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I'm vacationing at The Gloss Menagerie and talking about MAC Smoke & Diamonds

Wanna know more about these awesome taupe eye shadows ?
Head on over to The Gloss Menagerie where I have guest posted a taupe eyeshadow post to end all taupe eye shadow posts!
And while you are there, take a look around the rest of The Gloss Menagerie. Aly has a bunch of interesting posts and pictures and discount codes. Enjoy!!

And the NEW winner is ...

The Pink Sith 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway is over. The original winner never contacted me within the three day notification period. Therefore I have had to disqualify that entry and select another one. website has selected a random winner from the remaining 178 entries.

The NEW winner is...


Let's give her a big hand!

lenelein has been sent an e-mail and has three (3) days to respond with her address. If I don't receive a response another alternate winner will be selected.

Thanks to all that entered the drawing. I'll be sure to have more giveaways in the future.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Poll

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All these limited edition makeup collections are starting to get to me. Is there no permanence in the world of makeup any more? Lancome discontinues foundations all the time. Bobbi Brown has special palettes that sell out in a matter of days, MAC releases a new limited edition collection every few hours. When will the madness end? It started me thinking. Do I need backups of all this great "stuff" that will "never be released again" :: suspiciously eyes my original MAC Porcelain Pink Mineralized Skin Finish, Moth Brown and Smoke & Diamonds:: That's when it hit me. NO! I have so much makeup and I'm always finding new and more awesome things, that I really don't think I'll ever run out of whatever I consider to be a "holy grail". If I even do run out of this hypothetical "holy grail" won't a new one come along in the next season, release or few minutes? I mean come on, How much taupe eyeshadow can I really use up in my lifetime? Exactly. It's not possible to use it all up. Plus I have so many dupes that I can just move on to the next dirty silvery taupe in my collection. Call it an epiphany. Call it a moment of clarity. Call it crazy. but I refuse to buy a back up of anything ever again. That's not to say that I wont buy the same product more than once. I do actually use up stuff. The same Foundation, Concealer, Primer, Mascara, etc. have all been re-purchased, but that's not a back up. There you have it. One tiny step toward simplifying my life. Granted, I'm moving at a glacial pace, but at least I'm moving forward. Progress is progress no matter how small. Now, on to the poll.

1) Blush Of The Day? - Givenchy Prisme Again! Blush Quartet in Glowing Rose. Thanks to Autumn Masquerade for inspiring me to wear one of my only two Givenchy blushes. Have you checked out her blog lately? OMG her pictures are TO DIE FOR!

2) When you were little, who was your favorite super hero and why? - That's easy for me. Wonder Woman! I wanted to be Linda Carter so badly. I loved the show, I loved her outfit. I loved her hair. Let's just say that I had a big girl crush on her. She was strong and fierce and feminine all at the same time. Plus I had a little crush on Lyle that didn't hurt either!

3) What's coming in the mail (beauty or non beauty - but don't say bills!)? - Well I kinda in a moment of insanity ordered a NYX palette. Of course I'll post pictures. But honestly I really shouldn't have. Thank goodness it was only $8. But still.

4) Fill in the blank: If you could have an endless supply of any ______, what would you get? - Perfume: Basically the entire Beauty Habit Perfume Catalog!

Food: Cheese. I love cheese. It is the best stuff ever. Drunken Goat is one of my faves!

5) Do you stick to sensible footwear, or say "to hell with it" and wear what you like? - I like to think I say "to hell with it", but honestly I end up wearing the shoes that don't hurt. It's sad really. I used to be such a shoe hoor. I'd wear all sorts of crazy shoes, sexy shoes, awesome shoes. but then I got old...or pregnant...or both and I started wearing stuff that was comfortable. Maybe one of these days I'll get back to my insane high heels, but until then, I'll stick with my clogs.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Follow-up: Besame Cosmetics' Founder sends me an e-mail.

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I recently gave a "so-so" review of Besame's new Voluptuous Lipstick in Red Velvet. Much to my surprise, my little blog grabbed the attention of the Founder of Besame Cosmetics, Gabriela Hernandez! Ms. Hernandez took the time to point out some things I did not know or had not clarified in my original post. I, being very open to criticism and comments (Constructive mostly thank you. I have feelings like everyone else does), welcomed Ms. Hernandez' e-mail to me and would like to publish it here for all to read. I think that her points are very valid and my original post about the new Besame Voluptuous lipstick, may have been a little misunderstood. So with Ms. Hernandez' permission I provide you with her e-mail to me.

Hello Elvira:

Thank you for the thorough review of the Voluptuous lipstick. I appreciate your honesty and value your opinion as a fan of the line.
I want to take a moment to address some of the points you made so you can see where I was going with this product.

Voluptuous was in no way intended to replace the classic color formula we created. I still love the original, simple formula and will be bringing it back with a full size 1935 model by Christmas. Just bear with me on time, since all the classic products are custom molded and take some time make.

Voluptuous has a more moisturizing formula, so even though the color is the same, it looks more sheer with a single coat application. You can layer a couple of coats and should be able to get more intense color.
The formula has more beneficial oils and is meant for drier lips, or older customers. The was intended to be a larger distribution product, therefore the color choices are more universal. This product was not meant for Besame's current customers, but for new customers that are used to a more mainstream color product.

The brush should be wiped clean after use and should be fine to carry with you. I carry mine and have not seen a lot of transfer if I wipe the brush before packing it away.

As you know, it is very difficult to be an independent manufacturer these days. It is very expensive and time consuming to make custom products, but I love to make them for you and others like you who appreciate it. I will continue to make items that will hopefully delight you. I am disappointed that you did not like Voluptuous, but I can't say that I did not expect it.

I welcome your suggestions for new items you would like to see from us and thank you for your patience and support.


Gabriela Hernandez
Besame Cosmetics Inc.

Well then. Does this change my mind completely about the new formula? No. Not completely. I still prefer the old formula but I understand how this new line may be a better introduction to newcomers of Besame Cosmetics. However, I believe Besame should have marketed the new lipstick differently if they didn't intend it for their regular consumer base. Like I said in my original post:
"Actually I think this new formulation will have a broader appeal to the average consumer. I am not an average consumer, as I think you have all figured out by now."


"This larger size will appeal to the main stream consumer."


"The new formulation of Besame Red Velvet will have a much broader appeal to consumers, is more user friendly and the finish is more modern. That’s great. I would love to see a niche cosmetics brand like Besame thrive and survive in this poor economy. The customer service is exceptional, the product is unique and the look & feel is quite luxurious."

