Friday, November 6, 2009

Purchase - Iman Luxury Eye Defining Powder in Wicked

I realized the other day that while I swatched the Iman Luxury Eye Defining Powder in Wicked when I did a guest post over at The Gloss Menagerie I never really reviewed the shadow for you all. So here ya go!

Iman is an iconic beauty. It doesn't hurt to have perfect bone structure, height and gorgeous skin...but being married to David Bowie makes her that much cooler. Iman has had a small makeup line since 1994, but in 2004 Iman merged with Procter & Gamble which was a great union because it made Iman cosmetics more available! You can see Iman's entire line of cosmetics

One item from the line, which I adore is The Luxury Eye Defining Powder in Wicked. A silver taupe to rival MAC Smoke & Diamonds and Stila Diamond Lil. It has very little glitter if any, the pigmentation is intense and thick. It's a metallic taupe that really is best suited for an evening look but if applied correctly it could be sheered out a bit for a day time look.

The powder comes in a tube with a sponge tip wand applicator. It takes a bit getting used to applying with the sponge tip, but once you lean to tap off the excess shadow on the applicator and pat, not swipe the shadow on your lids you are an ace. The powder makes a beautiful smokey eye and can be blended and sheered out for a less intense look. I still find myself using a small flat brush for lining under my eyes, but overall I think the applicator is decent.

Do you NEED this? Well. if you aren't a taupe hoor like me, probably not...but I say probably not if you already own the following: MAC Smoke & Diamonds or Stila Diamond Lil or Benefit Where There's Smoke or NYX Dune. But if you like the idea of an easy smokey eye with a decent sponge tip applicator for ease of use. I say go for it. It retails for about $10.99 on Oh there are 3 other shades. a pretty Ivory, Gold and Black with shimmer. YUM!


  1. If it helps any, (& have 20% off right now =)

  2. that is super gorgeous. wow. thanks for posting! :)

  3. There is a beautiful eye shadow "pewter" by Iman that looks very close to "wicked". And a gorgeous non taupe "safari" to check also.

  4. Gorgeous! I want the potted version of this Liliana mentioned =)

  5. I have a shadow that im surprised people are missing while worshipping at the altar of taupe. Its MAC Midnight Madness MES. Its amazering, seriously. I'm dedicating a whole post to it and I totally am not a taupe-o-phile at all.

  6. Oh my god, I think I just went into taupe-shock. This is so gorgeous! I need a good taupe x.x

  7. Claudia! Thanks for the tip!

    DJ! Thanks for commenting!

    Liliana! Thanks for the comment. Now I MUST go get that shade!

    Joey: I'll pick you up one if I find it.

    Lachesis: I loved your post on your blog about this taupe! It really is gorge! Me thinks you are turning into a taupe addict

    Rae! Hi! Long time! You NEED this! Do they sell it where you live?

  8. Thanks for showing the comparison swatches. These shadows are on clearance at my local Walgreens at a price that I'm willing to try. I found your blog when I googled swatches. I see I don't need it as I have NYX dunes


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