Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Poll

Mr. Sith has been bugging me all week about what I want for Christmas/Hanukkah. To be quite honest, I really don't want anything. I think it's because when it's MY money being spent I'd rather spend it myself than leave it in the hands of someone else. I also don't know what I want until I have it. I like to browse and see what other people are getting, then maybe I might get inspired to get something using my own money on myself. And to really pull back the curtain, Mr. Sith isn't the best gift giver in the world. He over thinks the whole thing and ends up getting something I really do not want. I'm still trying to put the Christmas of Family Guy Action Figures behind me. This year I told him that I want him to get that Ineke Cologne that I like and for him to wear it. So basically buy a present for himself. Is that wrong? I will benefit from it, so I don't see the harm. Also I would rather spend money on Darthypie and watch him get excited over gifts. That's what giving is really about. The joy in a child's face as he opens up a Buzz Lightyear doll...for example...that's awesome. Anyway. I think I'm going to pass on a gift for me this year. What with all the sales and discounts I have plenty of makeup and perfumes and skincare. Maybe a nice pair of cashmere gloves.... On To The Poll!

1. Lip Of The Day?
- Chanel Glossimer in Equinoxe. A lot more sheer then in the tube. It's so sparkly. It looks awesome over a berry lip stain!

2. What gift do you want for the holidays?
- See above. Maybe a nice pair of gloves. I can never find a pair that has long enough fingers tho.

3. Latest beauty item disappointment?
- I have to say that without a doubt Cover Girl Lash Blast Length. The one in the yellow tube. It did NOTHING for my lashes, relaxed the curl and looked like crap. nuff said. Straight in the trash it went.

4. What is your favorite meal for a cold and rainy day?
- This awesome chick pea soup. You puree the chick peas at the end of the cooking time...drizzle the soup with extra virgin olive oil and eat it with a big hunk of crusty bread. Yumalicious!

5. When you get new makeup, do you use it right away or wait a while?
- I used to use it as soon as I got in my car to drive home, but now, because I have this blog and I want to take pictures of un-touched cosmetics I wait. It's difficult to do so, but I wait until I can get a decent picture.


  1. 1- NYC lipstick (name?) from their special line for summer. it's actually a dupe for a favourite Avon lipstick, oddly enough. it's a warm neutral MLBB nude pink.
    2- my husband's family though Christian does not celebrate Christmas materially, so i gave that up when i married him. BUT we give each other gifts year-round if we see good gifting items. plus this year we're going to Bahamas over the holidays. he'll probably give me extra money for buying myself stuff. :)
    3- mmm, the last thing i can think of is the MAC Passions of Red lip palette i bought early in the year. (i must be easily pleased- that was 11 months ago!) it was ok- it's certainly pretty- but i forgot how sticky and messy lip palettes can get, and i already had lippies in those shades. guess the contents didn't live up to the awesome packaging.
    4- Sunshine (carrot ginger) Soup. or basically any soup, with some homemade scones and cheese on the side.
    5- i use it right away, since it's usually drugstore loot.

  2. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Cover Girl TruShine in Valentine Red, though I might change it later.

    2. What gift do you want for the holidays? - Peace on Earth. The same thing I want when I win Miss America. Actually, I don't want anything and DH will probably get me a book like usual, which will make me feel guilty because I haven't gotten him anything as usual. . . (and it's usually a costume history book to add to my costume history library)

    3. Latest beauty item disappointment? Maybelline Colossal Mascara. It is NOT a replacement for Lash Stylist.

    4. What is your favorite meal for a cold and rainy day? - DH ;)

    5. When you get new makeup, do you use it right away or wait a while? I open it, get rid of the evidence and then never use it. I have un-opened, un-tested or barely tested unworn stuff from years ago! Pathetic.

  3. 1. MAC's Sandy B. lipstick- I'm so excited, I thought I had lost this, and I found it in a purse I hadn't used in a while! It's definitely a favorite, and I mourned its loss.
    2.I would really like a nice cashmere cardigan to wear through the winter and early spring. I'd also like a new pair of TOMS shoes.
    3.I will also have to go with Lash Blast Length- YUCK. What crap. It gave me some definition, but no length, no volume, barely even any color!
    4. Broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl from Panera Bread!
    5. Oh, I have to test it right away, at least on my hand, especially if it's drugstore.

