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CARGO blu_ray™ Blush Highlighter in Pink

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Cargo is pulling out of Sephora so they recently cut prices for all Cargo cosmetics on the Sephora website and in most stores. Most items if not all of them were 50% off. I love a sale and have always wanted to try a few items from the blu_ray™ line so I figured this was the perfect time to scoop up a few lovelies.

The first thing I went for was the blush/highlighter in pink, described as a peachy pink, this is definitely more peach than pink. The blush is a pink based peach color with large and small gold glimmer/shimmer particles in it. If you are dark skinned you will be using this more as a highlighter than a blush. If you are cool toned you may not like this blush on you at all. The blush has no scent that I can detect and comes in a smart little square, black plastic, compact with an ample sized mirror.

According to Cargo this is a highlighting blush created especially for use with "high-definition film". Yeah That's perfect for me...because you know...all the HD film making I'm involved in.

I personally think that HD was invented by Plastic Surgeons to boost their business. People look TERRIBLE in HD and the only way to make them "pretty" is TONS of makeup and a lot of plastic surgery...and even then, it really only makes them look like aliens rather than human beings. I digress.

Apparently this blush/highlighter will, "...provide flawless results while looking completely natural during high-definition filming, blu_ray™ Blush/Highlighter is a universally flattering shade of blush with a velvety formula that adjusts with ambient lighting, providing a natural finish day or night."

OK. I can agree with that. The formula is soft and "velvety" and once applied the blush I did find it to be a fairly natural or should I say neutral blush on me. It's not my natural flush but it looks like a soft neutral color on my cheeks. It definitely applies darker on the skin than it looks in the pan. I guess that's because the "...Photochromatic pigments adjust with the light to ensure natural looking makeup." Uh huh. suuuure. "The irregular particle size helps to scatter and diffuse the light creating an optical blurring that gives the look of a softer, refined skin texture. "

OK. Let's stop now. This blush looks VERY shimmery on me. Not quite metallic like a MAC Mineralized Skin Finish type highlighter, but shimmery none the less. It's sort of glittery too which I'm not sure I like. Is it me or does this blush look a lot like NARS Orgasm blush?

The Cargo blush is not that memorable. It's rather forgettable. I guess if you aren't much of a blush person you might like this blush because you can just swipe it and go, but then why are you buying blush in the first place right?

Worst of all, this blush didn't really last that long on me. I guess I'm spoiled by the Chanel Joues Contraste Blushes I wear that last all dang day. This blush looked like it was gone by 1:00. Surprising, since when I swiped my blush brush over the product it picked up a TON of powder, you would think that it would last longer since it seemed so pigmented. Sorry. Not the case.

Do You NEED this? I don't think so. I paid $13.50 since it was on sale, and it regularly retails for $27. This blush is NOT worth $27. It's probably worth $13.50 to carry around in my makeup bag for days when I need a little blush boost or I forget to use blush (yes. it has happened once or twice) but it's really not worth the retail price. Save your money for a Chanel JC and you will be happy...or at least I will be happy...and after's all about me anyway.


  1. I don't own any products by CARGO, I almost got sucked in and bought stuff I didn't need nor want when I found out they were on sale at Sephora. At the last minute I decided not to get anything. I agree most people look terrible in HD. In fact I have yet to find one product I like with "HD" in the title that I liked or worked for me. Great review, now you have me lemming Chanel Joues Contraste Blushes since I have non in my collection. =)

  2. I'm going to take your word and save my money for a Chanel JC! XD

  3. Great review--I never understood the HD line really. I mean, just make finely milled powders and great colors. Although I always wanted Cargo to come up with some great hits, but their products seemed to be trying too hard from a marketing perspective in recent years. Thanks again! And yes, JC's rock.

  4. You cracked me up with your comments about HD makeup!

    I just purchased this product online (and on sale) because I love several other CARGO products (their Blu Ray concealer, regular eyeliner pencils, and eyeshadow palettes are Holy Grails for me!). I'm a little disappointed that it's so glittery/shimmery, since that usually makes my pores look huge. Thanks for the great review!

  5. you know what? this was on my wish list for the longest time and i nearly got it when it was on sale. i can't thank you enough for a thumb down of the blush. lol. lemming killed forever and no longer wondering if i missed a good bargain.


  6. aw, that's too bad you didn't like it. Well I'm still curious about it, so I'd like to be the first to know when you add this to your blog sale, LOL.

  7. I should slap you for caving into the Cargo clearance. Bad, bad Elvira! lol

  8. i was disapointed i had missed this blush on sale because i wanted to try it. I love cargos regular line of products however after seeing how sparkly this is i am glad to have missed it.

    also in response to Diane. I totaly agree i dont own any HD products because the one product i did have (a primer) i felt like made my inperfections worse.

  9. As I read this my first thought was "ooh, Cargo's on sale?" :P I haven't bought anything from that brand in years, though. At least I'm not much of a blush person, otherwise I might have been tempted by that. Thanks for the review!

  10. I have this in Peach (& paid full price). Doesn't show up on me & reminds of a face powder. Not very impressed with it, too powdery.

  11. Diane: Every woman should have at least one Chanel blush in her collection! Yeah. I think in retrospect what I got from the sale wasn't all that great.

    Huda: Do! Save your pennies. I think they are worth it.

    Amy: Yeah. I think once cargo got rid of the e/s singles and reformulated their products they lost touch with their original mission.

    Katherine: I hope the blush works for you. Hopefully since the glitter is different sizes it won't accentuate your pores.

    jojoba: YAY! I slayed a lemming! I love doing that for people!

    Stephanie: You know me too well. Yeah I'll be posting new/used things to sell soon! That will be one of them.

    Joey: Be Nice!

    Jayme: Yeah. I think you dogged a bullet!

    Tiffany: If you aren't a blush person this was a good sale to miss. :-)

    Monica: Bleh. Sorry this didn't work for you either. Hopefully you can sell it or give it to a friend.


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