Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Press Sample - Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polishes - Big 3 Free and a Bargain to Boot!

image from diamondcosmetics.com

I recently had an opportunity to try several of the new summer shades and some regular shades from Diamond Cosmetics. This is a small brand with mostly on line sales. The best thing about these polishes is that they are only $2 each!
That’s right ladies…and gents.. $2 gets you a ton-o-colors. And they are Big 3 Free. Learn more about Big Three Free check out All Lacquered Up blog.
The big 3 chemicals are Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene. Check out her blog because it goes into more detail than I care to type at this time. I will say that some Big 3 Free polishes can be kinda suckey.A fter tying several of the shades, Diamond Cosmetics nail polishes are not only Big 3 Free, they are also SUCK FREE!

The polishes apply evenly and are pretty opaque. Usually 2 coats is good enough to have a very finished looking nail. They dry quickly and do not get clumpy. Best thing. The base coat and top coat are fantastic. I wore one of the colors for 5 days straight with minimal tip wear and no chipping! I expose my hands to a lot of water (bathing Darthypie, watching Mr. Sith do the dishes, washing my hands and face, etc) and I have yet to find the polish chip away. How awesome is that? I am happy to say I got the same long wear results that I get with my trusted Seche Top Coat and Creative Nail Design Stickey Base Coat. Diamond Cosmetics Super Base and Super Dry ate a whopping $2.50 each. Not too shabby I must say!

So the colors. Well. It’s been kinda overcast here, and between the rain, clouds and the few sunny days when I was chasing Darthypie around (hey he’s 2 and a half and he’s active as heck) I was only able to get a few shots of some polishes. I will bring you more shots of the polishes I tried, but until then, you can feast your eyes upon Scrangie's GORGEOUS nails and pictures. I really cannot compete with her expertise. Follow this link to see her reviews of the Diamond Cosmetics polishes

So here is my favorite pink color from the summer collection. It’s called “Cotton Candy”.
A sweet pink, perfect for my conservative office with a hint of shimmer. Oh this color makes me happy just looking at it!

Next is a color very close to Tiffany Blue. It’s called “Oh, Tiff!” I say very close because it is slightly lighter than the actual Tiffany blue. Actually. China Glaze’s “For Audrey” is the perfect match for Tiffany blue, but I find it too bright for my nails.

Diamond Cosmetics “Oh, Tiff!” is a great compromise and light enough for my hands, while ChG “For Audrey” is fine for my toes…but since “For Audrey is sort of hard to find (at times) this $2 alternative from Diamond Cosmetics is perfect! Oh and yes. I used a Tiffany catalog to show the actual color. Sadly I have no Tiffany Boxes to hold my nails against…some day.

Lastly is a polish so important I think every woman should buy it. Its teal. It’s opaque and it’s for a great cause. In honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month in September, Diamond Cosmetics has introduced it’s new shade “Don’t Teal my Heart Away.”
Teal for Toes is an organization that aims to increase awareness about Ovarian Cancer. Women are encouraged to paint their toenails the Ovarian Cancer Awareness color, teal, to spark conversation about the cause.
Diamond Cosmetics will be donating $.25 from each sale of “Don’t Teal My Heart Away” the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. This organization aims to raise awareness and promote education about Ovarian Cancer.
“Don’t Teal My Heart Away” can be purchased on the Diamond Cosmetics Website www.diamondcosmetics.com
More information about Teal for Toes is available at www.tealtoes.org

Diamond Cosmetics is in the process of updating their website. The swatches are kinda small and hard to view right now, but they aren't too far off. Trust me, for only $2 a bottle if you get a color that isn’t right, it’s cheap enough to give away, mix with another polish (Frankening) or use on your toes. Oh and guess what club kids? Diamond Cosmetics has glow in the dark polishes and some striking neons. How cool is that?

Do you need these polishes? Yes. For an inexpensive price, long wear and a teal colored polish proceeds that will go to a good cause, how could you not?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sephora 500 point Beauty Insider joke...err... I mean Gift!

This is what you get for 500 Sephora Beauty Insider points. According to my local Sephora (Tysons Corner) this "gem" is what you get when you save up all your beauty points and finally have 500 to cash in.
Yes ladies. This "all in one" palette of shadows, blushes, face powder lipsticks and glosses can be yours start on July 2nd for a mere 500 points from your Sephora Beauty Insider Beauty Points Bank. I am not aware if this is available on line. It seems to be in store only but perhaps it is also available on line since they have a specific date when this item will be available.
Now before you get too excited, which I know you ALL are, allow me to tell you that I was not able to swatch the palette. I was only able to get my husband Mr. Sith to take a covert picture of this while I was checking out. They only had this at the register and only one for us to view. I have no idea if the shadows and blushes are the same quality as the Sephora brand, which are pretty decent. But from first looks (and sorry for the bad picture) it doesn't look very exciting at all.
First of all, the blushes, except for one, are all very warm toned and the face powder is obviously for a medium-light toned individual and the Bronzer looks matte. The lipsticks/glosses in the palette are useless unless you are going to carry this around with you all the time. The brushes look substandard, but semi usable. The eyeshadows are a decent mix of cool toned and warm, but nothing jaw dropping or unique.
At first glance I do not believe this is is worth 500 points from my Sephora bank. Maybe if I have a chance to play with it...maybe...but even then, I don't think so. I'm not a fan of these "all in one" palettes. That's just me. There's nothing wrong with them. I just don't have a use for them.
Lastly, this palette reminds me of a makeup palette that was marketed in the early 1980's via a catalog. Buy 3 products and get this super deluxe palette free. Anyone remember those? It wasn't Mary Kay or Avon. But it was lame & the quality was terrible.

