Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Poll

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Thursday again? It seems like just yesterday I was sharing my trials and tribulations with the feral cat in our back yard. Situation unchanged at the moment and I'm getting kinda annoyed that NONE of the shelters have called or e-mailed me back. WTF? I know it's "kitten season" and they are busy but I don't have the $$ to spay a feral cat on my own...let alone care for 2 new kittens. I still have my own cat...Trauma. Yes. His name is Trauma. He's going to be 18 in July. He may or may not have a slipped disk or spinal cancer...either way, some anti inflammatory steroids are doing the job and I'm not getting a CAT scan (lol) for my 18 y.o. cat. He is happy, gets around well and is not in pain. I think he's too stubborn to die (to be quite honest), which is fine by me. But what reminds me most about my cat Trauma turning 18 is that my loverly niece (My brother's daughter) is turning 18 in August. She has grown up to be quite a beautiful woman. She doesn't know about my blog or that I have a facebook page. For some reason I am embarrassed about my own family knowing about this blog. I think they will find it frivolous or silly or a waste of time. It's sad really. I tried so hard to get her into makeup. I bought her $100 worth of makeup from Sephora once...I even gave her my NARS Orgasm blush (Removed the label so her mom wouldn't have a conniption fit at the name) and I find that all that money and makeup went unused. Probably her moms doing. Her mom seems very anti makeup....yet another reason to avoid telling my family about this blog. Shhh. You all can keep a secret right? On to the poll!

1. Lip Of The Day? - Lancome Pixel Pink. I forget how much I love the formula of this lipstick. I think I wear it once every 3 months. I really need to wear this cool pink more often

2. I try never to be seen without wearing _______. - Mascara and the minimum...I usually never leave the house without a full face on...but that's just me.

3. What move will you see next? What did you last see? - I can't remember the last movie I saw. It's been that long. But I plan to see Terminator this weekend. ::Sigh:: Christian Bale is soooo dreamy. I don't care if he is a bit crazy and has anger issues. I only need to look at him. I don't need to live with him!

4. last lipstick/gloss and fragrance you bought? - Last gloss I purchased was Chanel Bel Air glossimer. Expect a review soon! It is LOVE!. and Last fragrance I bought was a bon bon (as they like to call them - I call it a sample) of Bond No 9 New York The Scent of Peace. It is TO DIE FOR. I think this will be my birthday splurge perfume. Last year was Lancome Mille Et Une Roses.

5. Longest you ever went without sleep? - I went almost 2 days when I was traveling across Europe via train. We woke up early to do some site seeing in Berlin...only to find that there was no hot water in hour hotel (a hold over form the cold war it looked like a communist housing development) and that the clerk had misunderstood and told us we HAD to check out that afternoon! So we trekked around Berlin with all our gear and saw some awesome stuff. We left Berlin at night to head to Prague. We didn't make reservations for the train we just hopped on the next one going to Prague and all the coaches with seats were taken so we basically hung out in the hallways and between cars...near the bathroom. We met some German punks that didn't speak any English (we didn't speak any German) and smoked cigarettes and drank together the entire trip. When we finally got to Prague we were delighted that the exchange rate was in our favor and found one of the nicest hotels we could and crashed for 5 hours before we explored the city...which was amazing by the way!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Purchase - Yves Saint Laurent Lip Twin - A gadget lover's perfect lip!

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As ostentatious as the Guerlain G lipstick is, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Lip Twins are on the same par. A gadget lover’s dream (ah hem.. that would be me) This Lip Twin by YSL is a dream come true. It’s a gloss, it’s a lipstick, it’s a lip brush and mirror all in one! Yup. Completely unnecessary lip product. (CULP). This has “PINK SITH” written all over it don’t cha think?

So YSL had this super idea to have a lipstick and gloss all in one and solve the awful lip palette problem by putting the products in a tube that rotated with a lip brush. I really don’t have a whole lot to say about this item other than it is a ridiculous item, but it was such a nice color combination I had to get it. Pink and beige together are my favorite colors….next to red and red.

I picked up this little item on ebay for a whopping $9.99. Grated the lipstick retails for $32.00 and oh yeah, they discontinued it…but you can still find a lot of them on evilbay or at . You just have to be patient if you are looking for a specific color combination.