Ummm so aren't we on the same page for the most part? But whatever.

Am I going to give the new Red Velvet another chance? Absolutely! I love the color. I will always love the color. But I'm still not a fan of the idea of more layering to achieve the same color from the original formula. I'm also still not sold on the brush. I'll keep using my retractable lip brush and keep the one Besame includes at home.

(Pssst! Just an aside between you and me. Don't tell Gabriella, but I'm flattered as all heck that she wrote to me. I'm a little sad that I kinda pissed her off and she misunderstood my original post. But Jeesh! I didn't think I would ever have a founder of a cosmetics company write to me and school me! Whoot! YES. I'm actually excited! Oh and she sent me a picture of the upcoming NEW original formula FULL SIZE lipstick!)
image provided by Besame Cosmetics

So there you have it. I hope I have set the record straight. I hope that I have presented you with all the facts. With the information from my original post and this new post you are able to make an informed decision. Just for reference, I own the entire line of Besame Cosmetics. I think that speaks volumes about how much I like this brand...and how I obviously have a problem... but you all already knew that. Now if they would only come out with a taupe eyeshadow...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Purchase - Ineke Deluxe Sample Collection Vol. 2

As a gift to myself I purchased the Ineke Deluxe Sampler Set. Ineke perfumes is a niche perfumer out of San Francisco. Ineke Rühland is a professional nose creating original fragrances in her independent studio in San Francisco. Canadian born and educated, she moved to Europe in 1988. Fluent in three languages (English, French and Dutch), Ineke completed her formal perfumery studies at ISIPCA in France, the only university-level perfumery school in the world. She honed her techniques with sojourns to Grasse, the city that spawned perfumery in France. Ineke apprenticed at an esteemed fragrance house for three years before moving to San Francisco and eventually launching her own line in the summer of 2006.

The Ineke Deluxe Sample pack contains 5 of her 6 fragrances to date. This lovely pack is only $25 USD, and if you purchase it on line from the $25 can be put towards the purchase of a full size bottle of your choice!!

After sniffing and wearing all of the 5 fragrances it’s hard to choose just one that I like. I like them all for different reasons. But I must say my favorite is After My Own Heart. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do.

I have taken a different approach to writing about these fragrances. I will give you the name of the fragrance, the notes, according to the perfumer and a little vignette to accompany the scent.

And here we go.

After My Own Heart. This is a true lilac scent. The top notes, according to Ineke are Bergamot, Raspberry and Crisp Green Foliage. The middle note is Lilac, and the bottom notes are Sandalwood, Heliotrope and Musk. When I first spray this fragrance, the strong green foliage and raspberry give way to the strong lilac. As it dries down you definitely still get the Lilac but the heliotrope is a standout. I am anosmic to musk. That means my nose is unable to detect the scent. Some people can smell it and some people can’t smell it. I’m one that can’t which means that I will never be “The Nose” of any perfume house. That’s OK, though. I get a headache from too much perfume. This scent reminds me of summer. I’m sitting on the back porch. It’s dusk. The sun is almost ready to set. Everything has a golden cast to it. The air is not too humid and the cat is sitting on your lap purring ever so softly. Crickets are singing and there is a slight breeze which makes the leaves rustle in the trees. The breeze brings the thick scent of Lilac from the bushes in the garden. [edit] Bumblebees [edit] harvest pollen from the herb garden, and the buzz buzz coupled with purr purr and kneeding of the cat on your belly, would normally lull you into a relaxed state, but this time you are reminded to clip his claws. That animal is drawing blood!

Balmy Days and Sundays. A lovely clean and green scent. The Notes are: Top - Freesia, Leafy Greens and Grass. Middle - Honeysuckle, Rose and Mimosa. The Base - Chypre Accent and Musk. Another musk base. I guess I only smell the Chypre. Chypre is a name used to describe a family (or concept) of perfumes, usually with a top note of citrus and woody base notes derived from oak moss and ambergris. Just so you know. Hey I had to look it up so I didn’t know either. What Balmy Days & Sundays smells like to me is Green with a slight hint of rose and strongest hint of Mimosa. Oh my. This is a lovely clean fragrance. This is the scent you wear when you go on a picnic in a pretty white cotton dress with the eyelet detail across the neckline, sleeves and hem. You are wearing those black ballerina flats that make you feel like Audrey Hepburn. Your picnic is under a large maple tree. The sun shines though and tickles your eyes and lands on your cheeks. A small breeze blows and the little seed pods flitter down like mini helicopters and land lightly on your blanket. You kick off your shoes, pour a glass of cool lemonade with a sprig of mint and breathe deep. This is the scent of Balmy Days & Sundays. The scent of carefree afternoons looking like Audrey Hepburn in a pretty white dress under a maple tree. Let's hope the ants stay away from the picnic.

Chemical Bonding. This is your citrus and tea mixed together. The notes are Smooth Citrus Cocktail, Tea and Blackberry. The middle is a Dewy Peony and the base is Vetiver, Amber and Powdery Musk. Vetiver is a grass used in many perfumes. It’s closely related to other fragrant grasses like Lemongrass and Citronella. Chemical Bonding is my Arnold Palmer. It is lemonade and iced tea. It’s “Ladies who Lunch”. It is big hats and even bigger bank accounts. It is lunch at the country club after a game of tennis. It is a cool drink after the 18th hole of golf. It is the hot summer sun and the cool smack of the air conditioning when you walk inside. It is cool and refreshing and lemony. The perfect summer drink, the perfect summer scent.

Derring-Do for men. This is a men’s fragrance but could be worn by a woman. It’s “Metrosexual” for lack of a better word, in my limited vocabulary. Top Notes are a Fresh Citrus, Blend, Rain Notes, and Cyclamen (Part of the primrose family). Middle notes of Magnolia and Fougere Accents (umm I have no idea what that is). Base notes of Guiacac wood, Cedar wood and Musk. The initial spray is really in your face citrus and neutral male scent, but the dry down is strong with Cedar wood and since I have no idea what Guiacac Wood is, I’ll wager a bet that I smell that too. Derring-Do is the first spring rain in a tall forest. Your hair is plastered to your face from the recent shower. The raindrops were soft and sweet on your skin. Now that the rain has stopped the creatures of the forest seem to start talking all at once. A giant game of telephone has started. The squirrel says. "It has rained and my tree house is flooded. The nuts I stored over the winter have been unearthed, it’s time to eat!" The Wren says. "The Squirrel is having a feast at his tree house. His winter nuts are finally ready to eat." The grasshopper says. "The squirrel has exposed his nuts and is having a party at his house." The Chipmunk, who also happens to be the Police of the forest, arrests the squirrel for indecent exposure!

