Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Barry M Dazzle Dust

Recently my friend Pam went to the UK. I e-mailed her a list of cosmetics I wanted from awesome drugstore in the UK that sells all sorts of brands I can't get here across the pond. I armed her with brand names, colors and numbers. She must have looked so silly in the cosmetic aisle with her little list while scrutinizing the little jars of Barry M Dazzle Dusts...but she's a very good friend and she's also a real trooper. She picked up 2 Dazzle Dusts from Barry M. Just for little ole me!

So what did mistress Pamela get me from the fab Superdrug? She got me Barry M Dazzle Dust in #24 "Old Gold" and #51 "Mushroom"! What's that? You aren't familiar with the colors? Well let me give you a closer look!
See? Nice huh?

Barry M has over 60 original colors of Dazzle Dusts. It was hard to just choose a few for the list. I would have made the list longer but I restrained myself because a) I had never used this product before and b) Pam's husband would make fun of me, more than he usually does, about my hideous makeup addiction. I gave Pam several different Taupe-ish shades and I think she came back with 2 winners!

Dazzle Dust is loose eye shadows that is HIGH on shimmer and pigmentation. It can be swept on dry or applied with a damp brush. The color can be built up or sheered out. The end result is ALWAYS shimmer and glitter. If you don't want shimmer stay away from these babies. The powder is VERY finely milled. It's so smooth and so light I would almost compare it to finely milled silica powder. Yes, it looks that small! The pigmentation is great. You only need a little on your brush and you are rewarded with rich long lasting color. I wore these with a primer and they lasted ALL day and night with no creasing or fading. I just recently purchased Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. I can't wait to try the Dazzle Dust with that primer. It's gonna look HAWT! (I promise a review from either me or Joeybunny on Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy will be forthcoming!)

I will say that I'm not a fan of the amount of fall out that one experiences upon application (dry method). There is a whole lot of fall out. I find that if I dust some loose translucent powder under my eye and on my cheeks prior to application I can sweep away the fall out from the Barry M Dazzle Dust shadow once I'm done. But still. I can imagine that if one were to use the darker shades that Barry M has available, they would be faced with a sooty complexion. Do Not Want. One other small problem with the Dazzle Dust is the packaging. The shadows come in tiny glass containers with a sturdy plastic screw top, however there is no sifter or cap to protect the shadow from spilling when the item is open. I'm not completely clumsy, but I could see myself knocking this over and having gold sparkles in my carpet for years. Oh and one more teeny thing. There is no indication on the jar or on the website how MUCH product you actually get. I guess for a measly $9 (£4.50) I shouldn't complain because the jar comes FULL to the top and I doubt I would ever finish a jar in my lifetime. OK. That's a bunch of complaints. Sorry about that.

OK. So let's talk about the colors I got.

#24 Old Gold is a sparkly "dirty" gold. Slightly on the taupe side but not really. It looks really neat if you LIGHTLY dust it over a deep grey or brown taupe shadow like MAC Sweet Sienna or Bobbi Brown after hours.. Here is the Old Gold dazzle Dust applied on it's own. Just so you can see the color. I forgot to follow up with a picture of when I worked BECCA Chintz (A pretty warm Olive Green) into the crease and then lined with a warm brown liner. But trust me it was stunning!
I also got...

#51 Mushroom. It is a sweet plummy taupe. It's shimmery and almost metallic looking. This shadow could be worn alone (as pictured below) or used as a crease color or better yet as a base color with a deeper plum or a black in the crease. Perhaps Shu Uemura ME Black 990 *sigh*

So do you NEED these? Well. I'm not sure. If you live in an area where you can purchase them easily I say go for it. They might be fun to pick up a color or two, but I wouldn't go out of your way to get these. I say this ONLY because there are numerous loose shadow alternatives here in the US that have the same quality for similar or less cost.


  1. These look so pretty! I love the high shimmer! But come on! You can't leave it off like that without giving at least a couple suggestions as to how to dupe these with colors easily accessible in the US!? I am slowly collecting names for my first Fyrinnae order and I wanna know! =P

  2. I got mushroom too! The best part about these is that they are pretty cheap and they are FILLED to the brim! I also agree with you about the sifter and the fall out!!! I'm transferring mine to an empty 5g jar with a sifter soon!

  3. i had both colours before. #51 is rather colose to shu ME Silver 945 but not as intense. Barry M Dazzle Dusts are quite nice but they don't stay put as long as other pigments i have tried. the shimmers can die and leave with matte under tone afterwards. other than that, they are good value for money.

  4. Dear Ladies: I sell Barry M products internationally, through my eshop, I am an official Barry M reseller.

    Dear Ms. Sith: If you want more Barry M Products, you can get them for UK RRP and only £1.50 shipping. Apologies for shameless plug!

  5. Jamilla, it's a very helpful plug! =)

    These are gorg on you Elvira =D it's very tempting to ask bosslady to find these for me too!


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