From what I gather, the color combinations are the following:
#01 – Sparkling Beige (clear gloss and beige lipstick)
#02 – Purple Beige (sheer plum gloss and beige lipstick)
#03 – Pink Beige (hot pink gloss and beige lipstick)
#04 – Carmine Beige (hot red gloss and beige lipstick)
#05 – Coral Harmony (coral gloss and a beige-coral lipstick)
#06 – Pink Harmony (warm pink gloss and a warm pink lipstick)
#08 – Brown Harmony (beige gloss and a light brown lipstick)
#09 – Fuchsia Orange (hot fuchsia gloss and a orange lipstick)
#10 – Blackcurrant Rose (light pink gloss and deep berry lipstick)
#11 – Red Cristal (clear gloss and a red lipstick)
#12 – Raspberry Violet (purple gloss and a berry lipstick)

OK. Now I have not seen all of these in person and only remember seeing them in stores last fall ….I think, so don’t hold me to the exact color descriptions.

As far as the product is concerned, it’s actually pretty nice for a CULP. It has a scent to it, but I can’t describe what it is. Sorry I’m bad at that. It’s not offensive or overpowering though. It seems to have no taste to it so, YAY! The lipstick portion (beige) is harder than most palette form lipsticks
and the gloss (hot pink) portion it softer than most palette versions so you need to take care when using the brush (that is neatly stored inside the case) as to not to apply too much pressure or you’ll make a dent in the gloss.

You move between the 2 products by twisting the top. There is a little mirror in between the two lip products so you can see yourself putting on the items. The beige lipstick alone is OK but when paired with the pink gloss you are given a perfect my lips but better neutral lip that is to die for. Oh and it lasts quite a long time too. It comes off on your cup but normal wear time seems longer than the average lipstick/gloss combination.

The packaging is the usual garish gold metal signature of YSL. But the lip brush tip (That holds the YSL logo) is plastic. A little disappointing, but I suppose having the whole thing be made out of metal might make it a bit heavy. It’s a hefty weight and the size is larger than most lipsticks so it will not fit in a traditional lipstick carrier. I believe it comes with a little velvet pouch, which, if you do get one of these I recommend you using as the lip products are not sealed off when the mirror is showing…so any dust in your pocket or pocketbook may travel to the actual product making a dusty sticky mess.

Do you need this? No-ish. OK. That’s not a word. I know that. The YSL Lip Twin is cute if you love gadgets, yes…but it’s not a must have…certainly not for the retail price…but if you are fortunate to snag one off of evilbay for under $15, YAY! It’s fun and it a bit of an attention getter…so why not just go for it?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Purchase - Guest Reviewer Joeybunny - Laura Mercier Eye Mosaic and MAC 's lame Style Warriors color story

Hi again faithful Pink Sith readers! Once again I have come to bring you another (somewhat) hilarious and (hopefully) informative review. Originally this was meant to be a review of MAC’s latest color story, a collection laughingly called Style Warriors.

Well, I saw it today and it’s more like (HUGE BLOODY LACK OF) Style Warriors. I mean, really now MAC – it’s been about 3 years (in my humble opinion) since your company has released a spectacular color story. Get on the creative train, people! The eye shadows were garish and chalky, the lip colors were garish and unwearable, and the bronzers were pure orange. Sheesh. I forgot my B2M (I was going to get Patina eye shadow), so all I ended up with is the famed 224. This damn brush better be life-changing.

So, moral of Joey’s story is: MAC needs to step their game up, for real. I used to be known on MUA for my love of all things MAC. Now I’m just the chick on MUA who screams “DO NOT BUY!!!” every time someone asks for a MAC recommendation. Meh.

So does this sad sob story have a point? YES. After that ill-fated trip to WAC (a M upside down is a W, and honestly, MAC really is wack at this point…), I ventured into a Sephora and lo and behold I saw this gorgeous gem of an eye shadow palette:

I apologize for the stupid glare on the eye shadow. This gorgeous gem of a palette (called Sahara Sun Eye Mosaic) is from the Laura Mercier summer collection, Moroccan something or another. Who cares about semantics when the product is THIS lovely?
I mean, just look at the swatches! :

Starting from the top, we have a gorgeous orangey-bronze, a pretty champagne-gold, a simply stunning rose color, and a dramatic khaki green. They’re all silky smooth and shimmery and RIDICULOUSLY PIGMENTED, people! These colors are definitely for those who prefer a warmer-toned eye shadow (the top color does seem like it would be hard to pull off for those who are cool).

For those who are cooler-toned, there’s an equally gorgeous blue version of this palette that I think I may also need.