Evening Edged In Gold. This rich heady scent is described as the following. Top Notes. Gold Osmanthus and Plum. Middle Notes of Angel’s trumpet, Saffron and Cinnamon Bark. Lastly, base notes of Midnight Candy, Leather and Woods. This is the rich bread pudding at the end of the night. This is the leather chair in a study. This is the cinnamon coffee to end a perfect day. A strong belt of Cognac, a huge bite of bread pudding with extra cream and relaxing in a comfy leather chair with your favorite book (hopefully not Twilight. Oh god I hope you all aren’t Twilight fans) Ah rich, cinnamon-y and woody leather. Sleek, Seductive and Sparkly…like a Vampire.

Do you need this? Yes. If you want a unique fragrance. If you don't want to smell like every other Marc Jacobs Daisy Clone (psst. I have Marc Jacobs Daisy and I love it too. Don't take it personally, but we smell like everyone else when we wear this). If you can't find a local store that sells the Ineke line then this sampler pack is perfect for you. The fragrances you don't like you can give away to your friends and family all while keeping the one you like and using that $25 credit toward a full bottle. How cool is that?

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Purchase - Besame Red Velvet - Reformulated Lipstick. Will this give Besame an edge in a tight market?

Some of you may have read about my love for Besame cosmetics HERE. I was anxious and excited about the re-formulation and release of the Besame Voluptuous Lip Colour Set. I pre-ordered the set in early June and on July 2nd I received the new set. Now it’s July 27th. Why have I waited so long to write a review? Well it certainly wasn’t because I had tons of other things to write about, Darthypie and Mr. Sith to take care of, or Taupe eye shadow to buy. Nope. The reason why is because I have been trying to give this new lipstick set a chance to live up to the holy grail standard that is the original version of Besame Red Velvet lipstick.
Yes. That’s the truth. This newly formulated lipstick is a shadow of its former self. That’s not to say it’s bad. Actually I think this new formulation will have a broader appeal to the average consumer. I am not an average consumer, as I think you have all figured out by now.
Let’s take a look at the differences shall we?
Size: The new Red Velvet is about 2 times the size of the old one. That’s nice. I know some people had a problem with the small older size and felt that it was too expensive for such a tiny amount. This larger size will appeal to the main stream consumer.
Shape: The new shape is reminiscent of 1950’s / 1960’s style. The pointed bullet tip. Gone is the sharp edge of the old style which could be used to line the lips as well as fill in the lips. That’s fine. It makes applying from the tube easier I guess.

Finish: The new finish is a satin finish. Compared to the old version it’s practically “glossy” but in reality, the new finish is far less matte than the old version
Formula: The new version is far more moisturizing. The actual formula of the old versus the new is lost on me as I don’t have the old ingredient list, but I know that have changed it. I just can’t say exactly what ingredients they changed.
Color: OK. Wait. We are talking about Red Velvet versus Red Velvet Elvira, How can the color be different? Well, my sweet little voice in my head that is not the result of a severe psychosis or mental illness, the colors are different. The new Red Velvet is sheerer. A tad less deep and overall more blue than the old version. The old version is far more pigmented and much deeper red than the new version.

Application: The old version of Red Velvet begged for, almost required application via a lip brush. Application straight from the tube almost made the lipstick too thick and cakey. This new version, which comes with a lip brush, still applies nicely with a lip brush but can be applied straight from the tube with a very nice finish.
So why the in depth analysis of one silly red lipstick you ask? Well, first of all there is no such thing as a silly red lipstick. Second of all, quit interrupting me, I’m getting there but you keep jumping the gun. Jeesh! The new formulation of Besame Red Velvet will have a much broader appeal to consumers, is more user friendly and the finish is more modern. That’s great. I would love to see a niche cosmetics brand like Besame thrive and survive in this poor economy. The customer service is exceptional, the product is unique and the look & feel is quite luxurious. However, I really liked the high maintenance application of the old tube. I loved the small and unique packaging, and I loved the fact that the little itty bitty lipstick lasts so long because I used a brush to apply rather than piling it on straight from the tube.
Oh but that new “reformulated price tag” is not so nice. $35 will get you, according to the website:
* A pigment rich Voluptuous Lip Colour lipstick encased in a high gloss enamel tube
* A velvety travel sleeve for the lipstick
* A matching automatic lip pencil
* A hand crafted lipstick brush ergonomically designed to fit perfectly between your thumb and forefinger for a precise application.
* A detailed lipstick application guide
Bleh. Sorry but that’s just not worth it.
The lip liner is not one you can sharpen on your own. It’s a twist up liner. I prefer to use a pencil liner that I can sharpen to a fine point. That’s just me.

The lip brush is not retractable. There is no case for it and in fact in the directions that come with the lipstick don’t even allude to the possibility that you might want to take it with you. Besame still lives in the fantasy land that all women only apply their cosmetics at a vanity and don’t need to do touch ups. Sorry Besame. I end up applying my lipstick in my car, at my desk using a small hand held mirror, or standing in a bathroom leaning over a sink. (Glamorous ain’t it?) The lip brush is nice, but useless unless I figure out a way to carry it with me I’ll be using my retractable lip brush.
The detailed application guide is nice but it’s not anything you probably don’t already know.
Velvet case? OK. That’s nice. But if that’s one of the main selling points, there is a problem.
Do you need this? Probably Not. If you adore red lipstick and are a freak about having all the good ones and you have extra cash lying around, I guess you can go for it, But in the end it’s just an average red lipstick. Sorry, but Besame lost their “edge” when they took the edge on their reformulated lipstick. It's a bit sad really. because Besame was known for unique looking cosmetic packaging, unique products and a unique ideal behind makeup. It almost seems that the newly reformulated lipsticks bend to the peer pressure to "fit in" with the mainstream. Granted, I know that is how one makes money, by appealing to a broader customer base, but part of me wished that the broader customer base was more accepting of the original Besame line.
Here is Besame Red Velvet applied as indicated in the detailed application guide. Pretty, but nothing to rave about.

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And The Winner Is...

