Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in Mink

A little while ago a lovely reader sent me a gift of 2 eye shadows. One was Cargo Yukon (Which is one of the prettiest taupes ever, but sadly discontinued) and the other was Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Eye shadow in Mink. The Boots shadow was a total surprise. How sweet right?


Now I will warn you that the Boots No. 7 eye shadow is not awe inspiring nor does it make you moan with pleasure when you open the small compact with a little sponge applicator. No. It's no Cargo Yukon, Fyrinnae Beholder or for that matter Shu Uemura ME 945. This shadow is just your average brown based light taupe. But that doesn't mean it isn't special. All taupes are special....duh! Some are special stand alones and some are special bases...and some are specially crappy (HA!).

The Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in Mink is a special base. It is lightly pigmented, so if you want a bold look you won't reach for this, but it's light enough that you can use it as a base shadow for other taupes, greens, blues, browns, plums, you name it. The sheerness combined with the stay put formula makes this shadow excellent for layering under others because it won't become muddy or murky when other shadows are blended into it.

Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Eye Shadow in Mink has a soft pearl shimmer finish. It is a light neutral brown based taupe and it does not seem to crease or fade when worn with an eye base. Lighter skin tones will like this shadow as an all over wash for one of those "No Makeup" Makeup looks, while darker skin tones will enjoy this as a sweet highlight along the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

With a price point around $6 USD how can you not get this? Now I will say that this color is VERY similar to Bourjois Ombre Stretch Eyeshadow in Brun Nylon, which I did not like, but I think that's because after all that was SPENT on that shadow all I got was a mild taupe. However, for just a few dollars I can get the exact same color and performance from Boots. Plus I don't have to go to an Ulta to purchase it.

Sorry Ulta but your customer service in store sucks. I'm always greeted by some dead behind the eyes looking Sales Associate (SA).
Not actual Ulta Sales Associate. Just a creepy doll to show the dead behind the eyes look.

She appears that she would rather chat with her fellow cow-workers than ring me up and I end up having to remind the SA that I have enough points to qualify for a discount. Yes. This has happened to me twice.

Approximate conversation
Me: "Doesn't that make enough points for $3 off the purchase?"
SA: "Uh Yeah. Like do you want to do that?"
Me: "Yes. Of Course! Why wouldn't I?"
SA: "Uh huh." *Flashes dead behind the eyes glare at me*
Me: "OK. Well. Thanks....I guess."
SA: "Uh huh."

Yeah. So I can purchase Boots No. 7 Shadows at Target or online from Drugstore.com. Now with Target I'll still get a dead behind the cashier, but at least I'll be able to pick up diapers and windshield washing fluid at the same time.


  1. All taupe are special..lol. (I have a friend who likes to collect creep dolls like that, the worse part is that she collects random body parts as the whole doll is too expensive...)

  2. Well as I love the Bourjois Brun Nylon shade, I will have to pick this up on my next trip to Target (wish I had known yesterday when I was actually IN Target). Thank you dearest Sith, my little taupe family grows by leap and bounds.
    (Oh and I found Dita and am stalking her too)

  3. LMAO, I love the disclaimer under the doll. I so appreciate your sarcasm, totally cracks me up :-D

  4. I don't think I own any taupes =x

  5. Citrine: OMG. She only collects the parts. Ekk! That's even more creepy than having those dolls sitting around.

    Fatbottomdgrl: YAY! I'm so glad you are stalking Dita too!

    LipstickChick: Thanks! I like to make people laugh.

    GeekyEejit: OMG! You need at least one! Get thee to a store and buy one ASAP! :-)

  6. I love your taupe posts :) great to see an available product from target. By the way I also like your paul and joe posts; is it possible to get swatches of their blushes? :D


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