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This palette costs $35 and honestly is worth every cent. I cannot wait to figure out all the pretty looks I can do with this thing!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Poll

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Poop. It's not often that I get to talk about poop twice in one week on my blog. Yup, I have bypassed the goat poop and moved on to dog poop. My doggie Floyd has taken to pooping inside. He has a doggy door to go out in the back yard during the day. Normally he goes out there to poop. Well now he refuses to go out the door. Why? Because a feral cat has decided for the 2nd year in a row to raise her kittens in our back yard. We have a pile of wood (from building our fence) and a tarp, and it seems that made the perfect little shelter for her and her kittens. This year there were only 2, last year she had 4. Floyd started pooping inside last year but stopped after she left. we didn't put 2 and 2 together until this year. He's afraid of the cat. She hisses and tries to attack him when he goes outside. Poor doggie. I have called numerous animal welfare groups where I live, sent countless e-mails all to no avail. Not even a phone call back or an e-mail. I am just asking to see if they will allow me to trap her and get her spayed so she doesn't come back again next year. I want to find the kittens a home. She's a lost cause I think. She's terrified of people and runs away if you try to approach. Her kittens are also very skittish, but they are young, the could learn to like people. Sigh. If anything, this rant is about responsible pet ownership. If you have a dog or cat have him or her spayed or neutered. Please. One fertile female cat could have up to 80 kittens in her lifetime. And those kittens grow up to have more kittens and so on and so forth. I'm back to cleaning up poop and grateful that even though he does go in the house it's not all the time (because he gets regular walks) and it's always on the tile and not the carpet....I have to find something positive right? On to the poop...uh I mean poll.

1. Blush Of The Day?
- Chanel In Love JC
. It's gonna be my go to summer blush. It's pure peachy goodness!

2. If you could create your own miracle Makeup Item (Not skincare or hair care), what would it be?
- The most perfect flawless foundation. It covers pores, conceals, it a perfect skin tone match, does not melt off, does not break me out, looks like real skin and does not cost a fortune!

3. What is your favorite cocktail? - Dirty Effen Vodka Martini. (Effen is the brand name of the vodka!) I also like to have at least 2 olives (3 is better) stuffed w/ blue cheese or not stuffed is fine. And not too dirty. I don't want the entire jar of olive juice in my martini. Now I really want a drink YUMMMMM!

4. How many beauty products does it take to get you ready? Exact numbers!!
- 17 including deodorant!! and 4 different eye shadows count as 1 item. LOL I am really high maintenance! Yikes!

5. If you HAD TO reduce your stash to only 3 lip glosses which would they be? (Thankfully this is just a hypothetical question. It's a scary thought!)
- Chanel Glossimer in Wild Rose, Chanel Glossimer in Constellation, and Dior Creme de Gloss in Fig Nectar.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Purchase - MoroccanOil. – Moroccan Oil for the hair. Here’s the straight poop

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Recently there has been a lot of hype about this new “miracle” hair oil. MoroccanOil Treatment. It apparently imparts a lot of shine, makes your hair silky and basically does your dishes and folds your laundry. Who wouldn’t want silky soft shiny hair? I know I did. I did something I normally don’t do. I purchased this based on the hype without doing my research. Well my friends. Let me be the first or 2nd or 10th to say that this MoroccanOil is pure bullsh*t. Well actually goat sh*t.

OK. Let’s start from the beginning.

The MoroccanOil Treatment is said to contain the legendary Argan Oil. If you have never heard of Argan oil, it is explained here in Wikipedia. Argan oil is produced from the kernels of argan tree fruit. These trees only grow in a few regions, like Morocco, so this oil is one of the rarest in the world due the small supply and the limited growing area - hence the high price and the hype. Argan oil is a legendary oil that is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Argan oil is said to have many treatment benefits, including hydrating skin, it allegedly has anti aging properties and has been rumored to be good for toning and firming. It is also believed to help with various skin conditions including acne.

Normally the oil is produced by first stripping the soft pulp from the nuts. Then they are cured in the sun. The nuts are cracked open and the seeds removed. They roast the seeds add water and grind the nuts into a thick paste. The paste is then squeezed and the oil is extracted.


There is documentation that there is another way to produce this oil. The breaking of the nut shells is labor intensive. And like good humans that we all are, we always look for a way to make things easier. In come the goats. The Moroccans found that it is easier to have the goats to eat the fruit from the Argan tree, wait for the seeds pass through the goat’s digestive track, and collect the now softer, partially digested seed from the er…um…other end. The digested seeds are easier to break open but I do believe that the “scent” of the “product” leaves much to be desired. Is it true? Yes. Do most companies use this practice to extract the oils? NO! Don’t worry. The MoroccanOil or Argan oil you put on your face, hair and salad dressing most likely did not come out of a goats butt! I just liked the idea of being able to write about a goat’s poop on my blog!
hee hee! The goats actually climb the tree to get to the fruit. How cute is this?
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Back to the item at hand. Argan oil. That is supposed to be the miracle ingredient in the MorrocanOil hair treatment. Since the actual benefits of Argan oil on the hair are not really proven I can’t say that this stuff will do any good for your hair. I will say that I have looked at the other ingredients of said MoroccanOil and I was VERY disappointed.

