Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thursday Poll - by Joeybunny!

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone - and Happy 2010 to those non-US readers! I’m excited to be in charge of today’s Thursday Poll, because I have always wanted to bug you all with a bunch of questions. Ha!

I’ve been pretty contemplative this past week. Today is the end of the year, and the end of the 2000s. It has been a pretty unbelievable (both unbelievably good and unbelievably bad) decade for the world, and for myself, and I’m sure for you all as well. At this time ten years ago I was home waiting for the world to end with my parents (remember the Y2K scare?). We were actually pretty convinced that something large would happen, and my parents stocked up on canned goods and ramen and boxed milk. How terrible, right? I remember being horrifically disappointed that planes weren’t falling out of the sky and aliens weren’t taking over the world. I think my parents were a little disappointed too. We ended up having a balloon fight. Good times!

This year I’ll be drunk somewhere, sobbing while I reminisce over all the things that I have lost and gained over the past decade. I mean, in the past ten years I’ve graduated from middle school, high school, and college. I’ve fallen in and out of love many times (huge SIGH). I’ve gone from wearing just Dermablend over my surgery scars to wearing a full face of Bergdorf Goodman’s most exclusive brands. Hell, I’ve gone from Love’s Baby Soft to Bond No. 9 New Haarlem! I mean, things have really changed and even though I studied existentialism extensively while at NYU, the fact that nothing can ever really stay the same never fails to shock me - and I always feel that shock the most deeply on New Year’s Eve. Thank goodness this is a huge alcohol-centric holiday! We can all use a drink after this downer of a post I just wrote.

Now, onto the poll:
1) What are your New Year’s Eve plans?: I’ll be at my best girlfriend’s apartment. We’re making dinner and watching the ball drop on TV. Oh, and we’re going to be popping bottles of champagne and beer all night - the past year has been ridiculously turbulent for the both of us, and we already know we’re going to spend the better part of it crying and hoping that 2010 treats us a lot better.

2) Do you have a special FOTD planned for New Year’s?: Not yet, but I know that whatever makeup look I do will be heavy on the eyes and lips, and majorly sparkly. I’m thinking about red lips and gold eyes, or silver eyes and plum lips. Not sure yet!

3)What were your top ten products of 2009 (or at the very least, one or two of your top products of the year)?: Oh wow, ok let’s see...(in no particular order), here's my list!
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance: After a few years of using ArtDeco base, it stopped working for me. I mailed my backup to Elvira, and went to Sephora to buy this. I couldn’t be happier with its performance.
  • Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2: Just check out my old review. I am just as smitten with this palette now as I was then! It requires me to not have to think about what eyeshadows to slap on my lids when I'm in a rush.
  • Bobbi Brown Bash eye shadow: Elvira reviewed this a while back. I purchased it before she did and I liked it a lot more than she did. In fact, I love this eyeshadow - it makes the perfect liner.
  • Edward Bess: I reviewed Dusk eyeshadow and Night Romance lipstick a few weeks ago, and now that I own a lot more of the line - almost all the shadows, a couple of lipsticks, a gloss, and a highlighter - I can safely say Edward Bess lives up to the hype. Elegant, luxe, and classic; his products are true staples in my makeup wardrobe.
  • Paul and Joe Creamy Powder Compact foundation: 2009 brought me my Holy Grail foundation, and this is it. I’ve always been a fan of cream-to-powder foundations, and this one does not disappoint. It has SPF15, it is a perfect color match (I wear #40), and it doesn’t melt off. This foundation blends like a dream and is just so darn cute you can’t help but love it.
  • MAC 252 and 242 brushes: I’m not entirely sure how I managed to live - or at least apply bright eyeshadows or loose eyeshadows - before I bought these brushes. There’s something about the bristles on these brushes that allow for a more precise placement of color.
  • Fyrinnae eyeshadows: Simply gorgeous, and I’m still mad at myself for being so behind on this brand. Their neutrals are truly exquisite.
  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy: Genius because it makes all of my glitterbomb eyeshadows wearable. I can finally wear Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy! Wheee!
  • Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges: I discovered these early this year and collected quite a few. They are so easy to use, easy to blend (even over powder), and they work just as well on my lips as they do on my cheeks. My favorite is Velvet Plum.
  • NARS Taiga eyeshadow duo: From the Holiday 2009 collection, Taiga is the most perfect white-gold and pewtery-green duo ever. I get sultry eyes in a minute, and when paired with Bobbi Brown Bash as liner, I look sexy as hell.
4) Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?: Mine are: pay off as much of my student loan debt as possible, eat healthier because I fear for my arteries, take a real vacation (as in, leave NYC), and stop dating stupid, jerky men. Oh, and to finally get real storage for my makeup!

