Monday, December 28, 2009

Lancome The Holiday Eye Shadow & Blush Palette in Plum Irresistible

If you still have some Holiday money burning a hole in your pocket I highly suggest you head to your local Lancome counter or Lancome Website and pick up The Holiday Eye Shadow & Blush Palette in Plum Irresistible. Just so you all know I entered a contest a month ago on the Lancome Blog and I won this palette along with 3 cream eye shadows that I reviewed here, but had I not won that contest I still would have purchased this palette. The second I saw the swatches featured on Karla Sugar's blog I knew I had to have it.

Not only does this palette have 6 beautiful shades of eye shadows but of those 6 shadows, 2 are stunning plummy taupes! TAUPES! Yes. TAUPE! Of course the palette has taupe in it. How could I even gush over an eye shadow palette that doesn't right?

The palette itself is small. Probably 4" bx 2 1/2" maybe. But the palette is well stocked. The soft purple plastic top feels padded and it has a hefty weight. It does not look or feel cheap in any way. I like that. The ample mirror on the interior is great for using to apply a full face of makeup, should you choose. The palette contains one brush, which I find fairly useless, but some people may like it.

The blush is called Shimmer Violet Sunrise. It has gold shimmer in it and a deep plum color. It is VERY pigmented. It looks OK on Fair complexions if applied with a light hand using a fan brush or small skunk brush but I think this color really would be a knock out on darker skin tones. The blush is oil free and seems to last well throughout the day. The color is unique and flattering and I almost think I might reach for it on days when I don't even wear the eye shadows from the palette. Yep. It's that pretty.

The eye shadows are a really nice combination. I can honestly see myself wearing every single shade. That's not an easy feat when a palette contains more then 4 colors AND a pink eye shadow. Yes. I can even wear the PINK shadow. Who knew?
OK. From Left to right here are the colors.

Top Row:
Rapturous (Shimmer) - A plummy pink, almost metallic frost with silver shimmer.
Seductive Gaze (Matte) - A plummy mid toned chocolate brown.

Magnificent (Sheen) - TAUPE. A light brownish taupe with a slight frost to it.

Bottom Row:
Captivating (Sheen) - TAUPE! A warm brown taupe with leanings toward copper. Also a slight frost finish.
Diva Shimmer (Shimmer) - A pretty champagne white with slight gold and silver shimmer.

Entrancing (Shimmer) - A lovely deep plum with chunky silver glitter that has a low fallout rate.

All the shadows are well pigmented and they last well with a primer. I think the shadows are on the soft side but not as soft as Stila shadows. They are not very powdery (which is a good thing) so there isn't much fall out when you apply them. (also a good thing)

Now some may disagree with me but I find this palette, despite the Plum title, to be on the warm side. I think those with cool complexions may not find this as flattering as those with neutral to warm complexions. I also think that those with darker skin tones might find this palette even more to their liking.

The cost of this palette is $39.50 and honestly I think this is a good deal. I still would have spent the money had I not won the palette. You get 6 Shadows and a pretty blush. That's a deal! You could take this for a weekend trip and not have to worry about any other shadows or blush. Use with a plum liner or brown or black and you are set. The palette is versatile enough to take you from day to evening very well. It's small enough to fit in your purse for a touch up (should you need it) or just in case that cute guy in Business Development whisks you away to Aspen for the weekend. (hey, it could happen to someone right?)


  1. Wow, congratulations!

    Beautiful swatches too - thanks for sharing! I was so, so tempted to get one of these palettes for my mom... but she doesn't wear eyeshadow LOL...

  2. Blah I want it. Wannit so baaaad lol but I can't get it. Spent too much already! =D

  3. Wow this palette is beautiful! I really love the Diva shadow..


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