Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Opinion: MAC Outrage

Sorry. I'm taking a break today from my normal product review to rant a little bit. There have been some rumors going around that MAC cosmetics may be raising prices next month. Some people say prices may go up as high as 30% on some items. Then there are people that are so outraged that they have created a FaceBook group calling people to join a boycott of MAC because of the alleged price increases (That haven't happened...yet) and continued downsizing of products without down sizing of prices (MAC pigment jars for example...that has happened.)

While I think it's fine to be outraged and angry that you are getting less for to speak...I find it silly to get so irate over this. MAC is not the only company that is raising prices. Many companies raise prices every year yet I don't see similar outrage from people. Maybe it's because MAC isn't my favorite brand, that I just don't get the "outrage". Maybe it's because I'm a good honest Capitalist and understand that companies are there to make money. Hey MAC isn't a charity after all. Or maybe it's because a lot of the same people complaining about the alleged price increase this year are the same ones that complained last year, threatened to boycott, then became hypocrites because they shopped at MAC as soon as the Hello Kitty release came out. Yeah. You know who you are.

I think it's the same song and dance as last year. A bunch of people will cry "Unfair" and "Boycott" and by the time the MAC Too Fabulous Collection comes out those same people will be buying up limited edition Minearlized blush duos and Creamsheen Glass lip glosses like nothing ever happened. I'm not saying that I LIKE the increase. Of course not. I hardly think that a rumored increase to $17.50 for a MAC eye shadow is worth it. The color selection, quality and amount isn't as good as some other less expensive brands *coughFyrinnaecough*, but hey. if people are willing to pay it, MAC will just increase prices again and again.

If only people would voice such outrage when the price of milk goes up.

Granted this is just my opinion. I would love to hear from you.
What do you think?
Do you disagree with me? Please share your your opinion in the comment section.

Do you Agree with me and have yet another point to make? Please lave your comments.

Do you not care and think makeup is dumb? The why the hell are you reading this blog?

Now let me say that name calling and such foolishness (e.g. saying I'm a douchebag or saying another commenter is a douchebag) will not be tolerated. It is my blog and I'll delete comments that go over the top - like people saying they disagree with me with their only argument is calling me a bitch. I already know I'm a'll have to do better than that to convince me that you have a valid opinion contrary to mine.


  1. Elvira, agree with you completely. Am also weary of interminable (often not fully literate) MAC prattle on the MUA board. You are a bitch, but that's why we like you.

  2. Thank you for a reasoned argument as to why people need to CALM DOWN about this! Everything goes up, every year, and will continue to do so. In ten years of buying the same cleanser I've watched it go from $19.50 to $30. And while I hope it doesn't creep up too much more, I will still continue to buy it because it is good stuff. I'm not sure I feel that way about some MAC products - especially the eyeshadows, the quality doesn't justify $17.50 in most cases. But I'm not boycotting MAC; I'll just consider some purchases more carefully.

  3. I'm a bit annoyed with the pigment size/charge change and I'll admit, I did join in on MUA but I'm not going to boycott.

    If the price does indeed go up $3.00 (which MAC refuses to confirm or deny - also irritating) it doesn't fall in line with what they've done in the past. 50 cents? Not a big deal, even though it's been 50 cents every year which has increased the eyeshadows from $9 to $14.50 over the last few years. $3.00 at once is a bit harder to accept and I get that. Of course, it's not like I buy at the counters very often anyway. I am a CCO girl.

  4. Well....I don't really care that much. I tend to bargain shop my makeup anyway (, ACW, Ebay), and I have a PRO card, so I'm still not too upset about a price increase. If anything, it'll help me be pickier about what I buy, which I certainly need to be.

  5. lol as long as our paycheck/income increase, i have no complain abt items increasing in price..alas, but thats not always the case..things are getting more exp but income is not! >.<

  6. Cindy (Prime Beauty)January 27, 2010 at 11:07 AM

    Well Elvira, you already know my feelings about MAC so I could really care less--I can't even remember the last time I bought something from MAC so it doesn't affect me. There are just too many brands out there that are just as good or more often, better than MAC. Their selection is vast but that just confuses me anyway. HA! An yes, you are a bitch, but then so am I :)

  7. I for one won't be paying $17.50 for a single e/s from MAC.

    It's their prerogative to change prices as they deem fit. They seem to sell out a good bit of each collection so I'm not terribly surprised.

