Monday, January 25, 2010

BECCA Cosmetics Lip Tint In Milla

I think one of the hardest lip colors to find, for me, has been a sheer, dark red tint that not only lasts, but also feels good. The problem with some sheer lip colors is that they fade quickly or they leave a stain on your lips that is not the original color of the lipstick *coughcoughCliniqueAlmostHoneycoughcough*. I finally found that perfect sheer deep red color when I purchased BECCA Lip Tint in Milla. Described as a "sheer black currant" THIS is what Clinique "Almost Honey" Should have looked on me instead of that bright purple fuchsia mess that looked like a lipstick massacre on my face.

You see what I wanted was that "just bitten and sucked your arterial blood look" And thanks to BECCA Cosmetics Lip Tint in Milla I have finally achieved it. Now I'm sure that BECCA Cosmetics wouldn't be pleased to know that I am comparing their precious lipstick to the trendy Vampire thing, but I'm not talking about glittery vampires. I'm talking about The cool Vampires in
The Hunger Starring Susan Sarandon (hot), Catherine Deneuve (hotter), David Bowie (Hottest) and Dan Hedaya (not hot at all, but an excellent character actor). The Hunger uses a song from one of the best Goth Bands ever, Bauhaus. Peter Murphy (also quite hot) sings his Goth Anthem, "Bella Lugosi's Dead" in this movie, causing many a young goth chicks in the 80's to put on extra black eye liner and more talcum powder to white out their complexions because they were so inspired. Yes. The Hunger is....Uh wait. I was talking about lipstick wasn't I? I get off on a tangent about Peter Murphy and Catherine Deneuve and look at me. I'm all fermuddled. (no fermuddled is not a real word.)

BECCA Cosmetics came out with the Lip Tints a few years ago? Maybe it was last year, but until then BECCA had never even had lipsticks...that I know of. So this was big news when they were finally released. Perhaps they were perfecting the formula or the packaging or the colors, but whatever they did, it was all worth the wait.

The packaging is a hefty metal tube. When I first got the lipstick I thought I had received a faulty tube because I couldn't open it. It was only by accident that I turned the cover of the case and realized that the lipstick covers screw on. What a great thing! If I had a nickle for every time I lost the top to a lipstick I'd have at least $1.35. (Hey. That's a lot when you break it down into nickles!)

The formula is so moisturizing. It has excellent "slip" meaning it glides on without tugging on my lips. The color is true, when it fades or wears off you don't get a different under color, in fact, it stains my lips nicely so that when it does wear off my lips still retain some color of the original product without that icky ring around the lips look. According to the BECCA website the Lip Tints are "Infused with a moisturizing formula containing Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Honey and other essential fatty acids with natural anti-oxidants to leave lips soft and moisturized" Oh that is awesome. Oh and the lip tints are scented. if you don't like scented products I feel bad for you because you will miss out on this light vanilla Caramel scent that is soooo good it makes me want to eat the lipstick! It doesn't taste like caramel, so I'm safe. Oh but I do love the scent of this product sooo much. The color in the tube looks intimidating, but once applied on your lips it deposits a sheer, glossy, deep berry stain that looks soft and fresh.

The BECCA Lip Tints retail for $24 USD but I purchased mine during one of their sales. I think I got 25% off. Either way. I would pay full price for this. That's how much I like it. It comes in 8 colors described as the following:
Milla (sheer black currant)

Gisella (sheer caramel nude)

Vendela (sheer rosy nude)

Estella (sheer soft beigey pink nude)

Alina (sheer orange/red)
Laelia (sheer peach nude)
Yasmina (sheer mauve nude)

Tatiana (sheer raspberry pink)

Most of the colors are nude, which is to be expected with the BECCA "Less Is More" philosophy, but they all seem to be beautiful.

So the big question is, Do You NEED this? Well If you want a sheer glossy lip tint in lipstick form...then HECK yes! But if you turn your nose up at scented lipsticks, then the answer is no.

Ingredients:Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Ricinus Communis(Castor) Seed Oil, Phytosteryl Oleate, lsostearyl Isostearate, Hydrogenate Polyisobutene, Polyethylene, Polyisobutene, Kaolin, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Flavor (Aroma), Beeswax, Ozokerite, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Luffa Cylindrica Seed Oil,Tocopheryl Acetate,Honey Extract, Water (Aqua), Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Caprylyl Gllycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hexylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Talc. MAY CONTAIN + /: Iron Oxides (Cl 77491, Cl 77492, Cl 77499), Titanium Dioxide (Cl 77891), Carmine (Cl 75470) Yellow 5 Lake( Cl 19140:1), Red 7 Lake( Cl 15850:1), Red 30 (Cl 73360)


  1. I'm always nervous about lip tints because it usually seems to settle into the natural lines I have in my lips - did you have this problem at all?

  2. I have a couple of these that I love, but I don't own this one yet. I should fix that.

    These do smell lickable, like really good vanilla fudge.

  3. ooh i love the shade on ur lips

  4. The shade looks really pretty on you :) Thanks for posting the ingredients!

  5. Ohhh, that is lovely. I've never tried Becca's lipstick.

  6. that colour looks so different on your lips! very moisturising as far as i can see. i have yet to spot a becca counter here. maybe i have been to all the wrong places.

  7. hahaha Elvira,
    This post just ooozes a 80's goth vibe - I completely forgot you were reviewing a lip stain! hahahha

    yeah my lips are naturally borderline corpse/brown tinted and I know this would not be a good look for me but it does look great on you in that Catherine Deneuve vampire goddess way. Oh now I'm thinking about that kiss scene - so hot!

  8. I LOVE lip tint, and lip tint in the form of a lipstick tube sounds just too awesome! Ooooh lemmings...if only I could find it here. =/ *search online*

  9. Kristy: No this stain does not settle into fine lines!

    Grace London: Yes Indeed you need to fix that. I want a few more too!

    Vanilla: Thanks!

    DemetraGeorge: YW. Hopefully it doesn't have ingredients in it that irritate you. :-)

    Pixie: Thanks. This was my first one. I say wait for when they have a sale, but buy early as these sell out fast!

    Jojoba: Yes. Completely different on the lips than in the tube. You must be looking in the wrong places for a counter. You are in their home country now. :-)

    Lexi920: OMG. You remember the movie! That Kiss scene was amazing!

    Huda: They have multiple locations and there are a bunch of other etailers that sell it too! Happy Shopping!

  10. Thanks for the wonderful review on Milla! This is one of my favorites too.

  11. Gah, I want Estella and Yasmina! this looks gorgeous on you =) love it!


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