The Pink Sith 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway is over and the website has selected a random winner from the 179 entries.

The winner is...


(OK. kinda anticlimactic since it's just initials, but I'm all for privacy.) Let's give her a big hand!

JS has been sent an e-mail and has three (3) days to respond with her address. If I don't receive a response an alternate winner will be selected.

Thanks to all that entered the drawing. I'll be sure to have more giveaways in the future.

Did You Forget?

The contest for the 1 year Anniversary Giveaway ends tonight at 7:35 pm E.S.T. Click HERE to see what I'm giving way and scroll down to enter in the contest widget form. The winner will be announced on MONDAY!!

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Press Sample - Diamond Cosmetics Summer Shades Part Two - Still an excellent value for the rest of summer and beyond

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Today I bring you the rest of the Diamond Cosmetics nail polish shades for summer.
If you remember from my last post, this is a small brand with on line sales. The best thing about these polishes is that they are only $2 each!

The polishes apply evenly and are nicely opaque. Two coats of most shades are all I needed to get a finished streak free look. The polishes dry quickly and don’t get clumpy. The base coat and top coat are great. Diamond Cosmetics Super Base and Super Dry are a mere $2.50 each!

Twilight Violet (cream). Looks a tad cooler in person than in this picture. I really lice this shade for toes. It’s fun and pretty and is opaque in only 2 coats.

Lemon Yellow Zest (cream). Well I will be the last person to recommend yellow nail polish. I just don’t like it. It looks awful on me, but I can’t say for you. I find most yellow polishes to be streaky, this one is no exception. It took 3 coats to get this color but it took forever to dry and looked a little lumpy…mostly because of my inefficient application.

Fiery Coral (shimmer): Oooh a warm hot orange with no hint of pink. The shimmer is very slight. This makes an awesome color for toes!

Hot Summer Pink (shimmer): Holy crap. When I wore this to work this color was practically neon under fluorescent lights. My conservative work environment had quite a reaction to it. I had people staring at my nails, transfixed…but not in a good way. Well I recommend this cool toned hot pink with the minimal blue duo chrome shimmer for anyone that DOES NOT work in my office.

Twinkle Twinkle Periwinkle (cream): OK. I’m cheating. This is not part of the summer collection but look at how pretty this opaque lavender/periwinkle shade is. It has an ever so slight silver shimmer in it but it’s not very detectable when on the nail. I used 2 coats and this color isn’t streaky at all.

Diamond Cosmetics has updated their website. The swatches are much better to view and you get a really good accurate picture of the shades. You can find Diamond Cosmetics HERE

Do you need these polishes? Yes. For an inexpensive price excellent color range and long wear, how could you not? P.S. they have several shades I want One of them being "Never So Ever-Green." Yep. I NEED that one! and I need Chainmail Charm, Dirty Flirty, Joust for Kicks, and, and, and....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Poll

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The unexpected. I recently saw a wedding video that had a most unexpected procession. Watch for yourself here Unexpected Wedding Video
It made me smile, laugh and most important, think. When was the last time I did something unexpected? Am I so caught up in the "Status Quo" to remember that I don't have to be like everyone else? I think the daily grind gets to everyone and, if we're not careful we lose ourselves in the ebb and flow of day to day tasks. It woke me up. It made me realize that I don't have to just blend in and get by.
While my cliché ridden paragraph above may be annoying, what's more annoying is forgetting who I am. I am a freak. (In a good way) I used to wear combat boots, dye my hair purple and listen to Bands like Throbbing Gristle, Ministry, Front 242 and others. Now I blend in with the suburbia that surrounds me. I wear capri khakis and Keen® sandals. My hair is it's own natural color and not one part of my head is shaved. I still listen to Front 242 and the like but now it's from a Volvo station wagon. Have I sold out? Have I become a "mundane"? Or have I grown up and traded in my combat boots for a 401K and a Mortgage? I'm not sure. I know it's some unexpected fun when the house fraus at the local pool see my tattoos. But really it's not that shocking. Enough identity crisis angst. On to the poll.

1) Lip Of The Day? - Besame Red Velvet. A deep red that lasts and lasts. this is the old formula that I adore. Besame has come out with a new version which I will be posting about very soon.

2) Recent unexpected, really good, beauty acquisition? - The Sponge Rose & Sage cream I posted about this week. I was really surprised that I liked it so much. I had such a blah feeling about it at first, but after a while it became a "Holy Grail".

3) What would you do with an unexpected windfall of $100? (p.s. you can't spend it on bills or anything responsible) - I would buy some new shoes. I am stuck in the 1970's and adore high heel clogs. My most loved pair finally bit the dust this week. I need a new pair, but summer is really the worst time to buy such shoes...oh and it's 2009. Not the most fashionable shoes out there. But I'm comfortable in the high heeled wooden soles. I just need me some new shoes darn it!

4) Have you ever had a Surprise Birthday Party? Would you like one? - No I have never had one. But once in high school my friend Tanya had a surprise party for me at my home. No birthday, just a surprise. It was really nice. I really would love to have a surprise birthday party but I don't think anyone would ever throw one for me.

5) Anything unexpected happen to you this week? (good, bad, indifferent?) - My buddy Lachesis (Lindsay) writes for the Allentown She writes a beauty column and it's really very good. It's like an extension of her blog but with a more journalistic approach. Well she unexpectedly e-mailed me this week asking if she could do an article about my blog. I was so flattered and pleased. Of course I said yes. Free press is always welcome! So here is her article. CLICK HERE It made me so happy to read it. Thanks Lindsay!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Press Sample - Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York - The longest perfume name ever

image from Bond No. 9 New York

Let me start out by saying that I am in no way a perfume reviewer. My primitive “nose” has a hard time picking out “notes” in perfumes. I can’t tell the difference between osmanthus and lily of the valley but I’m sure if I were to smell pure osmanthus and pure lily of the valley I could tell the difference. Anyway. What I’m trying to say, in an ever so blundering way, is that I’ll be venturing into the world of perfume reviews. BUT this is my warning. If you wish to read a perfume review that waxes philosophic about tuberose notes mingling with saffron and cinnamon and drying down to a rich vanilla base…this ain’t the place to do it. I will however, give my own unique Pink Sith take on the perfumes I have tried and sniffed.