So. Will you be cashing in your points for this palette?

What other sort of perks for 500 Beauty Insider points would you like to have?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Purchase - Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector-Review & Giveaway!

During my search for a replacement concealer for my beloved Cle de Peau, I tried a few different ones. One of them being Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector. A Concealer & Highlighter duo. I figured for a few bucks, (compared to the CdP) it was worth a shot.

I picked up the lightest shade (Light) and the 2nd lightest shade (Light/Medium) at the drugstore. I paid around $8 for each. I bought 2 different shades because I wasn’t sure which one would work best for my skin tone. I started with the lightest shade first. It was perfect, so no need to open the other one. I would return it the next day.


Where did that receipt go?

Oh no. In the washing machine?

Did Mr. Sith forget to empty the pockets before he put the jeans in the wash? (Did you like how I blamed my husband for not emptying pockets rather than taking the blame & responsibility of emptying MY OWN pockets before I put anything in the clothes hamper? Yeah. I’m good)

OK. So the receipt is a million little white pieces of fluff stuck in our lint trap in the dryer.

What’s that? The drug store won’t accept returns without a receipt?


Well what am I gonna do with this thing now?

….Oh Hey! I’ll give it away to my loverly readers!

So easy peasy. There is a contest entry form at the end of this review. You enter the contest know that you will get a brand new, unopened, unused Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector in Light/Medium. The contest is open to everyone and please only one entry per person. I will announce the winner on Monday, July 6. The contest ends at 11:55 PM on Sunday the 5th.

So how is this concealer?
Actually, it’s really nice. So nice that I used it for a full month and almost thought about not getting another CdP concealer…that is until The Mighty J picked one up for me at a CdP sale! Whoot! Anyway. Back to the matter at hand. The Maybelline concealer is a liquid concealer on one end and a liquid highlighter on the other.

The concealer is administered via a doe foot applicator

and the highlighter has a soft brush.

The concealer is very nice because it doesn’t crease or settle into the fine lines around my eyes. It’s moisturizing but not overly so that it slides off my oily skin by midday. A little setting powder like Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder or MUFE HD powder and you are covered for a good 8 hours. I did mention the moistureization, but I must add that I did use this concealer on active and healing blemishes. I had no adverse reaction, it didn’t cause additional breakouts, and it lasted pretty well on my face with some setting powder. Not a full 8 hours, but nothing I couldn’t touch up during the day. The majority of the time, moisturizing makeup breaks me out, however, some oil-controlling makeup tends to dry me out and my skin looks dull and flaky. I had no such problems with this concealer!

I do have a few complaints. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention that I think that the concealer part is very small. Less than .09 fl oz. Being that it’s only $8 I guess I shouldn’t complain, but I feel dumb throwing it away when the concealer is used up, but there is a ton of Highlighter left over. To be honest. I don’t use the highlighter all that much. I dab a bit on the inner eye area and lightly on my cheekbones, but I don’t think I could ever use both products up at the same time. I wish Maybelline would give more of the concealer part and less of the highlighter…but then how would they make their money right? They count on us using up all of one side and buying another.

If I were a total hoarder I would have a small jar full of used up concealer/full highlighters unable to throw them away because the highlighter had not run out. That collection would grow and grow and grow until my 18 cats eventually knocked over the file box of empty concealer/full highlighter duos causing a domino effect and all of my hoarded newspapers would tumble down and all the plastic lids from cool whip tubs would fall over, falling into the used pickle jars, and eventually all the plastic grocery bags I had been saving, would cushion the fall of all the items, keeping everything from breaking. Except now the door is blocked and my 18 cats are hungry and I’ve run out of food. It gets pretty ugly after that. Thank goodness I don’t have 18 cats…oh and I’m not a hoarder.

Do you NEED this concealer? Well if you win the giveaway you do, but if you don’t win, YES! The consistency is very smooth and lightweight. It gives a natural look and a decent amount of coverage. It conceals well but does not look cakey. What more do you want for $8?

P.S. Here is the color chart on the back of the concealer. I didn't find it helpful because I have never used Maybelline foundation, but maybe some of you have and could use this as a reference.

