There are shadows in this world of Mythic Proportions. Shu Uemura ME Silver 945, Chanel Vega, Lancome Erica F, and MAC Moth Brown to name a few. What makes them mythical is that these shadows are either discontinued or very hard to find. Many people, instead of paying an arm and a leg for one of these coveted shadows, try to find a duplicate or "dupe". Dupes are not always exactly the same, but sometimes they come so close that they can be just as good as the original. Today I bring you a dupe for MAC Moth Brown.

MAC Moth brown is of mythical fame. A limited edition shadow release twice (Originally in the Madame B collection in 2005 and again in the Barbie collection in 2007) the dark purple taupe looks different on different people. Moth Brown has many haters and just as many admirers. It really is a unique color and I have yet to find a shade that is even close to the beauty of this MAC shadow. that is until I found Fyrinnae Knickers In A Twist.

This dark purple taupe color is infused with bronze shimmer from Fyrinnae was my hope for a close dupe to the coveted MAC Moth Brown. Knickers In A Twist is the name of this shadow from Fyrinnae. Originally dubbed Sir Loin Of Beef, Fyrinnae got such flak for naming it that, and the space between "sir" and "loin" kept disappearing in usage, they decided to change it. Now I don't know who would object to the name of an eyeshadow, but honestly I have my suspicions. And to those that objected to the original name of this shadow I have this to say to you:

If THAT is what offends you OH SO MUCH you have serious issues and need to perhaps open a news paper and look at the atrocities happening in the world. Perhaps direct one tenth of your "outrage" towards finding a solution to one of those problems and the world might be a better place. Jeesh. It's JUST A NAME FOR EYESHADOW! Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist over it..... Hahaha. Get it? Knickers in a twist! OK. Moving on.
The texture of this shadow from Fyrinnae is smooth and very pigmented. a little goes a long way. Since it's loose you may need to practice the best way to apply and experience with the right amount of pigment that works for you. The bronze shimmer is very subtle but it adds depth to the taupe. You can apply it dry for a sheer look, pat it on to add more color, or apply it wet for a more intense color or as a liner. Any way you choose to wear it you are going to get a gorgeous deep purple taupe that is blendable and almost as much of a chameleon as MAC Moth Brown is. Compared to some other purple taupes you can see how MAC Moth Brown and Fyrinnae Knickers In A Twist are very close in color. HOWEVER the Fyrinnae shadow can be intensified by applying with a heavier hand and/or using it wet. MAC Moth brown, no matter how much you pack it on, still stays the same color and it does not change very much when applied wet. Now I admit that Fyrinnae Knickers In A Twist does not show as much purple as moth brown, but honestly, I think that may be a plus for those that didn't appreciate the purple in that shadow. It also has some subtle bronze sparkle, which can be lightly buffed out if absolutely necessary, but honestly it isn't that noticeable.

Do you NEED this? Yes. I think that this shadow is versatile enough that even if you already own MAC Moth Brown you will genuinely enjoy Fyrinnae Knickers In A Twist as much, if not more. Better yet, at a low low price of $5.25 for a full size jar and minus $3.50 for 1/4 of a tsp. (total $1.75) how could you pass it up?


  1. Dearest Sith-

    Gorgeous swatches, and EXCELLENT commentary!!! A rose by any other name......etc., etc., etc. To be truthful, I do buy some MU items based on name, but really, if the color is gorgeous and you love it, ignore the name and get on with you life!!!

  2. *sigh* I cant wait for my fyrinnae order to get here!

  3. I need to order me some Fyrinnae soon!

  4. Sir Loin/Knickers is actually way nicer than MAC Moth Brown, IMO. And that's hard for me to say because my ass loves Moth Brown. But it's true.

    I'm terribly annoyed at myself for taking so long to get on the Fyrinnae bandwagon. Where was Snow Leopard and Macabre and Knickers all my life?! And Pixie Epoxy...zomg.

  5. sweet! i love mac moth brown, but the texture was not so good so i swapped it away. i am totally going to get this fyrinnae to get my fix! :D

  6. Hi, I found this post through Google, and I wanted to let you know that their shade (which I think they still make) Selkie Skin is an exact, dead-on, perfect dupe of Moth Brown. Only nicer, of course.

    I wasn't aware of the name change with Sir Loin, I love it.

  7. fatbottmdgrl: Here here! Do you have this yet? It would look great on you!

    lachesis: I just made another order! I am getting on the bandwagon w/ Fyrinnae

    The Mighty J: Yes you do! And they ship to Canadia!

    Catherine: Thanks for the comment. It's very close isn't it?

    Joey: You are right. It does wear better than MB.

    Seventh_moon: You totally need this!

    anon: Thank you very much for the comment! I'm going to look up that shade ASAP! That will be in my next order!

  8. I know I'm very late on commenting on this, but Silk Naturals makes a clone of MAC Moth Brown called Silk Naturals Lurid, you may want to check it out. They also have another shade that I'm fond of called Brimstone. I like their original shades and clone shades.

    I'm also a huge Fyrinnae & Aromaleigh fan :)

  9. I just ordered this color last night b/c it looked sooo lovely... and after reading this I am even more excited than before!


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