5) What’s your drink of choice on New Year’s?: I’ll drink anything that even remotely resembles an alcoholic beverage. I am partial to Veuve Cliquot though.


  1. I love polls :) Josie - you are so cute and you are still a baby! But you've accomplished a lot, it's incredible how much us women change in our 20's. A decade ago, I graduated from high school - that makes me feel old now.

    1) What are your New Year’s Eve plans?: The plan was to go watch fireworks, but it's cold and rainy, so I'm not exactly sure if those are still our plans. DH and I are pretty low key for NYE. Last year we fell asleep on our couches before midnight, lol. We were so sad we missed the countdown.

    2) Do you have a special FOTD planned for New Year’s?: No. In my mind it would be something spectacularly gorgeous, but I rarely plan in advance which is something I should work on. It usually just ends up being very natural looking.

    3)What were your top ten products of 2009 (or at the very least, one or two of your top products of the year)?:
    * Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara
    * Armani Eyes to Kill Palettes
    * Edward Bess Daydream Bronzer
    * Everything else Edward Bess
    * Nars Essential and Pleasure of Paris Eyeshadow Palettes
    * Bobbi Brown Pewter Metallic e/s
    * Stila Black Cat Smudgepot
    * Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation (my HG)
    * Discovery of Paul & Joe, especially the lip lacquers
    * Discovery of D&G, love their eyeshadow quads

    4) Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?: Eat less, stress less, shop less, exercise more.

    5) What’s your drink of choice on New Year’s?: No idea, I just drink what my DH has b/c unfortunately I know nothing about alcohol.

    Happy NYE to you!

  2. Happy New Years!

    1) What are your New Year’s Eve plans?: Hubby and I are going to stay home with our kittehs and eat the most amazing sushi!

    2) Do you have a special FOTD planned for New Year’s?: Nothing planned yet, but I did do my nails.

    3)What were your top ten products of 2009 (or at the very least, one or two of your top products of the year)?: Hmmm, not sure I discovered anything really amazing. I do love my Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara and I usually hate drugstore mascara.

    4) Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?: BUY LESS STUFF!

    5) What’s your drink of choice on New Year’s?: Champagne. Yum :)

  3. Dearest Joeybunny,
    Momma J here, posting from her IPhone.
    Well New Years Eve will be spent lounging in my
    jammies and watching the ball drop on TV.
    The weather is foul here and New Years eve is
    amatuer night.

    My ten products, don't know that I have 10
    but I'll try;
    1. Bobbi Brown Rose Garden lippie, perfect MLBB
    2. Bobbi Brown Earth Metal palette
    3. Benefit Sugarbomb, perfect glowy cheeks
    4. MAC Blot Powder
    5. NYX Eyeshadow Palettes
    6. L'Oreal Linuer Intense Pencil
    7. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer
    8. Boots #9 Eye Makeup Remover (cheap
    and only 3 ingredients)
    9. Benefit Where There's Smoke E/S ( I had
    to have one taupe shadow in here)
    10. Nuetrogena Age Intensives Night Repair
    (this has Retinol and just makes me look
    Yay! Made it to ten items!!!!!!

    FOTDfor New Years? Unknown, don't know
    where I may go or what I may do at this point

    Drink of Choice? Wine, preferably White Zifandel
    my palette is extremely unsophisticated.

  4. YAY! A poll from my beloved Joeybunny! 10 years is long time. Just 10 years and 19 days I met Mr. Sith for the first time. We have been together ever since. Meeting Mr. Sith and having Darthypie are the best things that ever happened in this past decade. The rest is too terrible to talk about and I don't like to get too personal.

    1) My NYE plans are nothing. Mr. Sith has to be at work at 4am so he will be asleep. I'll probably be finishing up the graphic novel series of Strangers In Paradise while I freeze in bed. Mr. Sith likes to sleep in an arctic tundra.