Entry Form Below.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Poll

image from kissandmakeup.tv

Thursday. One week from today I will be turning one year older! I don't even want to think about it. I don't feel older, but I think I look older. It's all that lack of sleep. I need to sleep more. I also need to have more sunlight. It has been rainy and overcast for several weeks and now that the sun is out I can finally take pictures of some new nail polishes I have been testing. Last but not least. I think I'll be having a special giveaway for my birthday. Look here tomorrow to see what it is. The winner will be announced on July 6th. On to the poll!

1) Blush Of The Day? - Chanel Joes Contraste in Caprice. It's a pretty neutral pink. Gives just the right hint of nude neutral color for when I do a smokey eye.

2) Speaking of eyes. What color are your eyes? Do you like that color or wish you had different colored eyes? Would you or do you wear contacts to change your eye color? - I guess I have gray-ish, blue-ish, green-ish eyes. I like the color but I would love to have ice blue eyes like Megan Fox. Actually I would just like to look like Megan Fox. lol. I used to have green contacts but that was back in 1990 and the technology to make them natural looking wasn't so great. My eyes were SOOOO green. I wish I had a picture.

3) What is your favorite Season for makeup? - I think I like the fall best. I get to use all those dark shadows and rich jeweled toned colors on my eyes. Hey Smokey Topaz is a jewel and it looks taupe! Don't judge! Anyway. I also love the deep red lips I see in the fall too. But THIS fall will be extra special because MAC will be releasing their Black Collection. Read more about it
But what’s better than black lipstick, is the MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator that comes out with this collection. If you remember
my post about VAE. I love this stuff so much that I was forced to write poetry about it. Well now they have brought it back (I like to think I had a small part in that...even though I know I didn't) and I will be buying multiple jars of the stuff. Watch out for it in October ladies.

4) Things people buy that you think are a waste of money? - Those Joke a Day texts sent to your phone or any other text thing sent to your phone that is advertized on MTV. I think Designer shoes & clothing for babies and toddlers is a complete waste of money. While my list can be quite long on this topic I'll leave it at only 2 things.

5) Most Used Blush in your stash? - Chanel Narcisse, but Chanel Rose Petale is coming in a close second!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Purchase - Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow

image from sephora.com

Another TAUPE eyeshadow to kvell over!
YES. It’s such a great shadow I used YIDDISH! LOL.
OK Seriously.
Benefit has a new shadow called Velvet Eyeshadow. I must say this is like actually like velvet. Smooth, plush, pigmented and loverly.

The taupe color I picked up is called “Where There's Smoke”. Benefit has 8 other colors in this collection and most of them are pretty neutral except for a lilac and blue. “Where There's Smoke” is not too gray, not to brown, and not too plum. It’s just right. The shadow is frosty but not so much that it would accentuate wrinkles or crepey [edit. oops] eyelids (like mine).

The formula reminds me of the MAC star flash shadows. Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow is a powder shadow with a creamy feel to it. That does not mean it will crease…quite the contrary. It’s almost like it glides onto your eye and makes a happy little home on your eyelid. OMG. What is it about Taupe eyeshadow that makes me use such silly metaphor and simile!? Another great thing about this shadow is that the pigmentation is very strong. You only need a little bit. I had to keep reminding myself to lightly swipe my brush across the shadow because using more pressure I picked up enough pigment to color several sets of eyes!

With that much pigmentation it’s an ease to blend the shadow. I usually use it on my lid and blend up with a clean brush past the crease. It really makes a lovely smoky eye as well. Used with black liner and a bit of smudging a wonderful smoldering smoky eye look can be achieved. Benefit’s “Where There’s Smoke” makes one of the nicest single wash of color taupes out there.

The Shadow retails for $18. Which is an average price, but I almost balked at paying that much for a Benefit Cosmetics product. I have found their stuff to be more hype than substance, but got it hoping that the shadow would be as good as their Creaseless Cream shadows. Thankfully it is! The eyeshadow comes in a small white plastic compact with the signature “flying birds” on the cover. There is a little window so you can see which color is which….that’s handy when/if you purchase more than the Taupe eyeshadow, like I did.

I also picked up the Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow in “Like What You See “. This is a cool frosty blue. OK. I know what you are thinking. The 70’s are over. Frosty Blue eye shadow is not Pink Sith’s cuppa tea! You are so right! Maybe it was the lighting in my local Sephora, but that blue looked so good next to the taupe that I HAD to buy both. Unfortunately I don’t live in a Sephora (However my husband disagrees with that last statement) so the lighting in my home and in my office made the blue shadow look like I had lost 6 hours of sleep. Maybe it was the placement. I’m not sure. If any of you readers can recommend how I should use this I would be very happy to hear it. I used it in the inner corner of my eye and under the eye to line. Bleh. I looked bruised. Any tips would be appreciated.