Here are the ingredients for MoroccanOil
Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Argania Spinoza Kernel Oil (Aragan Oil), Linseed Extract (Linum Usitatissimum), Fragrance (Supplement), D&C Yellow 11, D&C Red 17, Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Alpha Isomethyl Ionone

OK. The first 3 ingredients are silicone or silicone binding agents.

Cyclopentasiloxane - a binding agent for silicone oils
Dimethicone - Derived from silica (a naturally occurring component of sand and quartz); emollient, water repellent, adds shine to skin and hair.
Cyclomethicone - a silicone oil used in hair and skin care products to impart shine and/or silkiness

The 4th ingredient is fragrance
Butylphenyl Methylpropional - a synthetic fragrance compound.

The 5th ingredient is Argan Oil then some linseed extract and more fragrances & dyes.

Argan oil is so far down on the list that the soft & silky results one might get from using this product, is most likely from the silicones in the first 3 ingredients.

This is basically silicone with a touch of oil and some perfume. What a complete and utter waste of money. You can buy other silicone laden products out there for ½ the cost with the same results.

Oh let’s talk about cost.
MoroccanOil isn’t cheap. 3.4 oz of the product will run you about $32 on
If you can find a smaller bottle, (like I did) 0.85 oz will cost you about $10- $15

Alternatively, pure argan oil runs the gamut in prices. You can buy Josie Moran’s pure argan oil from Sephora for $49 for 1.7 oz

Or you can look online and find etailers that will sell you Argan Oil at $32 for 30 ml
or others that will sell it to you for $28 for 100 ml

But that's neither here nor there. My main point is don’t buy MoroccanOil for your hair. It’s expensive and it’s crap.

Yes, I admit, it did make my hair feel silky. I have used it 4 times so far and each time my hair was silky but not greasy. But I achieved the same results from other silicone products. Plus, silicones aren’t so wonderful for your hair in the first place. Over time, silicones build up on your hair and you need to strip them out. This can be drying to the hair. It makes your hair feel like straw, which makes you want to put silicone in it to get it silky again, which builds up, which needs to be stripped out which …oh you get the point. A vicious circle indeed.

Oh. P.S. Argan oil may be beneficial to the skin, but do not use it if you are sensitive or acne prone. The oil itself is very comedogenic and can cause inflamed acne. FAIL!

Oh and P.P. S. I know some of you are going to disagree with me on this one. That's OK and I'm happy to read your comments.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Press Sample - Kenzoki Barefeet Fantasy Massage Balm - No foot pictures because I love you!

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Memorial Day is fast approaching, and in The US that means the start of summer and summer shoes. That means your feet need to be in awesome shape for all those cute sandals and flip flops. But no matter where you are, it’s never too late to get your feet into great shape. I have awful feet. And because I love you, my readers, so much, I do not plan to show you any pictures of my feet. A few years of being en pointe in ballet and then a few more of running, and then wearing shoes that looked better than felt good, my feet are a travesty. Thankfully I met my husband in the winter and my Doc Matren combat boots covered my hideous secret until after he proposed. (He was trapped by then. HA!)

Anyway, as I was saying, until my hideous feet interrupted, it’s never too late to get your feet into pretty, baby soft, shape. One of the best things to do is get a regular pedicure. Perhaps you may be thinking you don’t want to spend too much money on salon/spa services right now. OK. I get that, and completely understand. The good thing about pedicures is that you can do them at home, if you have the time, tools and patience. Now this post is not going to be an “At home pedicure how to”. No, there are too many articles about that out there. This post is going to show you how to keep that at home, or in spa pedicure lasting longer in between treatments.

How, you may ask?

With KenzoKi Barefeet Fantasy massage balm. Oh. Em. Gee. This stuff is awesome. It’s a super moisturizing foot balm that keeps your rough heels and dry feet in perfect condition. It helps prolong your pedicure by keeping the soles of your feet in tip top moisture retaining shape, while allowing for you or your significant other to use this as a massage balm for tired feet. Hey! It even comes with the cutest foot massage booklet. How awesome is that? Best yet, you don’t need to have a partner to do the massages suggested!

