Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Purchase - Yves Saint Laurent Ombre Solo Double Effect Eye Shadow No. 04 Mink Brown

As some of you may or may not know. I have a slight obsession with taupe eyeshadow. I'm not a fan of bright colors. (Not on me. I adore them on others, when applied correctly) but honestly, with taupe you can't go wrong. You can't screw up taupe shadow too much. Sure it can be screwed up, but you have to really work at it to screw it up. That's why, when starting out with eyeshadow I always recommend a light champagne and pretty taupe to start.

One of my favorite mistake proof taupe eye shadows is Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Ombre Solo Double Effect Eye Shadow in No. 04 Mink Brown.
YSL has some very nice shadows, however they can be in the VERY expensive range. This particular shadow retails for $28.50. Now before you get your panties in a bunch, let me explain that you a) don't have to buy this if you don't want to and b) never have to pay full price. Sites like and ebay (if you are careful) are great resources for cosmetics at a discount.It had been several months since I purchased anything from, so they send me a "please come back" e-mail promising me 10% off my purchase + my regular loyalty bonus of 7.5% and an additional 5% if I order more than 3 products, not to mention free shipping. Sooo 22.5% was enough to bring me back. I purchased the YSL eyeshadow and 2 other items and in no time flat my pretty package arrived. Let's see. the Shadow was discounted 4% on the website so it was already reduced to $27.50 + 10% we miss you bonus, that's $24.75 + the 7.5% loyalty bonus that's $22.89 and the 5% 3 or more items purchase I get the shadow for $21.75...which is about the cost of a MAC eye shadow with tax. Not too shabby.

OK. enough about my guilty justification about price. On to the actual shadow.

The tiny, and I mean tiny, gold box opens to reveal a lovely brownish cool taupe with a large section of the brown cool taupe and a tiny section of the same color with more frost infused into it. The shadow itself is buttery soft but not powdery. The pigmentation is wonderful. Both shadows have quite a bit of shimmer, but no glitter thankfully! The taupe itself has a pretty brown base but enough gray mixed in with it to give it a cool/neutral appearance. The shimmery side is remarkably cooler and frostier but pair perfectly with the brownish taupe.The shadow can be worn alone for a dramatic smokey eye. (Applied heavier at the base of the lid up to below the crease and then blended/sheered out slightly beyond the crease.) or it can be combined with a pretty light warmish pink or Champagne and used as a crease and/liner color. This shadow makes a wonderful crease shade adding dept to eyes that may not be as deep set as you want them to be. Applied with an eyeshadow base, this shadow lasts all day with no creasing what so ever. Because it is so pigmented a little goes a long way. you need only introduce your brush briefly to the shadow and apply to your lid. I like to pat the shadow on with the brush and then smooth it out to blend. Speaking of blending. this shadow blends beautifully. It does not get chalky or grainy. it just sheers out wonderfully. The lighter section can be used as a slight highlight, but as you can see by the swatches, the combination of the two is magical as well.

Do you need this? Am I ever going to say no? OK. I admit I have said no to taupes in the past, but this is one that you would love. So YES! You need this. Don't let the small size fool you. the pigmentation combined with the wear and versatility is a great every day shadow to last you a long time!


  1. the color is so pretty ! and i would kill to have ur eyes !i'd do EOTD everyday !haha

  2. It is an equisite taupe!! Your eyelining skills continue to impress and amaze me!

  3. Interesting, the shadow is a lot warmer/browner on you than it is on me. LOL with my skintone I can't use it as liner but I love using it on my lids/crease for a basic look. I love this shadow so much! I also love my Velvet Suede Duo Effet (the brown one). YSL should make more colors! I'd love a purple =(

  4. Oooh I really love this! The colours are simply gorgeous, they look different on your skin to how they do in the box - either way I love them! :D


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