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Grubby Girl Scrubs - Even Non Tree Huggers (Like Me) Love It

I'm the last person you would associate with the phrase "tree hugger". I prefer my trees seen though a window, preferably from the 10th floor of a Ritz Carlton in a tropical setting. But that does not mean I'm not into SUPPORTING tree huggers. Especially when they make beauty products! Duh! Grubby Girl bath products is a semi local business to me. They are in Virginia (I'm in Virginia) And even though I'm probably over 100 miles away from the farm where Owner Amanda Welch harvests her plants and herbs from her garden to make soaps and salts and soaks, I feel like I'm doing my part to help local businesses and not muck up the environment with nasty chemicals and dyes from my bath products. Plus she raises her own bees to make honey for her scrubs and beeswax for her lip balm. You can't get more awesome than that right? I HAD TO buy something. So what would I get from a boutique bath products company?
Say it with me.
As much of an addict for all things TAUPE., I'm also an addict for all things SCRUB!

Grubby Girl makes 2 scrubs so I had to try both.

Both scrubs come in 2 sizes. $25 for a 30 oz jar and $15 for a 16 oz jar. The smaller jars are what I ordered. They come in plastic tubs with metal screw top lids. The only problem I have with them is the plain paper labels. They look pretty and have sweet retro photographs on them,. but introduce them to your shower and the water and paper don't make a good combination. The label is peeling off one of my scrubs and I kinda want them to stay on. I will buy them again and the next time I'm investing in the larger size which seems to come in a large glass jar that has a latch to seal it.

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City Slicker Scrub is a lovely body polish with sea salt, Coffee and Cloves. It has a refreshing orange scent to get you energized for the day ahead. Fortified with sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, coffee, cinnamon, cloves and essential oils, you not only scrub away the evenings sleep, but you wake up and are ready to face a tedious day under the harsh fluorescent lights and the equally harsh coffee breath of your cow-worker in the next cube. (Yes. cow-worker. It's NOT a typo. moo)

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Farmer Person Scrub is honeysuckle scented. Oh but it's not that synthetic scent of honeysuckle. It's so light and pure I would totally believe you if you told me that Amanda used actual honeysuckle flower nectar in this concoction. (I know she didn't, but it smells that real!) This body polish has sea salt, honey and vitamin E to soothe away the worries of the day. Also with Sunflower oil and Grapeseed oil this scrub is a tad more moisturizing than the city slicker scrub because of the honey. That's the perfect way to end the day out in the wilds of the cubical farm while trying to hide from Ronnie, the creepy sales guy that always wants to talk about the Boston Red Sox because you mistakenly mentioned you rooted for them in the World
Series...once. Yikes.

Farmer Person Scrub

City Slicker Scrub

As with most scrubs these are best used AFTER you have used your body wash. Scoop out a small palm full for your body and start scrubbin! Now I will say that the City Slicker scrub is a drier consistency than the Farmer Person Scrub. When I e-mailed the owner abut that fact she confirmed that the City Slicker and the Farmer Person scrubs have the same amount of oil but the Farmer Person also has honey in it which make it more moist. So the Farmer Person is a bit more moisturizing and has the added skin conditioning properties of the honey. Rinse off the scrub and you see the little beads of water on your arms and legs. You feel the rich oils moisturizing your skin and the scent is matter which scrub you use. The fragrance isn't overpowering either. It's very light and does not interfere with my perfume of the day.

Do you NEED this? Well if you love salt scrubs, sure! The Farmer Person scrub is really my favorite. I think I'll end up buying a large size of that one when I run out of my smaller size. I am also interested in the lip balm...however the website isn't set up as well as I would like and when I clicked on the products page I didn't see the lip balm. It wasn't on the product page but under another link. on the home page. Maybe better organization for the website would benefit sales, but it's a small business and the website is informative so I guess it isn't that bad to explore a little. Oh I'm also buying a jar of the honey too! YUM!

Grubby Girl products can be purchased through the Grubby Girl website ( or at select boutiques found on the LOCATIONS page on the Grubby Girl website.


  1. Thank You for your wonderful comments! I am so glad you are enjoying the scrubs. I was thinking of a packaging change for the larger size (same screw top as the smaller). And now I know I must further investigate waterproof labels! I appreciate the tip on the lip balm and will work on improving the website. Happy Holidays!

  2. Dude, I'm on a hunt for scrubs right now! Thanks for sharing! :D


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