One more thing. I recently went to a mini meet up of some members of Makeup Alley’s perfume board in Tyson’s Corner, VA. Let me say that those women are freakin' HARD CORE. That’s a good thing. They sniffed so many different perfumes it would make your head spin. I know mine was spinning after a few HOURS. I envied their ability to detect notes in perfumes, I envied their ability to read the French names and speak them with the ease of a native French speaker. (5 years of French in school and all I can do is count to 10 and say. Je ne parle pas français.) I envied their endurance. After 2 hours almost in one store, Art With Flowers, (OMG They are awesome and were ever so generous and patient. The owner was a gem and I will definitely be going back to make more purchases. You all, if you are in VA should check them out too.) the ladies all stopped for lunch, passing tales of perfume stories around the table and passing samples and decants for others to smell too. Then when my headache had almost reached full tilt, they announced that they would be moving on to Neimans and Saks to sniff even more! Oh how I wanted to go play and be a big girl. I wanted to be in with the in crowd. But my spinning head and Darthypie needed attending so home I went.
Those ladies were awesome. I hope they let me play with them again.

This leads me to the main point of my article. A sample of Bond No. 9 New York’s new perfume was waiting for me when I arrived home. Being “sniffed out” I delayed my first sniff of this little treasure until the next day. I’m glad I did.

Bond No. 9 New York is a lovely perfume house located in, where else? New York. They have a huge collection of fragrances but they are all not cookie cutter and each one has its own personality. This Fall, Bond No. 9 is selling Success and Money! (OK. Not really.) Bond No. 9 will introduce their latest creation; Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York. “… with a $cent as $eductively $weet as a dollar sign.” According to Bond No. 9 “Just like money, the scent is genderless -- a warm and spicey gourmand. And just like money, it lures and intoxicates all who give it a sniff. Its spicey-citrussy top-notes -- coriander, cardamom, mandarin, bergamot -- lead into a throbbing heart of jasmine, tuberose, rose, plum and pimento that seques into an oriental base of vanilla, patchouli and amber.”

The signature Bond No.9 bottle shape bears the Warhol image from his collection of 1981 Dollar Signs series. The “…tongue-in-cheek neons (in fashion this fall), are unorthodox too: coral for the front of the bottle, bright blue for the back.”

What I, Pink Sith, encountered when I tried this perfume. Wow! Strong. But in a good way. Not strong as in an old bottle of Estee Lauder perfume that has turned. Strong as in, it makes a statement. You first smell Cardamom and Coriander when you apply to your skin. Then the perfume tends to mellow and while I was unable to detect any rose, jasmine or plum notes, I did smell the rich and warm oriental vanilla, patchouli and amber. The perfume melts into your skin. It is positively striking. I will say that this is NOT a perfume for me. I prefer flowery notes, white flowers, roses and green scents. But I can appreciate this scent by the fact that I feel it is unique and truly does smell “rich”. By the way, I made Mr. Sith wear it. He said it was OK. That means, “it smells nice” in Mr. Sith speak. It really did smell good on him. I think it mixed with his body chemistry very well.

I have decided that Joeybunny needs this perfume. She prefers stronger scents. This one is almost tailor made for her. And heck, she’s looking for a new job in New York, so this is perfect for her.

Do you want a real detailed review of Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York? Then visit Annie’s review on BlogdorfGoodman. She is much more eloquent and poetic about this. My ham handed attempts to describe perfume look like crayon drawings next to her classic oil paintings.

Bond No. 9 New York’s Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York will be released in October.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Press Sample - Sponge Skin Care Krema Triantafillo Rose and Sage Cream - A possible Holy Grail!

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A few weeks ago I was all ready to write a very neutral review of Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream by Sponge Skin Care. I was going to tell you to save your money, that I thought it was a gimmick. I'm glad I didn't. I didn’t realize, until recently, how amazing this new cream I was using really is. I hadn’t given it enough time to work its magic on my skin. Now that I have been using it for a full month I am happy to say RUN do not walk to your nearest computer and get this amazing moisturizer.

OK. Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream by Sponge Skin Care is one of the limited range of skin care items by Sponge Skincare. Those of you not familiar with Sponge Skincare should know that Sponge skincare was originally formulated by a doctor for the care of his pregnant patients. According to the Sponge website: Sponge has been able to pinpoint nature’s most powerful plants thru a chemical-free extraction process then hand-blends each product. Each cream has a base of first pressed extra-virgin olive oil to promote firming, anti-oxidant and overall health benefits to the skin. Manufactured from plants in Greece Sponge skincare is cruelty free and meets many high dermatological standards. Aside from that they are very conscious of their “carbon footprint”. Sponge uses only bio-degradable soy ink, 100% recyclable materials and in the print practice, works exclusively with companies that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified, the strictest in the industry. FSC’s social and environmental requirements are also the highest and meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations including criteria such as respect for human rights of indigenous people, prohibition of use of hazardous chemicals and conversion of forests or any other natural habitat.

OK. So what about the benefits? It’s great and all that they care about the environment but I’m not saving any trees if I purchase yet another cream that I will eventually discard because it’s more hype than benefit. I can safely say that the Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream has worked wonders for my skin. I really love this product so much.

First of all let’s start with what Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream is purported to do to your skin.
According to Sponge: This cream features a strengthening and balancing blend of high-quality rose hips and sage. It calms irritation and protects even the most sensitive of skin types from becoming irritated or uncomfortable. Lightweight yet highly moisturizing, it improves suppleness and radiance for a more beautiful complexion.

Breaking this down. Rose Hips. YUMM. Smell beautiful and are used in many skincare products to calm irritated skin. Ding! Sage. YUMM. Another wonderful scent that also has been used in many skin care products to calm irritated skin. Ding! This cream is lightweight and very moisturizing as well. Now I will say that while my skin is sensitive, it is also oily so I did not wear this cream during the day. I only used it at night but once a day application has turned my red irritated skin around to calm smooth skin. Ding! Applied at night after my Glycolic Acid gel (yes I still need to use this) my red face turns back to its peachy shade in a matter of minutes. The cream sinks in quickly and I never feel like I have a grease pit on my face, nor do I feel that the Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream is not moisturizing enough. Ding! The proof is when I wake up. In the morning my skin practically glows. Even Mr. Sith has complimented me on how pretty I look in the morning. DING !!! DING!!! DING!!!