  4. 1) Burts Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate oil w/ NYX Spellbound sheered out over top.

    2) An iPod touch. I cracked the screen of my old ipod a year ago, and the usefulness of the old iPod is reaching its end point. I have to scroll through the menus from memory.

    3) UD BoS II and Chanel Amethyst. I must have ridiculously high standards because I just didnt think that they were that awesome.

    4) I like ho-made lasagna or chicken cacciatore or roasted chicken and mashed taters. I like actual food food something to put my bum in a coma.

    5) I crack that sucker open as soon as I get in the car. Sometimes I don't even make it to the car and am ripping packaging off in the parking lot.

  5. LMAO @ Christmas of Family Guy action figures!!

    1. Lip Of The Day? - Laura Mercier Baked Earth Stickgloss.

    2. What gift do you want for the holidays? - Too many things - I can't even pick though I know honestly, I probably won't get anything from anyone I know that I actually really want. It's actually kind of disappointing that most of my friends really don't know what to get me when I feel like the answer is so obvious LOL. I am thinking of splurging on some nice P&J retractable brushes... or maybe some Jill Stuart finally. I also want a Konad set though, and Lush goodies LOL. Aside from makeup I'd like a nice winter coat and a pair of black leather knee high boots though.

    3. Latest beauty item disappointment? - Hm, haven't had many disappointments lately, I think. China Glaze For Audrey really didn't work for me and is now up for swap though.

    4. What is your favorite meal for a cold and rainy day? - Ooh, homemade french onion soup. Delicious.

    5. When you get new makeup, do you use it right away or wait a while? - I usually use it right away unless it's a backup (or a gloss because I'm trying to limit the number of open tubes I have).

    Happy Thursday. =)

  6. Re: gifts - you've read my thing on fbook right? I'd rather pick my gift but I sooooo love getting a good surprise - well mostly I don't like anything anyone gets me...ok I am not making any sense so, on with the poll.

    1. Lip Of The Day? - Clinique Stellar Plum gloss - the only thing I remembered to grab today in terms of lippies.

    2. What gift do you want for the holidays? - You mean Christmas right? I don't celebrate Christmas but my in-laws always get me gifts the dears. I am hoping for Chapters GC's.

    3. Latest beauty item disappointment? - Guerlain Super Aqua-Serum line. My Guerlain SA gave me a few samples and they were all blah on my skin. Which is good cuz I can't afford them anyway, but kinda disappointing as well.

    4. What is your favorite meal for a cold and rainy day? - My mom's cooking - onions with chilli and musturd oil and yellow rice with spicy chicken curry - ummm yummy.

    5. When you get new makeup, do you use it right away or wait a while? Depends - sometimes I can't wait to wear a new lippie or colour, most other times I forget. Now I try to use them in a few days so I can blog about them though.

  7. I love your posts! "Christmas of Family Guy Action Figures" - lol!

    1. Lip Of The Day?
    None; waiting for my cold to go away. So boring!

    2. What gift do you want for the holidays?
    Hadn't really thought about it either. I've gotten quite used to buying whatever I want for myself. It would be nice to have some pretty jewelry, or a nice leather bag, or some CDs and books, or some perfume samples. At the moment, I just want a vacation :P

    3. Latest beauty item disappointment?
    Probably Visee Glam Hunt Eyes - I think that's the name. The series of mostly smoky black-based shadows. Gorgeous colors, but zero staying power and the black is quite powdery.

    4. What is your favorite meal for a cold and rainy day?
    Any kind of stew. I love all sorts of soups. Japanese oden really hits the spot too.

    5. When you get new makeup, do you use it right away or wait a while?
    I wait a while, as I also like to take pictures, and I have so much makeup already that I'm trying to work through the old stuff first.

  8. I'd SO take those Family Guy action figures...

    1. Lip Of The Day? - Yesterday's was NARS Tempest lip gloss. Today, nothing.

    2. What gift do you want for the holidays? - A new TV, a tattoo, the Akira Kurosawa 25 film Criterion boxset, a pair of Frye boots, and a huge Edward Bess haul!

    3. Latest beauty item disappointment? - Nothing I can think of...

    4. What is your favorite meal for a cold and rainy day? - Um, either McDonalds or Chinese takeout. Clearly, I am classy.

    5. When you get new makeup, do you use it right away or wait a while? - I wait awhile so that I can take pics first =D


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