Monday, December 14, 2009

Bobbi Brown Chrome Eye Shadow in Pewter

Bobbi Brown has done it again. Yet another taupe shadow that I am madly in love with. Bobbi Brown Chrome formula (Limited Edition) eyeshadow in Pewter is a cool gold-ish or warm silver-ish or, as the website describes it, a cool bronze metallic. Yes. It's quite a hard shade to describe, but thankfully the swatch on the Bobbi Brown website is actually pretty accurate.
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(please see my review on Bobbi Brown After Hours to see the most misleading on-line swatch ever) Regardless of what you call it, this shade is a very light taupe that is neutral enough that warmer gals will love it as much as cooler gals.


"Really Elvira?" "Are we in 1950?"
Yeah. I guess I should say "persons" or "women" or "consumers".
Please forgive me. I've been watching a lot of "I Love Lucy" re-runs. My vocabulary has transgressed a bit. But that being said Lucille Ball would have looked amazing in this shadow!


The Bobbi Brown website describes this formula of eye shadow as:
Nothing says holiday glamour like eyes dressed up in new Chrome Eye Shadow. Developed with highly reflective pearls, this opulent formula looks like liquid metal on lids and reflects light beautifully. Featured in our signature eye shadow compact, customized for the season with a luxe chrome finish.
I couldn't agree more. However I don't see a need to make the compact custom for the holiday season. It's not like I'll be taking it out at my next holiday party or wearing it as a brooch for the company Christmas Dinner...on second thought. I wonder if I COULD use it as a brooch. How awesome would that be?
Oh. I guess I'm getting a little carried away.

It's just that this shadow impressed me SO MUCH.
I was super duper groggy when I applied it one morning and I completely forgot to put on any eyeshadow base. I know! Can you believe it? Anyway I realized my mistake after I finished both eyes and not having the time to re-do my eyes I figured I would chance it and deal with creasing when it came. Oh But here is the thing. My shadow never creased. Not the entire day. 8 hours and I experienced very little fading and no creasing. That's freakin awesome. Plus the color stayed true to pan and didn't oxidize or change color once applied to my lid.

Yep. This Shadow is WYSIWYG! (Total geek acronym = What You See Is What You Get)

The shadow is smooth and applies with literally little to no fall out. The shadow is buildable and can be applied sheerly. you can also apply it with a damp brush for an even more metallic effect. The shadow is intensely pigmented and a little goes a long way. The best part is that is lasts and lasts and lasts. The even better part is, you can depot it and snap it into a Bobbi Brown palette system. Whee!

The only negative I have is that a) This shadow is Limited edition and I wish it was part of the permanent line because it is so remarkable and b) This formula comes in 3 colors (Gold, Silver and Pewter.) and I wish it came in so many more colors than that. Can you imagine the metallic possibilities? Bronze? Gunmetal? Titanium? ::shudders:: It would be love all over again.

So do you need this shadow? Heck yeah. Only because it's limited edition and if you don't get it, you'll wish you did about a month after it's out of stock everywhere. Trust me. I have had it happen before. It's not fun.

Here is my eye of the day with JUST the Bobbi Brown Chrome in Pewter applied to lower lid and sheered out as it gets to the brow bone. I used Chanel cake liner in Noir Lame.

The 2nd EOTD I added Benefit Where There's Smoke in the crease.


  1. HOT HOT HOT!!!!! I have this and have yet to use it, lol. I've been loyal to the metallic version, but the chrome looks so gorgeous on you, I must try it out today.

  2. WOW...what a color....lemming again...:)

  3. Beautiful! I'm not a fan of BB e/s in general, but her Metallics line has some really great colors!

  4. You are amazing at finding the best neutral shades! Awesome!

  5. Wow I am SO happy I caved on this! It's gorgeous =) I love it on you and now I'm so excited to get mine!

  6. well can i say that i am nore interested in your liner work than the eye shadow itself. :P

  7. I think you should only wear this eyeshadow every day from now on.

  8. That looks so pretty on you, I'll have to pop by the counter and see if they have any left.

  9. Cindy (Prime Beauty)December 14, 2009 at 5:36 PM

    I'm so mad at myself for not getting this at the FF sale! *kicks me*

  10. I'll admit it, That looks like a perfect and uniaue taupe.

  11. now I just want to go play at a BB counter. And I am about 2 hours from one :(

    you look great in that Pewter shade. It is going on my wish list.

  12. Thanks for your review, I HAD to buy this eyeshadow now.


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