After one month of use I have noticed a sincere decrease of pimples, dryness around my cheeks and eyes, my pores seem less congested, which in turn makes them look smaller and best of all my skin is smooth and calm looking. I really am amazed at the results. Now the fact that the cream smells wonderful is a huge plus. It’s not chemically or synthetic. Just pure. Light rose & sage and some other scents I can’t quite name yet. The unassuming glass bottle with hygienic pump is as minimal as can be…which I like. I don’t like the thought that I’m paying for packaging like I feel I’m doing with some other brands. This is simple and straightforward. What counts is on the inside!

Here’s the thing. 1.7oz will run you $85 USD. OK. OK. Now before you all get your panties in a bunch over $85 dollar face cream I must share with you my philosophy. You don’t have to agree, but I just wanted you to know where I stand on this. I will spend whatever it takes to make my skin look beautiful. I truly believe that if I use the right products that actually work for me, weather it is a $7 face cream or a $70 face cream as long as it works I will buy it and use it. I have spent countless dollars on products trying to undo the effects of skincare that doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t make sense to cut costs on a face cream if I’m going to spend 10 times that much in products trying to reverse or cover the damage done to my skin by using a product that doesn’t work. For example. I thought I would save some money and stop using the DDF glycolic face gel. What happened? My face started breaking out, my pores became inflamed and I had dull looking, tired skin. I spent even more money trying to “fix” my skin, from additional creams, to lotions to acne treatments to makeup. What I learned was that if I had just spent the money on what worked, I wouldn’t spend money trying to fix something that didn’t work. That being said, Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream works for me. No sense in trying to find a cheaper alternative and then spending hundreds of dollars trying to fix my poor results when I know I have something that works and in the long run I’ll save money.

I think that the 1.7 oz cream I have is going to last me quite a while. Having used 2 pumps every night for an entire month I see that I have a good 96% of the product left in the bottle! That’s awesome. When broken down into cost per use I really see this as an amazing value. Oh and not to mention that the ruddiness in my face is starting to disappear with continued use, which means less need for foundation and concealer. Maybe one of these days I’ll just go out with some tinted moisturizer or BB cream and call it a day. How awesome would that be?

Do you need this? YES. If you have sensitive skin. I really have not felt the need to tout the wonders of “all natural” products in the past, but this is the rare exception where I will say. Yes. You need this. Done.

You can purchase Sponge Skincare directly from their website
HERE or from The DermStore HERE Honestly. I would like to try Ladi Avokanto Avocado Oil and Aromatotherapia Giasemi - jasmine aromatherapy mist in the future. But for now I’m very, very happy with the Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Press Sample - L’Occitane - Ultra Rich Body Cream in Rosebud. Not your momma’s rose!

As oily as my face may be, the rest of me it pretty dry. Perhaps neglect, perhaps the constant move between air-conditioning and hot humid heat and back to air-condition, but something takes a toll on my skin in the summer. Not as bad as in the winter in which I actually get ashy…let me tell you, having been mistaken for a sheet of drywall / paper /(insert anything really white here), to be able to call oneself “ashy” is quite an accomplishment in dry skin. Oh but enough woe is me. Here comes L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream
in Rosebud to the rescue. This limited edition scent is in celebration of the “20th Anniversary of Shea” from L’Occitane! I had no idea they were celebrating Shea. That Shea with a S not with a C minus the a. (Joking) OK. Not that funny. Moving on.

First let me start out with the 25% shea butter in the product. Perfect moisturizing for my skin. I love using this rich creamy product on my feet, legs, arms, hands, almost anywhere. I honestly didn’t think I was going to like this body cream as much as I do. However, the more I use it; the more I see results and love it. I need a little less every day to maintain the soft moisturized feel on my skin. I usually shower at night and put this on after I shower. I love the fact that it really sinks into my skin and does not feel greasy. However, if I use this in the morning I do use it sparingly and allow a little time for it to sink in before I dress.

The scent I selected is Rosebud. The limited edition scent is pretty and L’Occitane offers 4 other limited edition scents including Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Frangipani, and Acacia. They also have the original and lavender in larger sizes. Psst. The original smells a bit like almond and honey. Yumm! The rosebud scent in not your typical chemical synthetic old fashioned rose fragrance. It is derived from the Moroccan rose. This delicate, almost earthy scent is divine. It reminds me of the scent of roses in a garden after a hard rain. The scent of the rose mixing with fresh ozone and rich soil. It really is perfection. I’m a sucker for rose perfume and wear very different rose perfumes. I don’t find that this scent in the L’Occitane body cream conflicts with any of my perfumes.

A 3.5 oz tub will run you $21 USD for the limited edition scents. Larger tubs of the original Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream and Shea Butter Lavender Body Cream will cost you $39 USD for 7 oz.

Do you need this? Yes. I believe this surpasses my holy grail, Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter! The rose scent is awesome, but if that is not your cup of tea, maybe another scent. It’s moisturizing enough for the winter, but light enough to hydrate your skin in the summer and protect it from the air conditioning/hot air blast your skin is exposed to. I got the body cream HERE on the L'Occitane website. I’ll probably be purchasing the Shea & Organic Cotton Discovery Set a skin care set for sensitive skin. As Joeybunny isn’t here to talk me out of buying a new facial mask. Hee hee!

Last but not least. I just noticed that the top of my body cream has braille on it! This is the first beauty product I think I have ever owned that actually uses braille so that the blind and vision impaired can read the label. How freakin' cool is that?


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Poll

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Age. For eons women have been trying to conceal it, escape it, reverse it, do anything to make ourselves look younger. Some women will stop at nothing to recapture their youth. Aside from plastic surgery, other ways to at least maintain our youthful appearance is by using creams, lotions and serums. This idea of applying oils and such to ones face is not a new concept. Recently archaeologists uncovered an ancient Etruscan box said to contain face cream. Apparently the face cream, after all these thousands of years, is still viable because of the cloy surrounding the box it was found in and the alabaster container the cream was in preserved it! It has not turned rancid or melted away. Can you imagine. 2000 year old face cream? How neat is that find. you can learn more about it by clicking HERE.
Since we are on the subject of age I thought it would be neat to ask a few "age" related questions in the Thursday Poll. Don't worry. I'm not going to ask you how old you are...per se. After all I'm only 29 :: cough :: lies ::cough ::
On to the poll!

1) Lip Of The Day? Chanel Bel Air Glossimer! The warmer answer to Chanel Giggle Glossimer. I love it!

2) Would you use that ancient Etruscan face cream they found? - Probably not. Not because if they sold it, it would cost a fortune, and not because it's old and I don't trust putting something that ancient on my skin. I think I wouldn't do it because....OK. Yes. I would. I totally would! I would do it because maybe it's the fountain of most likely isn't but hey, you never know. How else can I explain a medicine cabinet full of potions and lotions?