Sadly I have no pictures on my eye of this loverly taupe. So you’ll have to make do with swatches. I really need to figure out what’s up w/ my camera. Hopefully I’ll have an eye picture of some taupey-goodness in the near future.

Oh. Do you NEED this shadow?
DUH! Yes. It’s Taupe and smooth as velvet! RUN and get one today!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Purchase - Guest Review from Joeybunny - Stila Charmed Palette and Too Faced Lockdown Cream Eyeshadow

images from Sephora.com

Hey there everyone! I’m back with my latest review for my darling Elvira!
As a small birthday present to myself, I went to Sephora and bought two gorgeous new products. I got the Too Faced Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Bedroom Eyes

and the palette that has taken over MUA for the past week or so, the $10 (yes, $10!!! - the price caused a total WTFBBQ moment on MUA and sent everyone scrambling to buy it) Stila Charmed palette from their summer collection.

Well guys, I’m in love with both products! As I write this, I have a swatch of the Too Faced (TF) cream shadow on my left hand. It’s been there for going on 30 hours now (as of the time I'm writing this). And still looks freshly applied! I’m serious! I’m a big fan of TF’s Shadow Insurance eye primer (I use it and ArtDeco) and this eyeshadow is “infused” with it, apparently. I don’t doubt that. In fact, I've showered and washed my hands multiple times since applying it, and even went out in the rain. Oh, and the Stila swatches I made on my hands last night took awhile to wash off too. I'm pretty impressed.

So I guess I should describe both products, no?
Ok well the TF cream shadow has the same consistency as the Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI) , but a little thicker/grittier due to the pigment and glitter in the shadow. This shadow is supposed to be metallic, but it isn't unless layered - one layer on my lids showed up as a sheer-ish wash with some glitter. The color is quite nice - it's a taupe, but a warm brownish taupe. The glitter in it appears to be golden, and it's a very fine glitter (less noticable with more layers of the shadow; my initial hand swatch was pretty thick and I didn't really see the glitter until I slapped some on my lids). There are five other colors in the line, but none of the others really appealed to me (especially this weird baby blue color). It retails for $18.50.

Now, onto the Stila palette. Guys, the pics floating around MUA really do it no justice - and this says a lot, because I generally despise Stila, and especially Stila eyeshadows. There's something about their texture I find too soft and crumbly. However, when I saw pictures of the new Stila palette AND heard about the $10 price tag, I figured why not? The colors were ones that appealed to me, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

First off, the texture of these shadows are a little less soft than other Stila shadows I've tried, so that was a plus. The packaging is kind of sucky though: plastic covering over the shadows! I'm going to have to be very careful with this palette. The shadows themselves are so gorgeous though. Going clockwise from the top left of the palette, there is: A strange bronzed-pink color with gold shimmer. Initially I'd compare it to MAC Expensive Pink but it's pinker than that shadow, and also has more brown in it. It appears to be the lightest color in the quad, but doesn't apply lightly. It actually pulls pretty brown-ish on me (the pink doesn't show up much). Weird! An insanely pigmented, but standard, antiqued yellowy-bronze with gold shimmer. This is the most pigmented shadow in the quad. An unique plum-brown color with gold shimmer. I can't accurately describe the color. I own nothing like it. Truly beautiful. Again, this pulls slightly more brown than plum on me. A very lovely green-teal with gold shimmer. It looks deceptively like UD Flipside but is more pigmented and greener. I did not expect to like this color, but it's so pretty! It pulls more green than blue on me. Granted I still need to try these colors wet, but they're great used dry.

Tonight I used the TF cream shadow as a base, with the green-teal color on my lids and up into the crease, and the bronzed-pink color in the crease to blend out the green-teal. My eye makeup lasted through rain, margaritas, dancing to 90s hip-hop on the Chelsea Piers, and a bizarre train ride back to the Upper West Side. I can't complain. Granted, this palette won't work on those who are cool-toned (the shadows are all very warm), but if the colors sound appealing to you, RUN and buy this, as it's an incredible deal at $10!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oversensitive much? Yes. I Guess we all are.

Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement image from wikipedia.org
click on image to see full size

OK. I wrote a post about MoroccanOil and how I didn't find it a good buy for ME. I felt it was laden with silicones and it didn't do anything better for MY hair than the OTHER silicone laden products I already use. Therefore, I felt it unnecessary to purchase, as I could find similar products with the same benefits for less money.

I received a slew of passionate responses defending MoroccanOil. I think that's great! I'm glad it worked for some people and I hope that someone on the fence about buying the product was able to get enough information from my post AND the comments to form a decision.

But I received a comment personally attacking me and my choice not to recommend it. I admit. I was pissed when I read it and quickly chose not to publish that nasty comment. I shouted at my computer "IT'S JUST A HAIR OIL THAT I PERSONALLY DON'T LIKE, LADY. DON'T TAKE IT AS A PERSONAL AFFRONT TO YOUR BELIEFS! JEESH!" Then I realized it's my blog and if I don't like comments I can delete them. But would I be the better person for doing that? Nope. So here is the comment. That I decided not to publish, but now will print here.