What’s in this Barefeet Fantasy by KenzoKi that makes it so awesome? Shea Butter, for one, shea butter is awesome and a good moisturizer, but even better than that common ingredient, KenzoKi Barefeet Fantasy contains Cupuacu Butter! Cupuacu butter is created from the seeds of the Cupuaçu Tree in Brazil. It’s a creamy and emollient butter which boosts the recovery of skins natural moisture and elasticity. It has been found to be highly beneficial for dry and damaged skin and hair, promoting deep, long lasting hydration. It also has a high water absorption capacity, due to its high phytosterol levels, which makes Cupuaçu an effective alternative to lanolin. Let me tell you, if anything needs moisture, it’s my sad feet. They are so dry and so abused. It’s a wonder that anything can revive them. KenzoKi did it!

The Barefeet Fantasy massage balm is lightly scented. It contains Rice Plant Water which, according to the Kenzo website, “has been shown to reinforce the anti-radical activity of anti-oxidizing agents.”. In Human Speak, it means “It’s good for your skin!” The balm is lightly scented, it’s not overpowering so it won’t interfere with any other body lotion perfumes or any sensitive noses, but the ultra sensitive may want to steer clear as it does contain a fragrance. The balm itself is thick. It has the consistency of butter cream frosting. (Yum! Can you tell I was hungry as I wrote this?) It literally melts into your skin, even those dry rough areas on the soles of your feet and heels. It is not greasy and 5 min after applying I was able to put on my flip flops and walk around without slipping in my shoes or feeling like I had slathered Crisco on my feet. Yea! I gave myself a mini pedicure last night, Microplane, Foot scrub, and the KenzoKi balm and I awoke this morning to soft touchable feet. Usually the next morning, when I do this, my dry heels are already dry again. At least this morning the KenzoKi kept most of my heel area moisturized. I can’t wait to see results after a professional pedicure!

The balm will run you $30 for 2.7 oz. I used a tiny amount for both feet, less than a teaspoon. Right now you can only purchase it from, if you live in the US, but abroad you may have retail outlets that can assist you.

Do you NEED this?
Maybe. It’s a super massage balm, and while it may be on the pricier side of foot balms, it really does seem to do the job and a little goes a long way. Plus it’s not an every day item. More like a 2-3 time a week indulgence. I plan to repurchase once I run out…which I don’t see it doing any time soon. Oh and the top of the container is pink! That’s reason enough right?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Purchase - TheBalm - TimeBomb Concealer. It's great, but is it THE Bomb?

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During my quest to find a suitable substitute for my Cle de Peau concealer. I happened upon TheBalm TimeBomb Concealer. Now to start let me say that I’m a complete germaphobe when it comes to products for my face. I like pump style applicators the most followed by squeeze tubes, but since I overcame my Howard Hughes germaphobe barrier using a stick concealer I figured I could give the TimeBomb a chance, even though it was in a pot. I mean heck, what’s the worst that could happen? It comes with a teeny tiny sponge that fits under the cap. I immediately tossed it because I am a germaphobe and sponges like that harbor all sorts of creepy crawlies that are murder on your skin. Thankfully, my irrational fears did not come to fruition and I didn’t develop some incurable form of MRSA or strange Attack of The Mushroom People (Matango) fungus from using a pot style concealer. The trick is to use a CLEAN concealer brush. Duh! You can use the sponge but I don’t recommend storing it in the product itself.

TheBalm TimeBomb concealer comes in 6 shades. I used the concealer in “Light” which is the second lightest shade, and I found it a very good match to the Cle de Peau in Ivory. (Maybe a tad more pink but nothing too bad.) I happily found that a little goes a long way, just like the Cle de Peau. I was able to successfully cover my blemishes and under eye circles with this concealer and it blended in well. However, I strongly recommend that you use an eye cream under your eyes and moisturized well as I found that TheBalm TimeBomb concealer was a tad too drying for under eyes on its own. One nice part about this concealer is that it won’t feather or settle in to little wrinkles. It does not seem to crease or cake either. Oh, and in a pinch you can use it as an eye base. Yep. It’s that nice!

The best part of this concealer is that it didn’t contribute to breakout and didn’t irritate my skin. It’s never a good thing when a concealer leads to MORE acne. Jeez. That’s the reason I’m using this stuff!

0.25 oz will cost you $18. That’s an excellent price in my book. It performs better than some $30 concealers I have used.

The pot is teensy tiny but like I said a little goes a long way. I doubt I will ever finish the stuff, so I decided to carry it in my everyday makeup bag. This way, if I need it, I can do a quick touch up during the day or before an important meeting. It’s small enough to fit in your pants pocket or purse or whatever you prefer.

Will I abandon my beloved Cle de Peau for TheBalm TimeBomb concealer? NO! Hello! You are talking to a princess here and while I liked TheBomb it wasn’t THE Bomb. Cle de Peau is still be holy grail and a loverly beauty blogger in Canada (The Mighty J) went to a Shiseido warehouse sale, braved throngs of pushy women, a huge line and insane conditions to get me a new concealer. Which, by the way, cost me after mailing fees and packaging, a whopping $26 USD! How could I NOT use it!?

