Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MAC Lip Gelee In Resort Life

The lipgelee looks a tad more pink in real life

One of the more annoying things about getting old is that you tend to get set in your ways and resistant to change. Come on. How many old people do you know that would stop watching the TV show Numb3rs in order to watch Better Off Ted (a MUCH better show)? Exactly. So when I saw the new MAC Lip Gelees in the Lillyland collection I didn't want to like them because I like my lip gloss with a wand not in a squeeze tube. I never liked squeeze tube lip gloss and I certainly wasn't going to start now. I'm old and set in my ways....except. I hate that Numb3rs show and I really love Better Off Ted, so maybe I would like squeeze tube lip gloss. Maybe.

Honestly, what convinced me was the absolutely beautiful color of Resort Life. It's a beige with pink and silver glitter. But MAC describes it as "off white with pink pearl" Toe-May-Toe; Toe Mah-Toe.
It is fairly sheer and l feel it looks best over a lip stain. However if you wanted to sparkle up a smokey eye this would be a neat neutral nude to put on your lips. It's pretty. Nuff said.

With Flash

Without Flash

MAC Lip gelee formula is soft and moisturizing and this specific one is a glitter bomb. I'm very fond of Dazzleglasses from MAC and I like glittery lip gloss so this was right up my alley. The gloss comes in a squeeze tube with a slanted tip. It made application easy and with mild pressure just the right amount comes out during application. The tube is 0.5 oz and retails for $14, which is better than the Dazzleglass that is 0.06 oz for $18! The gloss itself is scented with the signature Vanilla scent that all MAC lip products seem to have and is smooth and non sticky. I like very much that it's non sticky...however if I apply too much lip gelee it can look a little gooey on my lips. I just spread it out a bit more and it's all fixed...thankfully.

One drawback is that the some of the glitter in Resort Life can go rogue at times and get inside your mouth and you get that icky gritty feeling between your teeth. Gah. I HATE that. It's like having sand in your mouth. once teeny tiny piece of glitter feels like Snookie for The Jersey Shore just dumped her sandy flip flops in your mouth. Weee. That's a really gross image. I apologize. ::shudders::
(Could that photo of her be ANY more Photoshopped. Hellooo? Photoshop is supposed to make you look better imagine what she looks like without the airbrushing?) OK,. the glitter isn't as bad as the nightmare inducing image implied above, but if you have that as a pet peeve it's gonna annoy you. Oh and one more thing. The lipgelee does not seem to last as long as my Chanel Glossimers, but since it's 1/2 the price I can use twice as much...right?

OK. Moving on.

Do you NEED this? Well I say yes, but glittery lip gloss is a love it or hate it thing. I love it, and now that I know that I actually LIKE squeeze tube lip gloss I'm ready to ditch my walker and prune juice and take that big leap into the lip gloss squeeze tube foray!

Resort Life over a Cover Girl #415 lipstain


  1. Gorgeous Color, may have to think about purchasing....and DO NOT mess with my Snooki,,,,those people cannot possibly be for real. They was a really funny and excellent article in the New Yorker magazine on them in the last issue. Said it was liking an anthropologist peeking through the trees @ a newly discovered tribe of people.

  2. The color looks really nice on you, I thought resort life was the most unique of the bunch but I personally don't like shimmer in glosses unless they are very discrete...

    btw, I wonder if you have accidentally left a 0 for the dazzle glass, I though it's way less than lip gelee, like 0.06oz instead of 0.6...

  3. Cindy (Prime Beauty)January 20, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    It looks gorge on your old decrepid mouth---puhleeeeze! I have 20 yrs on ya! I have an aversion to pot glosses so I understand the tube problem. Looks worth it to me!

  4. Citrine! You are right. I forgot a 0. it should be 0.06 oz. I just updated the post. Thanks for catching that!

  5. That is a color thats right up my alley!! I've never tried MAC lip gelee. I'm not very impressed with any of their glosses.. but I'm going to have to check this one out. :) TY for the post!

  6. Elvira,
    I am shaking my fist at you and right before I tell you to get off my lawn I will admit that you talked me into keeping my resort life gloss. I was torn between keeping or returning it. But IMO it's the most wearable shade in that lip gelee collection (okay for me it is). As much as I love watching train wrecks on tv, ie. Jersey Shore I just hate that it makes me feel like I'm 135 yrs. old and I just curse myself for spending an hour watching Snooks looking for love on the shore but didn't she learn from Ronnie that you don't go looking for love on the shore? Also, why didn't he follow his own advice...whatever, I'll just stare at the Situation's situation...
    I know way too much about these people!

  7. Now I know what I want when I visit the MAC store tomorrow. I love nude lips the way you love taupe, I probably should bog more about it. Fer realz.

  8. LEAVE SCHNICKS ALONE! LMAO I love her so much. I went to school with girls like that so Jersey Shore doesn't phase me much.

  9. Ha Joey - agreed
    My husband is from Jersey and had to work on the shore many summers so he knows many Pauly D's in his life!

  10. its super shimmer, a nice topper gloss :D

  11. Elvira my opinion of you just went down. At least I only watch Wives of Orange County which is a highly intellectual and emotionally deep show where family dynamics are explwhored.
    These Lip Gelees remind me of Too Faced Diamond Gloss actually with their high shimmer/glitter factor.

  12. fatbottomdgrl: This would look good on you! And No I love snooki! I love The Jersey Shore. Really I do!

    Citrine: Thanks for finding my typo! I am glad you caught it early enough so I could fix it!

    Cindy: LOL. My decrepit mouth thankfully hasn't shown too much aging yet...but my eyes are another story.

    Natalie: OMG. Yes this would look great on you!

    Lexi: You and I are twins. I think we were separated at birth and you got all the melanin too! I can't stop watching that show!

    /lachesis: You would totally rock this color. and I would LOVE to see more blog posts from you!

    Joey: I love snookie/snickers! I went to school w/ girls like that too only they were JAPS not Guidettes.

    Mona: You could rock this gloss too!

    MACnunu: LOL. I couldn't watch RHWOC this year b/c I love Gretchen so much that I didn't want to see Tara be mean to her again. Now, from seeing preview of upcoming shows It looks like I missed an excellent season. I'll have to set up my DVR to record the re-runs!

  13. Yes, the Lillyland lip gelees were glitter city! I got Lush and Bright, and it's a disco ball on my lips.

    Aww, and even though Snooki is a wee bit misguided about everything (particularly style), I have a soft spot in my heart for her. I'd rather hank out with the Jersey Shore chicks than those Hills fakes any day.


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