Monday, November 2, 2009

Purchase - Zoya Matte Velvet Nail Polish in Loredana

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I know you all are probably sick of Matte nail polishes. I know that you have read the good nail polish blogs months ago and have seen swatches of all the matte polishes. But I still need to profess my love for one matte polish in particular. Zoya Matte Velvet Nail Polish in Loredana. Yes. I know all this stuff because I'm psychic...or psycho...well whatever. You have read this far, you might as well finish right?

Zoya describes this color as a gunmetal grey with shimmer that is matte. Yeah, I know you might find matte polishes dull. (Pardon the pun) but the shimmer they infused into the Zoya Matte Velvet nail polishes puts these mattes in a different category that those other non shimmer filled mattes just can't compete. The shimmer adds depth and seems to make the matte look just that much better. Zoya has 6 shades of matte colors. and you can see there here.
Fall 09 and Winter 09. Both collections are limited edition and the colors are freakin beautiful. There is a red in the Fall collection that is beautiful and I'm seriously lusting after the purple shade in the Winter collection.

Two things that annoy me about matte polishes.
a) Wear. These suckers chip fast. It doesn't matter if you paid $2 or $10 the polish is going to last 3 days max. Lack of base coat and top coat will make the polish chip faster than conventional polishes which are usually applied without such protectors.

b) Staining. I cannot tell you why I love dark nail polish so much, but I can tell you I am always religious about applying a base coat to protect against staining and yellowing of the nails. But matte polishes are recommend for use without a base coat, so therefore the dark matte colors stain my nails. That pisses me off. It doesn't make me so mad that I turn green, muscly and say thing like "Hulk Smash". No. It just makes me annoyed so much that I tend not to wear my matte colors as often as I want to. Which makes it sort of useless to own if I never wear it....duh.

So my post is not so much about how freakin awesome this matte polish looks and how much I love the color, it more of a plea to nail polish manufacturers to make matte polishes that work well with a base coat so I won't stain my nails. Because right now, I'm not wearing my lovely mattes, and that's a waste of money and polish. I'm not saying it is gonna happen, but one misplaced shot of gamma radiation and I'm going from Bruce Banner to Hulk in a few seconds and my yellow stained nails will so clash with my green skin. That would be embarrassing.


  1. The Orly mattes actually recommend their Bonder basecoat underneath (if you're not like me and don't already hate Bonder for making your nails Cheeto-stain-orange). I seem to remember reading on some polish blog or other that the writer used basecoat anyway with the mattes, recommendations be damned, and didn't have major problems. I can't imagine it would hurt to try it anyway. :)

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has weird rambling thoughts that go from ok to weird in 2 seconds.
    I really, really, really like how matte polishes look, but it's the "use w/o base coat" that has me w/o a single bottle. I just can't do that again, it's a vicious circle dark polish stain my nails, so I can only use dark polish to cover up the stained nails!

  3. You know, I actually swatched Zoya Savita (which is absolutely beautiful and you do need it btw) over Orly Bonder and wore a full mani over the same basecoat for ~2 days and I still got staining! Minimal, yes, but still markedly purple and rather annoying. =/

  4. I never thought I would like any matte nail varnish, but this one actually looks really pretty when on! Shame that I can't get Zoya here in the UK :(

  5. If you use a basecoat that dries fairly quickly, it will actually improve the wear of a matte slightly (and will prevent staining). Ridgefillers don't work because they dry too slowly but other basecoats work fine. I like Nubar Foundation or Rock Hard (avail from Sally Beauty).


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