I hope you all try this as a nice alternative to an insanely priced Cle de Peau!

Oh and TheBalm corporation allows employee’s dogs to go to work with them! (Obviously not in the production environment) How cool is that? Read more about TheBalm and it’s products at

I see they have a new foundation. I might have to try that!!! (I’m such a foundation hoor!)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I've Been Tagged! By Ti_Amo View her blog here
So I'll go along with it!
1. Respond and rework: Answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.
2. Tag eight other people.

What is your current obsession? Finding a Cool Brown Metallic/And Or Sparkly Brown Liquid Liner.

What is your weirdest obsession?
Playing Farm Town on Facebook. I have no idea why I play this game! I'm a dork and I need a new Hobby

What are you wearing today?
Black Trouser Jeans, Black & White printed button down shirt and clogs.

What's your favorite comfort food?
Cincinnati Chili with rice, cheese and sour cream.

What would make today special?
If my Husband magically got the day off for Mother's day and I won the lottery.

What would you like to learn to do?
I want to learn how to speak Spanish and how to sew.

What's the last thing you bought?
A Bagel. But MU wise would be Chanel Mystic Eyes Quad.

What are you listening to right now?
Tool. Always Tool.

What is your favorite weather?
68 degrees, sunny and slightly crisp.

What is your most challenging goal right now?
Making ends meet while still being able to support my debilitating makeup addiction,and making sure my son grows up in a healthy and loving household....Oh and keeping the house clean.

What do you think about the person who tagged you?
I actually don't know her all that much. But I like her MU collection a whole lot. LOL.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would it be?, Santa Barbara,,, Anywhere but where I am right now.

If you could swap lives with anyone for one day who would it be and why?
I wanna be Gwen Stefani for a day. I want to see what Gavin is like in bed! LOL

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? NYC. I'd hit up Bergdorf Goodman and the Bond No 9 store!

What would you like to have in your hands at right now?
A million Dollars!

Which language do you wanna learn?
As I said earlier. Spanish. Then maybe Japanese and Definitely ASL (American Sign Language)

What do you look for in a friend?
Fun, Friendly, Likes to shop, Wears the same size as me (So I can borrow clothing) Loves to babysit (just kidding)

Who do you want to meet in person?
Seth McFarlane The creator of The Family Guy and other cartoons. I think we would get along really well. We have the same sense of humor.

What's your favorite type of music?
Industrial Alternative Metal Goth.

What's your dream job?
A Baker. I love baking. Or maybe a Kept Woman...that would be a nice job too!

If you had $100 now what would you spend on it?
Duh. Makeup. Actually I would buy some more superhero Shirts for Darthypie as he is obsessed w/ Iron Man, The Hulk, Spiderman and Wolverine.

Things you wish you could change in the past? I'm not sure. If I changed my past would things be different today? I guess I would change the date I got married. I would have had it earlier.

Fashion Pet Peeve?
The 1980's... all of it.

Do you admire anyone's style?
Not really. I like the way my friend Pam has a minimalistic house and dress style. I wish I could do that. I like minimalism, but dear husband is a pack rat.

Describe your personal style.
I have no style. I am anti style. I need the show "What Not To Wear" to kidnap me! Of course I would blow the 5K on a purse and tell Carmindy that I'm not a fan of Crest White Strips.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Extreme Moose Tracks. Unfortunately I have finally figured out that dairy causes me to break out in huge Cystic pimples. So no more ice cream for me.

What's your favorite makeup brand?
Chanel. It's reliable and I always know I will find something I will like. But Guerlain is a close 2nd.

What makeup do you use a lot? All of it? I don't understand the question. I use all of my MU a lot. :-)

Do you get enough beauty sleep? Yes or no? Why?
No. Because I get up at 5AM every weekday and 6AM on the weekends. I average 6 hours of sleep on most nights. It sucks.

Why did you start your (beauty) blog? Makeupalley's administrators tightening the nooses on so much made me not want to post my reviews there anymore. My funny Reviews on MUA were not well received and I hated the rating system. I wanted a place where if some one like my review they would have a place to comment and if they didn't I had the power to delete their response! MUWAHAHAHAHA. Oh and I'm incredibly Narcissistic. I like me a whole lot and YOU SHOULD TOO!

What do you think is the best feature about yourself?
I have received a lot of compliments about my eyes. My eyebrows are also complimented but it is sooooo much work keeping them in check. I wish they were easier.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
Am I totally lame for saying Las Vegas?