    2. My FOTD is going to be some Retin-A Micro, Fresh Soy Face Moisturizer, Borba Eye cream and Yu-Be Lip Balm.

    3. Top Ten? Ugh. I have a post for my top 10 Taupes of 2009 but that will be tomorrow. So for now I have to say:
    10) Art Deco e/s base. Works for me, but I still think TFSI might be better.
    9) Chanel Joues Contraste Blush. Any and all colors.
    8) China Glaze Nail Polish - Any & All colors
    7) Fresh Soy Face Cream. Great moisturizer for not a lot of money
    6) Sponge Rose & Sage Cream. Another great moisturizer for a hell of a lot of money
    5) La mer Loose Powder. The only La Mer item I have and the powder will last me about 3 years. Seriously. It's that perfectly milled and ample.
    4) MUFE HD Powder. Yes. Silica powder and I'm sure you can find a less expensive dupe, but I love this stuff so I have no need to stray.
    3) Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks. Insanely priced but quite possibly the best lipstick I have ever worn...ever.
    2) Fyrinnae eye shadows. Forgive me for not trying them sooner and thinking they were a bunch of MMORPG geeks selling pigments. I love Fyrinnae the bestest!
    1) Chanel Noir Lame Cake Liner. I adore cake eyeliners and Chanel makes the best out there. This liner will last me 10 years at least. It's perfectly black, wear like iron and is easy to apply. The best of everything.

    4) New Years Resolutions? I don't make them.

    5) Drink of Choice for NYE if I ever celebrate it is Champagne. But I am leaning towards Prosecco this year. I think I have a bottle in the fridge.

    Happy New Years everyone!

  5. 1) What are your New Year’s Eve plans?: I will be at home with my mom and aunt, watching movies and playing with the puppy and the cats. I refuse to go out.

    2) Do you have a special FOTD planned for New Year’s?: I get off at 3 and plan to be in my pajamas with a clean face by 5 at the latest!

    3)What were your top ten products of 2009
    1. MAC Russian Red
    2. MAC Perfect Topping MSF
    3. Stila Kitten e/s (not discovered in 2009, but it's my HG of HGs)
    4. Lancome Benghal perfume
    5. UD 24/7 liner in Stash
    6. TheBalm Down Boy blush
    7. Laura Mercier Topaz e/s
    8. CD Elegante quint
    9. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara
    10. Maybelline Mousse Concealer

    4) Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?: Improve my job situation- either with the work enviroment or by finding a new job. Lose a few pounds by my 10 year reunion. Stop my emotional spending. SEE JOEY WHEN I'M IN NEW YORK IN FEBRUARY!!!

    5) What’s your drink of choice on New Year’s?: Probably Dr. Pepper, honestly. Or water. I'm almost just...tired of drinking.

    <3 Marley

  6. aw i graduated middle school and high school too this past decade..but still have 2+ years of college yet :P
    1) What are your New Year’s Eve plans?
    probably going to hang out with my bestest friend before she leaves to study abroad in london (any ideas of stuff for me to ask her to bring back??)

    2) Do you have a special FOTD planned for New Year’s?
    no but i'm sure it will include red lips since the bf is gone and he hates lippies :P

    3)What were your top ten products of 2009 (or at the very least, one or two of your top products of the year)?
    1. diorskin nude concealer: perfect for undereyes and covering my small patch of psoriasis on my forehead without making it look flaky like all other concealers do :D
    2. cargo yukon es. looks awesome with my blue/gray/green eyes
    3. chanel glossimer in spark. i'm in love with reddish glosses and this one is awesome
    4. stila cc in peony. perfect nudish color
    5. laura mercier kohl liner in brown copper. such a gorgeous brown.
    6. opi my chihuahua bites. awesome corally color...and my dads chihuahua did bite me..on the i made him buy me this color :P
    7. misa hot people like you. such a glowy hot pink np. i've worn this like 4 times which is amazing considering i own probably 180 np
    8. armani eyes to kill mascara. i got a sample of this with my armani ff order and its awesome. so sad its so expensive though :(
    9. armani lipsticks. i have such dry lips and these make them feel nice and moisturized
    10. co bigelow mentha lip shines, specifically frosty peppermint. they impart just a hint of shimmer, major glossiness, and are soo moisturizing. i have like 6 of them stocked up(well it helps that i worked at bbw senior year of hs)
    ok that was a lot harder than it looked :P

    4) Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?: get back into excercising(being a bio major is no longer an excuse to skip the gym), learn how to better manage my stress
    5) What’s your drink of choice on New Year’s?:i have noo idea...


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