From Anonymous.

"wow i think you may change your mind if you used it more that 4 times. i have been using it for over a year now and never have build up. the argan oil that they use is the highest quality out there so not very much is needed. not too mention that may in the end be the result of people claiming that pure argan oil made their hair greasy. i respect your opinion however labeling it crap is rude and obviously you knew others would disagree so what are you calling all of the moroccan oil lovers out there?? I guess we are all stupid. "

Dear Anonymous. I believe you did not comprehend my post as it was written. I apologize if I was not clear. I did not call anyone who likes this product "stupid". I simply stated that I found it no better than OTHER silicone products out there. I also stated that there is no strong scientific evidence that Argon oil has any supernatural benefits for the hair or skin. I acknowledged that people may disagree with my opinion and I also asked them for their feedback, but you, anonymous poster, seem to take it so personally that I didn't like the stuff that my comment about MoroccanOil was akin to calling your baby, "ugly". Really? Is Moroccan Oil such a key item in your life that you have to get so riled up about one person's opinion?

So here you go Anonymous. Here is your comment for all to see and agree with or disagree with.

For the record.
I do not believe that people who use MoroccanOil are stupid. Nor would I ever call ANY of my readers stupid...even you "Anonymous"! Without you all, I'm shouting into the wind. All readers are valuable to me. You, a reader who disagrees with me, is valuable. I write this blog so others can see what I have to say. A self indulgent and narcissistic reason, but a reason none the less. Just because someone disagrees with me does not make them stupid. They just disagree with me. That's all. Life is too short to get upset over such trivial things.

Now I feel better. How about you?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Truth In Advertizing

image from Target.com

Is it me or do you think it's odd to choose the name "Manatee Gray" for the color of a Plus Sized woman's shirt? Oh and before you all get your knickers in a twist. I'm plus sized and found it ironic and amusing all at the same time.

Target was selling this little gem and I just had to make a comment to you all and to Target about this item. There was a link to allow me to leave feedback on this shirt for other Target buyers. I did leave feedback, but I seriously doubt they will publish it. My feedback went something like this:
"I rated it 5 stars! This is a great shirt. I am especially fond of the color name. Nothing says Plus Sized clothing like naming the color, "Manatee Gray" after a sea cow. Why, as a plus sized woman I like to buy all of my clothing with apt descriptive color names. For example, Beluga Whale White, Elephant Taupe, Scottish Highland Cow Tan, Hippopotamus Purple, Mastodon Black, and let's not forget the ever popular Water Buffalo Navy Blue! Yes. Thank you Target! Thank you for breaking the "Color Barrier" in plus sized women's clothing. I feel better about myself already!"
I hope they have equally appropriate names for other sizes. For example in petites I hope they have Itty Bitty Indigo, Dwarf Red, Micro Mouse Mauve, Munchkin Yellow, etc. Yeah. I know it's not a makeup / beauty post today but I'm stalling until I can get better pictures of some new nail polishes and eye shadows I recently acquired.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Poll

image from kissandmakeup.tv

It's been raining a lot here lately. It's quite annoying because it's not cold enough to wear a jacket. It's rather humid....duh it's raining 100% humidity....but my hair has been super annoying as well as my makeup. My husband has this fetish about "saving money" and has turned off the air conditioner so the whole house it a humid sticky mess. I hate it. He has no compassion for my frizz or my melting makeup. I am excited for this weekend because it will be around 90 degrees and Mr. Darthypie will be at work so I can turn up the A/C!! How sad is that? One thing I do plan to do this weekend is check out Ulta. I hear their name brand eye shadows are hit or miss but Michelle from
Pretty Stuff - Healthy Stuff blog told me about 2 new taupe eye shadows that are a hit! I'll be checking those out ASAP. I have acquired a new taupe eyeshadow that I hope to have ready for a review by tomorrow. Stay tuned. In the mean time, please participate in the poll. It's actually more fun for me to read everyone's responses than it is for me to create it. On to the poll!

1) Lip Of The Day? - Guerlain Kiss Kiss Laque # 740 "Baby Beige" A sticky lip gloss that is opaque and has no shimmer or glitter. It's a warm nude orangey pinkish brown. (hows that for non commitment?) It's a great neutral gloss that has longer staying power than my favorite Chanel Glossimers. It has a scent tho, and it's kind of annoying. I'm not sure if it's violet or apricot or what, but I would be completely in love if it didn't have a fragrance.

2) What's the oldest item in your refrigerator? - A jar of pickles. I think it may be almost 2 years old. How bad is that? My husband bought it, convinced himself that they never go bad and refused to toss it every time we clean out the fridge. I dared him to eat one. He declined. I think he may toss them this weekend.