What do you like least about yourself?
My Weight. And my Laziness about exercising.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Free sample - Fresh - Umbrian Clay® Freshface Foundation. A hit and a miss.

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New foundations always get me. I am still on my search for my Holy Grail Foundation. I thought it was Dianne Brill but I’m finding it way too expensive and the color match isn’t perfect. When I heard that Fresh had a new foundation out I was very excited to try it. Fresh’s Umbrian Clay line may be controversial (It’s basically
fuller’s earth which isn’t anything special. The US is the worlds largest producer of the stuff so I have a feeling that the special “white clay from Italy” isn’t so Italian. But I digress.) Whether you agree with the Umbrian clay thing or not, I have found many of the items that Fresh produces to be very high quality. I just wished the price tag wasn’t so high too.

I decided to test the new foundation before I purchased it. Best thing about Sephora is that they will give you a sample. I went with my friend Tessa to our local Sephora. Since Tessa is in there as much as me, and she is friendlier than me, she has befriended some of the Sales Associates there. The SA that helped me, recognized Tessa and gave me a HUGE sample of Fresh - Umbrian Clay® Freshface Foundation SPF 20 in Seventh Veil. When I say huge I mean, 10 days worth of sample. I used this foundation sample for 10 days before I ran out. That’s amazing.

The color Seventh Veil was an absolute perfect color match for me. No line of demarcation on my jaw line. Covered up my red areas and didn’t oxidize on me. It was perfection.
There was no scent that I could detect. Which is nice. Trust me, after 2 years of wearing Vincent Longo foundation I still cant stand the heavy perfume scent it has. It lingers on my face. It was a relief to not have to worry about that with the Fresh Umbrian Clay® Freshface Foundation.

The foundation was creamy but not runny. It applied easily with my fingers. It didn’t streak, but I found the coverage to be medium-light. I prefer a more full coverage foundation. I didn’t find the foundation very buildable either. Unlike MUFE Face & Body, which you can apply and apply and apply without looking cakey, the Fresh foundation just started to look messy if you applied more than one layer. I also used a damp cosmetic wedge to apply this foundation. This gave a better overall appearance, but it was still too sheer for my liking. I lastly used my MAC 187 brush to apply. This gave me the sheerest application out of all three techniques.

I wore this foundation with my regular Moisturizer, Sunscreen and Primer. I must say that I was very disappointed in the lack of oil control. I guess I figured that the Umbrian Clay would help absorb oils. I was wrong. Apparently The clay is supposed to help with diminishing fine lines and shrinking pore size. Ummmm. Yeah. According to Fresh the “…exclusive Umbrian Clay removes impurities from the skin to refine, nourish, and balance the complexion while Porphyridium Cruentum, a micro-algae extract, retains optimal moisture levels throughout the day. Your skin will be left fresh and radiant, with visibly reduced fine lines, noticeably improved skin tone, and with SPF 20 UV protection.” Obviously I didn’t use this long enough to reap any benefits of reducing fine lines, and whatever they use to “retains optimal moisture levels” was way too moisturizing for my oily skin. Thankfully I didn’t experience any breakouts from using this foundation. That is a Huge Plus!

The worst part was, because I have oily skin, the foundation practically slid off my face by noon each day. By 4pm I was left with remnants of the foundation that had settled into my large pores in the oily and drier areas of my face. It looked terrible. No amount of blotting through the day or powder would correct the issue of the foundation basically pooling into my pores. So even though I REALL REALLY wanted this foundation to work, despite the high price tag, I had to say “good by” to this foundation. It is just not for me.

This foundation is not for you if you have

a) Oily skin

b) Have very large pores

c) Have a lot of redness or require heavy coverage

d) Are very dark skinned. (Fresh may be known for having a good selection of pale shades, but they are seriously lacking when it comes to women of color. They need a larger selection in darker colors.

All hope is not lost If you have dry to normal skin. Medium to small pores and have a medium to fair complexion, this may be an excellent foundation for you. It feels very lightweight and applies easily. I believe if my skin was drier it would have held up better on me and I may not have had the bad pore issue I experienced had my skin tone been different.

Should you buy this?

NO if you are very oily
YES if you want a medium coverage SPF foundation that feels fresh & light.

Ah. It’s is bittersweet, I was THE PERFECT color match and I really do feel like this is a good foundation. It’s just not good for me.
Back to the drawing board.