3) How old was/is the oldest person in your family? - My grandmother lived to 89. She used to wear Tea Rose perfume...and too much of it. She was a tiny little German woman with a strong accent.

4) What is the oldest beauty item you own? And do you use it? - I think I had a fit of purging (Throwing away/giving away) makeup in 2000 so I got rid of my MAC eyeshadow from 1998 (The one with the screw top lid) It was still good too. I don't know what I was thinking. But I do still have my 2 GWP Lancome makeup brushes from 1993. They are freakin' awesome. They are soft and still in excellent shape. The lancome gold overlay is gone but the made in Korea stamp is still there!

5) How old were you when you started to wear makeup beyond just lip gloss and mascara? - I was 13. My mom took me to Elizabeth Arden, of all places, and they did a makeover on me. They recommended a full coverage foundation, concealer, blush, 3 color eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lip liner and lipstick. All that for a 13 year old! It was insane. Oh and the eye shadow colors were Ivory, Olive Green and Burgundy! YIKES! I looked like I had 2 black eyes. I don't know what the SA was thinking or if she knew exactly what she was doing and hated me, but I looked like a freakin' clown. Worst part was; My mom and I didn't know any better and my mother actually shelled out money for all of it! Ugh. I still remember the awful eyeshadow combination and my increasing acne from the foundation. :: Shudders :: I then moved on to DIOR and GUERLAIN! LOL I saved up my allowance and bought a Dior quint of all white shadows that were iridescent with green, pink, blue, yellow and violet duo chrome to them. I also purchased Guerlain Meteorites with a matching Meteorite brush. I looked much more natural but I have no idea what ever happened to that makeup. I must have tossed it during my Punk phase. Ahh the ignorance of youth.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Purchase - Guest Reviewer-Joeybunny on MAC Odd Bits eyeshadow quad from the Colour Craft collection

Today I bring to you all one of my latest purchases - MAC Odd Bits eyeshadow quad from the new Colour Craft collection.

Colour Craft is MAC’s latest LE collection, although I’m sure that by time this is posted 100 more collections will have come out (can you tell I’m jaded?). It’s chock full of overly shimmery Mineralized products and frosty lipcolors (please for the love of all things holy, stay away especially from the blushes - they were horrific), but the brushes and eyeshadows in this collection were actually pretty nice. I picked up the 109 brush (not featured in this review) and Odd Bits. The other two brushes include the 130 (a long, rounded, flatter 188) and the 226 which had been released with Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead a few months back. I have the 226 and don’t particularly care for it, and I swapped my 188 a couple of months ago so the 130 definitely did not appeal to me.

All of the eyeshadow quads in this collection had pretty good pigmentation minus the sparkly black shade in two of the quads (Assemblage and Fashion Patch). Also, two of the quads had awesome taupes - Assemblage has a warm taupe, and Odd Bits has a strange-grey blue that (at least on me, guys!) swatches a very pretty taupe. My first impression of Odd Bits was that it was a much more color coordinated Stila Charmed palette (please refer to my earlier review of this). What I mean by this is that the colors in this little quad actually seem like they were made to be worn together, but are pretty similar to those in the Charmed palette (blue, pink, gold, plum). Of course, the Stila shadows are of a much better quality and texture. MAC’s mineralized shadows have a strange flaky, slightly gritty texture and are somewhat sheer when applied dry. I recommend that they be used wet if you’re really looking for pigment saturation. Also, the texture of these shadows demands a less fluffy, and more compact brush for application. Please, pat these on if you want them to show up!

So, back to the colors - we have, going clockwise from top left, a: grey-silver-blue-taupe weirdness (I really think my darker skin tone brings out the taupe in this), rose-gold, a burgundy with gold sparkles, and a warm gold. For those with lighter skin tones, there’s no real brow bone/highlight shade, but since I’m a NC42 at the moment (I tanned a little) the rose gold works wonderfully as this. The most pigmented shade in this quad (swatched dry) is actually the weird taupe color. The burgundy is disappointingly sheer. The rose gold and gold are ok in terms of pigment. Of course, pigmentation is better when the shadows are used wet. But they all work well together, which is a plus. I have this issue with eyeshadow palettes - I hate when there’s an odd color or two that don’t seem coordinated with the rest! Feels like a waste of money to me.

FYI guys - my swatches are kind of heavy, and all done dry - trust me, these shadows are NOT this pigmented.
Now here’s a normal NON HEAVY set of swatches dry (one finger stroke over the shadow, not pressing too hard) versus a set of wet swatches done with normal pressure.

Now, here’s the important question: would I recommend this to you all? Eh. These retail for $19.50 and are the size of a normal MES duo. This means each individual shade is tiny. Secondly, I’ve already discussed the pigmentation here. You have to be willing to really work with these shades (and yes, the pigmentation of the rest of the palettes is on the same level if not worse than Odd Bits - minus Girlish Romp, the pastel one, because it had the smoothest texture and thus was the most pigmented). Usually MES fans understand this and are willing to shell out cash anyway. But for those non MAC addicts, save your money unless the colors of this or any of the other quads REALLY appeal to you. I don’t mind so much because I have and like a few of the previous MES eyeshadows, I usually wear my shadows wet, and I loved the colors in this quad. Otherwise, there’s no way I would have paid for this.

Really, and this is just my honest opinion here, if you’re going to buy any MAC products at all, please only buy from the permanent line. The quality of MAC’s permanent products is much greater than the quality of their LE products for at least the past 2-3 years. This newest collection is no different.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Press Sample - Kenzoki Energetic Face Mask with Bamboo Plant Water - A hydrating treat even for my oily skin.

image from

Ask Joeybunny. I'm a complete sucker for facial masks. She talks me out of buying most of them but I recently had an opportunity to try out Kenzoki’s Energetic Face Mask with Bamboo Plant Water. Joeybunny can't be everywhere to talk me out of stuff! The creamy, non drying mask is supposed to soften and improve skin firmness. It’s also supposed to provide a sort of cooling relief to the skin. As far as cooling goes, I can’t agree with that. Calming, yes. Cooling, no. It does leave my skin soft, but since I refuse to admit my age I will not say if it firms. OK. It did seem to “firm” my skin. It did hydrate my skin well, which in turn plumps it up, which in turn makes it look firmer. Not that I need to firm my skin. Why I’m a spring chicken. I’m barely 29 (yeah right) years old.