3) Any recent beauty acquisitions? - Aside from a new Taupe eyeshadow to be named later, I picked up about 10 sheet masks at this Korean grocery store near my work. OMG they had a whole cosmetic section...well it's not that grand, but they do have
Lioele brand cosmetics from Korea...so I'm gonna check it out the next time I'm there. I didn't have enough money with me when I visited and I was with a male co-worker who didn't understand the whole makeup thing.

4) In what room is your computer? - Obviously a moot question for those who have laptops and wireless internet, but I'm still living in the dark ages and my computer is a big clunker! We have it in the living room. This way I can play with Darthypie and his Mr. Potato Head and still blog and get on facebook and Dlisted and other trash at the same time. Darthypie and I like to watch videos on youtube. His most recent love is anything with R2D2 in it...but I like watching the movie
"Really Rosie" a Maurice Sendak movie on 4 of his books from the 1970's. Chicken Soup with Rice, Pierre and One Was Johnny are our favorites!

5) When was the last time you used a color eyeshadow other than nude/brown/taupe/cream combination? What color was it? - I used a dusty almost colonial blue eyeshadow. It was a disaster. No matter how I applied it, I looked bruised or like Flo from the TV show Alice. I seriously need need a lesson in color I think.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It's that time of year again!

Yes. It's that time of year where we wish our beautiful joeybunny (a regular contributor to the Pinksith blog) a very Happy Birthday!

Josie turns 46 today. She looks amazing doesn't she ladies and gents?

Yes. Back in 1975 out little Joey was born in the Bronx. She quickly rose to fame as "That Girl down the street" to all her neighbors a block up.

Being only 22, joeybunny has accomplished a lot. She has graduated with honors from NYU. The only Puerto Rican Goddess with over 100 eyeliners to graduate with honors from NYU this year, 37 year old Josie is pursuing her dream of working in an office, answering the telephone and filing. She plans to move up to collating and psychoanalysis later in the year.

Let's give a big Hearty Happy Birthday to your spring chicken at only 52 Ms. Joeybunny from the Bronx!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Purchase - MAC Dress Khaki Liquidlast Liner is a steal with Friends and Family discount

I'm not one to shout the praises of MAC cosmetics from any rooftop....The Volcanic Ash Exfoliator aside, (besides that was Haiku not shouting) I do have one more little thing to sing about and it's about to be discontinued.

What is this wondrous item?

MAC Liquid Last liner in Dress Khaki. It has made it to the "goodbyes" section of the annoyingly navigational MAC website. This olive green-ish gold-ish brown-ish liquid liner is an awesome compliment to so many different looks. I can't quite believe it's going away.

2 swatches of Dress Khaki ( gave away my Clinique Egyptian liner. sorry folks)

I used to compare this to Clinique Egyptian Creme liner, but so many people see Egyptian as a different color than me (even though I swatched them together and they looked identical to me) What do I know?

ANYWAY. Liquidlast liners from MAC are like an all day tattoo. They will not come off with wter, tears, swimming, you name it. They will come off with an oil based eye makeup remover or cleanser tho...just so you know.

I love dress Khaki with the MAC shade stick in Cake Shop (oops. also going away soon) This olive greenish taupe compliments the goldish olive of Dress Khaki. (P.S. the cakeshop shade stick is an exact color match for my Laneige Professional Selection Eye Shadow Single in G767- Gold Khaki.)

So what do you have to lose other than $16.50?
Oh wait. Strike that!
MAC Friends and Family sale is going on right now. June 16th through the 19th enter the code SUMO or SAVE25 at checkout and receive 25% off your entire purchase!
That's only $12.38!!

OK. It really is a unique color and if you are a liquid liner freak like me I say go for it....of course if you are not a liquid liner freak like me ...which is a HUGE probability, then you can stop reading...actually I'm surprised you read this far, because the post is over.

MAC Cakeshop Shade Stick and Dress Khaki Liquidlast Liner

Friday, June 12, 2009

And the Winner is........

Congratulations to

Using a random number generator from
random.org Susan R. was selected as the winner!

Susan. You have until Monday June 15 at 11:59 PM to e-mail me at:


with your full name and address.

If I don't hear from you by then I'll pick the next person on the random number list.

Thank you to EVERYONE for entering. I'll have another giveaway in the near future.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Oh and to entertain you:
Here are some random searches people used on google to find their way to my blog. Some of them are very very disturbing. lol

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Who will the winner be?

image from thepinupfiles.com

The deadline has passed for entering the Givenchy Sari Glow Blush giveaway. Look here tomorrow morning to find out who the lucky winner is! Thanks to everyone that entered!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Poll

image from kissandmakeup.tv

Thursday Poll time once again. I always love reading everyone's answers. It's fun to hear about new ideas and products and makes me feel like this blog is a bit more interactive. So don't be shy. Take the poll. Even if you don't have a response to all the questions it's still fun to answer some of them.