Ingredients: All shades contain:Octinoxate (Ethylmethoxycinnamate), Water (Aqua), Cyclopentasiloxane, Isononyl Isononanoate, Sea Water (Maris Aqua), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Beeswax (Cera Alba), Cetyl Peg/Ppg-10/1 Dimethicone, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Nylon-12, Dimethicone, Sodium Chloride, Fuller's Earth (Solum Fullonum), Phenoxyethanol, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Sodium Myristoyl Glutamate, Caprylyl Glycol, Porphyrydium Cruentum Extract, Tetrasodium Edta, Propylene Carbonate, Aluminum Hydroxide, Magnesium Pca, Bht, Tocopheryl Acetate, Carbomer, Retinyl Palmitate, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Paeonia, Suffruticosa Root Extract, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Polysorbate 20, Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Water (Nelumbo Nucifera), Nymphaea Coerulea Flower Water, Ceratonia Siliqua Gum (Ceratonia Siliqua), Hydroxyethylcellulose, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491,CI 77492, CI 77499)].

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Poll

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It's almost a full moon. Crazy things happen during a full moon and I have no idea why. I want a scientific reason why people go bonkers when this happens. Maybe people really don't go bananas. Maybe we just notice it more. I'm not sure. But what I do know is that the moon is my Astrological Planet. I'm a Cancer. Sometimes known as a Moon Child. Am I crazy? Yes. I like to think so. lol.
On to the poll.

1. Lip Of The Day?
- Chanel Cosmos Glossimer. Ah so pretty and sparkly! You all need this.

2. Latest Makeup/Beauty Acquisition?
- Chanel In Love Joues Contraste Blush. It's warm and very pigmented but I use a skunk brush to apply and it is wonderful. It's gonna look even better in the summer. This brings my Chanel JC count up to 9. I need a new hobby!

3. What is your Zodiac sign and your planet
here in wikipedia) - Cancer /The Moon which is "Associated with impatientness of human nature." LMAO. Yep. That's me. I'm very impatient. Ask anyone that has been a passenger while I was driving.

4. Most Recent Facial Mask/Beauty Treatment used?
- Fresh Rose Mask and Aspirin Mask. I felt like my skin needed a brightness boost. It worked!

5. What was one of your more unusual / interesting jobs? - Unusual - I worked for my Aunt in Hunts Point Market in The Bronx, NY. She was a produce broker and I did data entry for the daily sales. I worked in a small office with 5 other people and they were all characters. Best part was that I WAS NOT there when they were held up at gunpoint. Which happened at least once a year. FUN!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Purchase - Dior Addict Shine lipstick

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I hereby bring you a miracle. Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Chestnut Chic # 612.

Why is it a miracle?

It's a miracle because it's the only lipstick I have purchased more than once...more than twice... but a stunning three times! I have actually used up this lipstick on three other occasions and have had to replace it. How's that?

OK. To any non makeup addicts reading this, and you know who you are, Pam!, finishing a lipstick is almost impossible. It's akin to "Hitting Pan" on an eyeshadow our blush (Face powder does not count in my book) I have sooooooo many lipsticks that actually finishing one...more than once, twice or three times is an achievement.
So why have I finished this lipstick so many times?
It's my go to neutral emergency lipstick.
I carry this in my purse at all times. If I forget my lipstick for the day I know this little guy is there to save my lips from becoming parched and looking hue-less. (Is that a word?)

Chestnut Chic #612 is not a color name I would immediately reach for, but the name is misleading. It's a pinky, plummy, browinsh, mauve. It's sheer and looks different on different people, but it's neutral enough to go with pretty much anything. It has shimmer in it but it's not over the top. The glitter on the lipstick is not gritty and does not stick to your lips when the lipstick wears off.

The lipstick has no scent and no taste and since Dior has changed the packaging on this lipstick a few times I have no comment about it. The Dior Addict High Shine lipstick retails for $26 and it comes in 20 different shades.

Dior claims that The lipstick was developed for "fashion show performance". Whatever that means. They claim it is long wear, "extreme show-stopping shine" and "light-drenched color". OK. I'll give them that. It wears well, but I wouldn't call it long wear. It is shiny. It's almost like a stick gloss. Dior also claims that the light reflecting properties of the lipstick will camouflage wrinkles giving a youthful appearance. Um. OK. I don't see it, but whatever. I'm not going to argue with perfection.

YES. I said it. PERFECTION. What else can it be if I have purchased it three times in a row?

Do you have a repeat lipstick. One that you have purchased more than once (an losing the original tube does not count for a repurchase!)

Monday, May 4, 2009

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by

Looks like my firewall is acting up and I can't edit the post I had for you about the Dior Addict High Shine lipstick.
So while I work on that issue....I have a question for you all. I have some brand new and used makeup that I would like to sell. Would you all think it tacky to sell it here or should I just go to evilbay and sell it? (Obviously the used stuff I can't sell on evilbay)
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