Friday, December 18, 2009

Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Cream Eye Shadows

A while back I entered a giveaway on the Lancome Blog for any one item from the Lancome Holiday 2009 Color Cosmetics collection. Well lo and behold I won. Honestly I was shocked because I hardly ever win anything. But this time it was the cosmetics jackpot. I won the Lancome Holiday Eyeshadow & Blush Palette in Plum Irresistible. I was stoked. (Review on that to come next week) But what I didn't expect is getting three very generous extras along with the palette. I received all three of the Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Cream Eye Shadows! Yes that's right! I also received Haute Smoke, Pink Lace AND Garter Belt!

Let me tell you a little bit about these shadows and then I'll go into the colors. First of all I must disclose that I am not a huge fan of cream eye shadows. I think I want them, but then when I get them I realize I really just prefer powder shadows because they are easier to blend and manipulate. But once I have my hands on a cream shadow that dries to a powdery finish well, then I start to get a little giddy! You see, much like my favorite cream shadow by MeMeMe! Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Cream shadows apply nice and creamy and then dry down to a budge proof powder finish. Honestly. I put on pink lace all over and wore it for an entire day and this cream shadow did not move, fade or crease. Not one bit! Now that's what I call Long Wear. The cream shadow can take a little while to dry so you do have some time to blend with with another shadow or fade it up your lid before it dries, but once it is set, it's set. I find these superior to MAC paints only because they are a little more creamy and I like the brush applicator. HOWEVER. I do miss the old design of the Lancome Color Design cream shadows that did come in a tube. You could be assured you got ever last drop of product out of it. Trust me, I doubt I would ever finish a cream shadow, but if I did, I would like it to come in a tube. But that's neither here nor there. Unlike the MeMeMe! cream shadow the Lancome applicator is a brush and I find a brush far more superior than that of a doe foot when applying cream shadow. So I'll overlook the lack of tube and give Lancome props for the brush! Oh did I mention that these shadows are insanely pigmented? Seriously. A little goes a long, long way. I LOVE that.

OK. Let's talk about the colors shall we? They only have three right now. Hopefully Lancome will produce more once they realize what a awesome product they have on their hands.

Pink Lace is a very light warm pink. It's white based and makes an excellent highlight color as well as a brightener on the inner eye area. It has some sparkle in the form of pink and silver shimmer and has a pearl like finish. I wore this all over as a wash one day with my LancomeArtliner in Noir winged liner and deep red lips. It was a knock out! It's a great alternative to the classic champagne color I usually wear when doing a red lip. I didn't find the shimmer too over the top at all and it was subtle enough for day wear but striking enough for a casual evening.

Garter Belt is a deep dark maroon/burgundy. It's also on the warm side. Red and gold shimmer give this dramatic shadow shimmer and an almost metallic quality. Now I don't know about you, but it takes a special kind of woman to pull off this color. I am not that woman. But Joeybunny is, so I'm sending it to her. I will say that you can apply this shadow lightly and blend it out. It sheers out nicely and would make a dramatic crease color for a lovely evening eye. You could do this a bit heavier for the night time, pair it with Lancome Oscillation Mascara in Sparkle Gold Top Coat, go out to a club, dance your butt off and you eyes would look as fresh as they did when you walked in...if only Lancome could make deodorant as reliable!

I have saved, what I believe, the best for last. Haute Smoke. Not HOT but Haute. Fashionable, High End, Call it what you will but Haute Smoke is HAWT! This TAUPE cream shadow is also on the warm side. It has bronze and gold shimmer to also give a semi metallic finish. I must warn you that in the tube it looks a lot warmer than it does on the eye. You want a day time smokey eye? Pair Haute Smoke with a deep brown liner line Lancome art liner in Brun Mystere and concentrate the Haute Smoke shadow on the lid of your eye and don't go past the crease too much. Want to vamp it up for evening? Replace the brown liner with black and maybe a little bit of gold shimmer on the brow bone and you are sex on wheels! Seriously. It's an awesome cream taupe shadow and one of the nicest warm taupes I have seen in a long while. Aside from the holidays I can see Haute smoke paired with turquoise or used as a liner with peach on the lid for a fab summer/warm weather eye too. So, as you are getting ready to jet off to the tropics for your winter vacation pack this little baby and you will be set for fun in the sun too (please note I am not claiming that this shadow is waterproof, but do you really want to ruin that Marc Jacobs Bikini in salt water?) OK? OK. Don't forget to send me a post card because I'm gonna be stuck here in the arctic tundra. That's OK tho. Sweaters hide my pudge.

So the eternal question. Do you NEED this? Well since I'm not your typical cream shadow consumer and I rarely if ever wear them, except when I'm in a hurry and have 5 min to do my face. $22 USD is a bit on the high side but I think that Pink Lace, Garter Belt and Haute Smoke are colors that are unique and/or versatile enough to warrant a purchase of one or two. If I had been given the opportunity to purchase this instead of being given them as a gift I still would have purchased Haute Smoke (I was planning on purchasing it after seeing KarlaSugar's swatches on TNBTTGSY) and I might have caved on Pink Lace. So yes. You do need at least one of these! After all it's TAUPE! TAUPE ladies! TAUPE is the word.


  1. Cindy (Prime Beauty)December 18, 2009 at 10:32 AM

    GAH! You are so lucky! I won a Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara awhile back. I wanted the Plum Irrestible palette so I am dying to hear your review. Sounds like I need Pink Lace and Haute Smoke too--argggg.

  2. Oh my gosh I WANT Haute Smoke... swatched it in the store last week and had almost put it out of my mind, and then this post comes along and I'm all "must go back to Macy's!"

  3. Wow! What an awesome review--I want Haute Smoke now LOL. Seriously, there is no such thing as "too many taupes!" Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Congratulations on winning! And it's awesome they sent you these extras. I've never tried a cream shadow before, but these seem really awesome, especially Pink Lace. Thanks for the review!

  5. Ohh, grats on winning! Those look really nice.

  6. what an awesome prize! You are starting to get me into Lancome again. The last time I was a die hard fan I was in high school and I thought I was HOT SH*T cuz all I wore was Lancome - the key word is 'thought' and the year was 1990! I miss those Isabella Rosselinni ads!

    I'm going to have to peep this out next time I go to Macy's or Nordstrom. Thanks!

  7. I love your obsesion w/ taupe... b/c of you that I cam getting quite obsessed myself!

  8. Now your review is making me lem the MeMeMe cream shadow...I see it all the time but I've always resisted buying it...You're horrible! :P

  9. Fantastic review! I loved the sound of Haute Smoke, I might cave on Lancome after what seems like ages. Good thing that this collection releases next spring here, lots of time to save up!
    LOL at Lancome making a long-wearing deodorant...though...Lancome, read this! =D


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