Oh and don't forget to enter the giveaway for the Givenchy blush. Enter your name in the comments section under the original posting. I'll be picking and announcing a winner tomorrow!

On to the poll!

1) Lip Of The Day? - Chanel Sundress Glossimer. It's a bit too sheer for my lifeless colored lips but it's still glossy as heck and not sticky. One of these days I have to photograph all my glossimers for y'all!

2) One beauty product you recommend to ALL of your girlfriends? - Chanel Joues Contraste Blush. You pick the color but I must say this is my favorite formula of blush. I'm particularly fond of the European versions which are a bit more sheer.

3) Pick one of each combination: Toilet Paper - Over or Under?; Hot Drink - Coffee or Tea?; Computer - PC or MAC? My answers are: OVER, Tea, and PC however I really want a MAC.

4) What MU item have you gotten rid of, only to re-purchase or want it again? - Chanel Winter Nights eyeshadow Quad. I swapped it for some expensive foundation that I love and realized a year later that I miss it. Will I buy it again. Perhaps. I'm hoping for the feeling to repurchase to die out so I don't have to shell out the money....again.

5) My Birthday is next month. I have $150 to spend on anything I want. Should I spend it on a Mani & Pedi and Massage or buy Bond No. 9 New York The Scent Of Peace Perfume? AND. Do you buy yourself something extravagant or indulgent for your birthday?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Purchase - Givenchy Sari Glow Iridescent Blush - Review and Giveaway!

image from sephora.com
I had been lusting after Givenchy Sari Glow Iridescent Blush in Maharani Pink for quite a long time. I really, really wanted it, but I could not justify the $42 price tag. Even at a paltry .16 oz, the blush is super pigmented so it will last me most of my lifetime. Being that it is amazingly long lasting and pigmented, the small size is not an issue for me.

Givenchy released this This Limited Edition blush in their spring 2009 collection. Indian themed “Sari Glow” blushes came in a bright neutral pink and an almost day glow orange. I opted for the pink because I found it to be more flattering on my fair skin, but I must say that after swatching a tester of the orange blush I was very pleased at how pretty it is. It would be an excellent highlighter on medium to tan skin tones and a great color on darker skin tones for sure.

The Givenchy Maharani Pink blush is an amazing bright pink that applies like silk. I actually use a skunk brush to apply it, because it is so pigmented. It is VERY frosty. It is one of the frostiest blushes I own. Perhaps it’s because I’m so used to the Chanel Joues Contraste satin finish or perhaps I have huge pores on my cheeks, or both, that I really find this a tad hard to wear in the daytime. I do find that the blush does not look AS frosty when I use a skunk brush, and once I apply my translucent loose powder on top of the blush, the shimmer/frosty factor is reduced significantly.

The staying power of this blush rivals that of Chanel and I must say that the rose scent is one of my favorites. The scent does not transfer to your face but is definitely there when you open the tiny compact, so sensitive noses beware! Now that tiny compact can be an issue to some. I personally think it’s adorable and great for travel because it is so small. A tiny and, in my opinion, useless blush brush is stored in the underside of the compact. The black overspray of the Indian motif does not interfere with the color and does not seem to wear off easily. The tiny yet useable mirror reflects the same “jewels” design.

Do you NEED this blush?
Probably not. I’m sure there are other suitable dupes out there that are less frosty and less money. I’m afraid Sephora is sold out of the pink, but if you call Saks or Neiman Marcus perhaps they could help you locate one. And of course, there is always eBay.

Interesting story as to how I acquired this blush.
I can’t say I’m the most patent person in the world. I think TiVo needs an uber fast, Fast Forward button but I did bide my time looking for this blush on eBay. My patience paid off when I found & won an auction for this blush for $20. I was so excited to have won I eagerly anticipated it’s arrival in my mailbox. Sure enough 5 days later the package is stuffed in the mailbox. I rip it open and pull out the blush and to my great disappointment, the seller send me the orange blush instead of the pink one. Oh I was so bummed. I e-mailed the seller right away and not only did she apologize she send me the pink one the very next day and told me to keep the orange one as an apology! Wow. That was very cool!

I decided that since I truly have no use for an orange lush and good Karma brought the correct pink one to me in a short period of time I would give away the orange one to you, the readers! This blush is brand new, unused and comes in the original box.

So here ya go. Leave a comment here with your first name and last name initial. The contest will end Thursday at 11:59 pm eastern standard time. I will assign everyone a number and, using a random number generator, select a winner to be announced on FRIDAY JUNE 12, 2009.

If you are selected as the winner you must send me an e-mail no later than FRIDAY JUNE 19 to heyelvira@gmail.com with your full name and address. If I do not hear from you by the 19th I will select another winner for the blush.

This contest is open to everyone. Domestic and International entries gladly accepted.

Good Luck everyone!

