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Decléor - Aromessence Rose D'Orient - Soothing Concentrate

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Since I started my regimen of Retin-A Micro I have notice little improvement in my acne but a big change in the texture and sensitivity of my skin. Umm. Just so you know, it's supposed to work the other way around. but my skin hates me so we have a long on going battle. A new weapon in my war with my skin is the Decléor - Aromessence Rose D'Orient - Soothing Concentrate. This is an oil. Yes, an oil I put directly on my face and it has made a HUGE difference in my skin.

Let me tell you a brief history about Decléor. They were founded over 20 years ago by a team of aromatherapy experts. They cornered the niche market by applying their knowledge of the plant realm with modern research techniques to essential oils. Now many still believe that aromatherapy to be just a fluke and have no scientific basis, but with companies such a Decléor they are quickly showing the world that aromatherapy and use of essential oils from plants to have a strong footing in the scientific community for skin care.

According to the
Decléor website "Decléor AROMESSENCE™ concentrates are 100% pure, 100% natural, 100% active and preservative-free."
I like that. Preservative free is always a good thing in my book.

OK. On to the product I ordered. Decléor Aromessence Rose D'Orient - Soothing Concentrate uses Rose and Chamomile Essential Oils to disinfects and soothe the skin. That's what I needed. Something that would help with calming my skin down but not aggravate any existing acne I might have.
So I get the little 0.5 oz bottle in the mail and it is wee. OK. It's not microscopic but I look at it thinking. Wow. That's kinda small. I hope I didn't get ripped off. Upon reading the directions I find that I ONLY need to use 2 drops of the oil at night and 2 drops in the AM. Well. I think to myself, that's not so bad I guess. That might last me 4 months or so. Oh and the scent. Well it's kind of hard to describe. It's very "Herb-y". Not very rose like. I think the scent is nice but those with sensitive noses might not like this one. It is not flowery at all...for those that don't like rose scents.

The neck of the bottle is very tiny and while I wish that this bottle included a dropper I am resigned to the fact that I have to apply 2 drops to my fingertips and blend it into my entire face. Thankfully, when I tip the bottle the oil just doesn't pour out. The neck is so small that I really need to tap the bottle to get the drops of oil to come out. During some trial and error I find that 3 drops is better for me in the evening an 2 drops in the daytime.

After cleansing with my Clarisonic and after applying my Retin-A Micro, I simply put a drop of Decléor - Aromessence Rose D'Orient - Soothing Concentrate on three fingertips (clean!) and touch them to my other hand and gently pat the oil all over my face. I take special care to pay attention to areas that seem exceptionally dry or irritated. I follow up with my regular moisturizer and eye cream and hit the hay. In the morning I use 2 drops patted lightly on to my skin and follow with my moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation primer.

I have been using this oil for one month now. Let me tell you how it has worked. First of all, before I started using this oil I had a red patch of skin, about the size of a nickle that was dry, itchy and peeling on my left cheek. I wasn't sure what it was but it was hard to cover up, it itched and my regular moisturizer wasn't helping it. I even went so far as to use my Nivea cream in the blue tin from Germany on this dry patch and NOTHING changed for weeks. Within ONE WEEK of using the Decléor - Aromessence Rose D'Orient - Soothing Concentrate that dry patch was gone, the redness was gone and no itching. It seriously got rid of it in a week. I was impressed.

As for the rest of my facial skin. It brought it back into balance. I was seriously drying out my skin because of the acne medications, but the Decléor was able to balance my skin out. I'm not dry like the desert any more but for a while I felt I was too oily, so I cut back on using the oil only once a day (in the evening) so far, my skin is calm, less red, not irritated by the acne medicine and in general balance.
Honestly I find it to be a miracle. It worked so quickly and I didn't get breakouts from the oil and my skin felt softer and smoother and more calm after each use.

Do you NEED this? Well yes if you have sensitive skin that is acting crazy this cold winter. If you are sensitive and have oily skin this won't make you MORE oily but you might want to use less or none in the AM before your makeup routine. Those with dry skin will love this and might find their skin drinking up the serum quickly. If that's the case Decléor recommends that you use the serum along with the matching moisturizer and facial was from the line. Of course they are going to say that they want to make money right? If you find that if this formula isn't strong enough for those with dry skin you should check out Aromessence Angelique - Nourishing Concentrate with hazel seed, avocado and rosemary oil. Those with oily and combination skin might benefit from Decléor Aromessence Ylang Ylang - Purifying Concentrate. But please note, I have only tried the Decléor - Aromessence Rose D'Orient - Soothing Concentrate, and I'm just going off what the website says.

Ingredients: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) Seed Oil, Zea Mays (Corn) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter Orange) Oil, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Citrus Aurantium Amara (Bitter Orange) Neroli Oil, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Rose Flower Oil, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil


  1. I hope they aren't trying to charge more than $15 for this stuff because oils without preservatives harbor dangerous bacterias very quickly and also it's made out of almond and corn oil which can are very cheap ingredients.

  2. I've always been interested in this line but I just haven't gotten around to trying it. I've been using the Paul and Joe Treatment Oil around my nose, mouth, and eyes and it's been giving me the same kinds of results you saw with this product! Yay for non-fattening oils, hah!

  3. First off, good for you for trying oils! I actually wholeheartedly believe in their good power for skincare. I actually make my own moisturizer out of jojoba oil and olive squalane and a bit of lavender and chamomile essential oils. It really balanced out my skin too. Before I started using jojoba I was so oily you wouldn't believe I'd just washed my face an hour ago!! Within 6 months I could call my skintype "normal" and whenever I slack off on the oil or go try some other moisturizer, I start getting oily again! Glad it's working out for you! =)

    Second, in response to the first comment, you're actually much more likely to get bacterial growth in something with WATER, rather than something that's completely oil. That's why when oils go rancid, it's because they've oxidized, not because something is growing in it. Even so, Decleor has covered their butts because tocopherol or Vit. E. oil IS actually an antimicrobial. Additionally, while I do agree that Decleor is overpriced, I've know I've looked up essential oils many many times, and the ones in this one are actually extremely expensive. I'm not sure that they're totally necessary or that they're actually what's effective, but it does put the price in perspective a little.

  4. Kristy: That was kinda harsh.

    Joey: Oooh I bet the P&J oil smells beautiful!

    Catherine: Thank You! I knew the Vitamin E had something to do w/ keeping the oil safe. Yes. I do agree that it was more than I wanted to spend on an oil. Now that I now how awesome they can be when combined with my skin care I'll do some more investigating before I buy a new one. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Elvira: It WAS harsh, that's true, but I get really upset to think about how many consumers are taken advantage of by faulty advertising!! Do you read The Beauty Brains blog? That's how I learned about a lot of ingredients and whether or not there is actual science behind products. :)

    For such devoted customers (and we LOVE our skincare and cosmetics!) I just think it's a shame when companies use dishonest or misleading messages. We really WANT to like their products!


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