This mask is really rich and does not melt or dry while you are waiting for it to work its "magic".

I’m a big fan of the Kenzoki skincare line. I loved their cleanser, and serum. You can read a review here. Either I’m slow or I didn’t read the directions, but this colorless creamy mask came with a small disc like sponge for what reason I had no idea. I thought it might be used to apply the mask, as it does come in a large tub and there is no spatula to extract the thick, creamy, mask from the packaging. But I could not find why this sponge was included. It didn’t make application any easier or less messy. I rinsed off the sponge after I applied the mask and set it aside to dry. I relaxed for a few minutes, put some cut cucumbers on my eyes and hoped that Darthypie wouldn’t need anything for the next 10 minutes. Fast Forward to 10 minutes later. I want to eat the cucumbers but the mask has touched them to I toss them in the trash. Now I’m hungry and I need to wash this mask off. I go to rinse off the mask and while the creamy mask has not dried on my skin, it certainly is not a breeze to remove. I’m kind of rubbing with my hands now and the mask is still not coming off as well as I would like. Now I’m getting annoyed and I’m still hungry. I remember that silly sponge and begin to use that to remove the mask. AH HA! “That’s right Sherlock. The sponge is there to help REMOVE the mask.”, I say to myself. Hey, I was a ‘C’ student what do you all want? I’m a little slow when it comes to things like that.
A close up of the "sponge of confusion".

Once I figured out how to remove the mask I was able to reap the results of the mask. My skin just glowed! As oily as my skin is, it’s still dehydrated (annoying), so using a mask that re-hydrates without irritating my skin is a godsend. I love the smell. The bamboo plant water is hard to describe. It’s green, it’s clean and sweet all at the same time. Like I said before; it reminds me of the smell of the lone ice cream shop at Bethany Beach in the late 1970’s / early 1980’s. You know; the one next to the putt-putt golf place that was $1.25 a game? Ahh memories!

Do you need this mask? Well let’s put it this way. No one needs ANY mask. With proper cleansing and moisturizing and by having a healthy diet and lifestyle, you don’t need any of the potions and lotions anyone sells. I do not need it, but I like to indulge from time to time and since I don’t eat well or get my 10 glasses of water a day (unless diet orange soda counts towards my 10 glasses), any extra help in that arena is much appreciated. $42 will get you 1.7 oz of this mask. It’s definitely on the pricey side, but since you only have to use a very small amount for your entire face and MAYBE use it once a week I think it’s a fairly good value when it is broken down into cost per use. You can purchase Kenzoki skincare directly and only from the website.

Monday, July 13, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PINK SITH BLOG! oh yeah, and free stuff to win!

"Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Pink Sith Blog,
Happy Birthday to you!"

One year ago today I had my first post in the Pink Sith Blog. It was a combination of frustration with and narcissism that started me on the road to where I am today. Yes ladies and gents. I am one year old. OK, my blog is a year old and I'm actually surprised how quickly a year has passed.

over the past year (Check them out in my I learned a lot in this first year. I made mistakes, I posted dome neat stuff. I went from ZERO followers to 107! I'm really happy. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but it definitely was as fun as I hoped...even more. I have had the pleasure of "meeting" some other terrific bloggersblogroll on the side of the page) and some awesome readers too!

In the next year of the Pink Sith Blog I am hoping to change my logo, add more features to the webpage and have even more giveaways.

Speaking of giveaways I have a collection of some of my favorite and, hey let's face it, FREE stuff that I have amassed, to give away to one lucky reader.

Enter your information into the contest widget at the bottom of the page and on the 27th of July I will announce the winner. You can only enter once. Readers from anywhere in the world are allowed to enter. You must be at least 18 years old to enter and participate.

So what am I giving away?

Well let's look at the big picture shall we?

Ah yes. a huge burlap tan and orange bag from a GWP I got at Saks Fifth Avenue. It's great as a beach bag and also to carry around all your loot from the giveaway.

In the picture we have the following:

Sephora Beauty Insider Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Birthday Gift. Yeah It was free because I'm a Beauty Insider, but I don't use squeeze tube glosses and I figured, they are pretty colors so why not give it away. By the way. I do own one of these Sephora glosses and I must say for a squeeze tube gloss it has amazing pigmentation and decent wear.

Shu Uemua Classic Dimante False eyelashes and eyelash adhesive. I just don't wear false lashes, nor do I ever have an occasion why not have someone actually use these?

Shu Uemua Sweet Lip Gloss in Sakura Candy. Another squeeze tube gloss. Shu glosses are awesome. You can't go wrong with these.

Frederick Fekkai 3-Minute Mask for hair. It's a sample size 1.7 oz, but I bet (depending upon hair length) there is enough for two to three applications. I have a full size jar that I use once a month. My hair always feels so much better and silkier afterwards.

Yves Saint Laurent Grommage Action Biologique - Natural Action Exfoliator. This is also a sample size 0.5 fl oz. I have a full size tube that I use and it's a unique exfoliator. Look for a review in the next week or so.

B & C Labs (Sony) Orange Lip Balm. If the packaging isn't awesome enough the actual balm is wonderful as well. Scented like orange, but no taste and very emollient on the lips. I have a little collection of these myself.
Stila Shine On Gift Of Glaze - 8 full sized Stila lip glosses in their distinctive brush applicator. there are enough diverse colors in this set to please everyone....I think.

Clarins Lisse Minute - Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer. This is a very nice primer for any type of skin. It creates a poreless look. This is a sample size that I have taped the top just so it won't leak. 0.13 oz

My Beauty Diary Provence Lavender Sheet Masks. This is a set of two lavender essence infused sheet masks. The scent is so calming. I have already used up my own set and I wanted to give one of you a chance to try them out. It's a great relaxing night time treat for your skin.

Well that's is. It's a rather odd combination of things to give away, but a lot of these items I have used or do use and I really do like them all. Maybe next year I'll have some super neato keen full sized Kenzoki Skincare, Chanel Blush, or Shu Uemura Eyeshadow or something along those lines. Let's wait and see.

Thank you to everyone that reads this blog. It makes me so happy that you even visit this site. Even when you don't agree with me on certain reviews I appreciate the fact that you continue to come back and participate. Stay Beautiful Ladies and Gents.....and GOOD LUCK!

Enter the giveaway here:

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