R.I.P. Trauma the cat

My wonderful cat of almost 18 years had to be put to sleep yesterday. He had kidney failure and there was nothing we could do for him. He had been treated for thyroid disease for a while and the consequence of that was that it exacerbated his kidney issues that he had. If we had decided to treat his kidneys it would have made his thyroid even worse. It was a no win situation. In addition, the doctors thought he had spinal cancer as his back left leg became paralyzed and then his tail stopped moving a month ago. Basically he was at his end and he was very old...by cat standards.

I'm very sad that he is gone. I adopted him my Junior Year of college as a kitten. His birthday was 1 day after mine. On July 3rd he would have been 18. He had a great life. He was spoiled rotten and the most docile and loving cat I have ever met.

He would purr if you rubbed his belly and actually liked having his claws clipped. He would reach out and try to hold "hands" and like having his paws touched. He loved to chase and kill voles and chipmunks and would bring them as toys into the house to play with. Sometimes dead sometimes not...which always made for some excitement.

Trauma lived in North Carolina, Los Angeles, New York, Washington, DC and Virginia; He flew on a plane twice and lived with 3 dogs..of which he outlived 2.
He had a pudgy floppy belly that would waddle from side to side as he trotted into the kitchen to get turkey or chicken. He liked to wake up my husband at all hours of the night to be pet, but knew better than to ever wake me...basically b/c he couldn't. He loved to lie on my side of the bed and put up a fuss when I tired to move him...hence his name. Trauma. He whined about everything. His meow sounded like a complaint, everything was about him (as it is with all cats) and you lived to serve him. His purr was loud, his meows even louder.

He was a great kitty, there will never be another one like him. I'll miss him very much. I love you Trauma kitty!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Gift - ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base - An Open Letter

image from www.artdeco.org.uk

Dear Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI) & Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP):

I have moved on.
I have found a new love and nothing you do can make me stray. No fancy wand or squeeze green tube will make me change my mind. I am leaving you. I want all my records back and the keys to the apartment. When you finally move out, you will not gat your security deposit back.
First let me start with the why’s of why I’m leaving you.

UDPP – Your packaging design is frightful. You hold so much back. When I finally think you are empty, I discover you can fill up a 5 gram sample jar. Tsk. Tsk. Oh and your new “clever” angled wand is not going to cut it. You know, and I know you hold back tons of product. I end up spending more money on a new one of you when I don’t need to.

TFSI – Let’s face it. You just aren’t together. You are always separating on me. I have to squeeze your tube to mix you up before I dispense you, and when I do I always end up getting more of you than I need per application. Sure the squeeze tube is a good idea but you are inconsistent, always separating when I least need you to and heck, why are you separating in the first place? You need to work on keeping yourself together.

To both of you. – Your performance is not really up to par. Sure thousands of women have lauded your performance but when it comes down to it. I have found a much better lover. One that is consistent, easy to apply and actually performs better than both of you combined. Sorry, but I’m just not that into you.

I’d like you to know who is replacing you.

ArtDeco eye shadow base.

ArtDeco is your foreign Counterpart. A King from the European Union. A successful replacement from The Fatherland, A. K. A. Germany.

ArtDeco is small in stature at a mere 5 ml / 0.16 fl oz per unit, but the amount needed per use is miniscule. Measuring only one inch high and one inch wide, what it lacks in size, is made up in performance.
Sure, the method of application can be a bit chancy for germaphobes as ArtDeco presents it’s prowess in a pot versus a tube, but a clean concealer brush is a perfect companion and solution to application. Personally I use my clean fingers to apply. I take up a tiny amount on my ring finger and pat lightly on my eyelid. Its creamy consistency and sheer application make my most crease ridden of eye shadows act like they are magnetized to my eyes. ArtDeco has that “je ne sais quoi”, animal magnetism, hold, …to be blunt, it’s just plain awesome!

Almost 12 hours of even wear is the reward for using ArtDeco. After 8 hours, you, UDPP and TFSI, lose your effectiveness. I’m sorry, but I have needs, and 8 hours doesn’t cut it anymore.

ArtDeco used to act “hard to get” to us American gals. Why I had my Pimp, Alice, procured one for me. Mail order, if you like. But ArtDeco is branching out. ArtDeco is now for sale on the Home Shopping Network and though the HSN website. Not only that, my friend Kelly in Brighton, recently informed me that www.garden.co.uk delivers to the states. Now I have free range of ArtDeco’s luxurious, yet petite eye shadows and other makeup items…to include the eye shadow base. I have no idea what the shipping is, but I figure it’s a small price to pay for true love.

So there it is TFSI and UDPP. You are gone. I’m deleting all your texts, your phone numbers and hopefully my memories of you. It’s over, kaput, ancient history, done.

Please remember to take the hideous clock your mother gave us and that Tool Album is mine. I had it before we even met, so don’t even try to say it’s yours!

So long suckers!

A.K.A. Your Ex.
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