    However, I really wish people would put their money where their mouth is - if you have a problem with the ethics or business practices of a company don't give them your money. It's hard to do and sometimes it sucks - I DO want stuff from urban outfitters all the time, and yes, walmart is cheaper than other places - but I find their business practices to be despicable. Now, sadly, it looks like Whole Foods will be going on that list for its weigh less pay less program which I think is total BS, and it REALLY sucks for someone on a wheat restricted diet because they are the sole source for many of my favorite gluten free foods. Anyways, more info on that here:

  8. Haha loved the "Do you not care and think makeup is dumb? The why the hell are you reading this blog?"

    I totally agree with you. As an adult you have to understand businesses raise prices. That's just a fact, we have to deal with it. I think the people who get really outraged about MAC raising prices are the same people who think MAC is greatest thing since sliced bread. It all comes down to being smart when shopping.

  9. I agree, I hate it when the price of milk goes up, especially chocolate milk! Oh wait, this is about MAC isn't it?! I get distracted so easily! Right, MAC should form a charity to give out free makeup, that was the question! I totally agree - put me down for 3 eyeshadows and a lip glass for my first care package please!

    Best, Lisamarie

  10. omg the pics so funny haha lol. ur so correct many companies raise prices frequently. i guess majority people use mac and hence it becomes a hype when they raise their prices. i am still gona continue buying their stuff of ebay so the price rise wout effect me lol

  11. I completely agree with you.
    I admit, maybe I would have been a tiny bit annoyed if I shopped there more.. but the last few shadows I got from MAC had no color payout. There are so many other great brands out there that it's hard to get worked up over MAC.
    I really feel like some people just pay for the name. :/

  12. I'm kind of "meh" when it comes to Mac, so while I won't be boycotting I also won't be buying if it is a significant increase. I'd rather just go for Chante or Chanel if I'm spending over $15 on an e/s.

  13. It doesn't really bother me. I frequently abuse the b2m program and whore myself out at CCOs. MAC isn't the be all end all of makeup. I think people just need something to beetch about on MUA. There are ways to not pay full price for an item they just have to be craftier about it.

  14. I just recently started reading and I've subscribed. Love the blog.
    17.50 CAD (plus 13% tax in my province) is the going rate for ones in the pot up here. People need to understand that its really just a function of capitalism. Companies will raise their prices as long as there is a market. Even with the improper exchange consideration and complete lack of CCO's there's no shortage of Canadians in MAC. It's the same thing in Europe and Asia, where cosmetics are even more expensive. I've never even particularly crazy about the quality of MAC, so I don't find it that upsetting. Thanks again for your great blog.

  15. I started being careful what I bought from MAC even before the current price of $14.50 for an eyeshadow. $17.50 is probably going to make me just flat out stop, since at that rate, I can get way better for way cheaper. Unless something is over the moon nice, and unique, I don't buy from them, but isn't that what people should do in the first place? MAC's pigmentation and uniqueness have gone down over the years, and part of that is people just buying from them because of the brand name.

    Hehe, Hello Kitty people. Oh yeah, I know who you're talking about.

  16. ^As above, I pay CAN$17.50 plus 12% tax for a MAC eyeshadow.
    Probably 70-80% of my makeup comes from them, they're convenient (no more foundation match guess work), and they sucker me in with cute packaging.
    I'm not gonna stop shopping there, I might bitch a little but I'll probably still buy the same amount of stuff from them as I used to.
    People have to understand, costs of production rises, salaries have to be increased, and therefore prices have to increase.
    Hey, it's makeup, it's not bread, it's not a NECESSITY, you don't want to pay the price, then go find a cheaper alternative.

  17. I saw that discussion (well several discussions) on MUA too and I must say I totally agree with you. Here in Europe, I already pay much more for Mac than you guys in the US, still I keep on buying because I feel certain products fulfill my needs better than other brands, and hence are worth the money.
    Of course I'm pissed I'll have to pay more, but Mac is there to make money, and all kind of prices have increased (food, gas, renting...) so why would they not increase theirs?
    I'll stop buying if I feel I can find as good products for cheaper but until then, I stick with Mac.

  18. Awww, the baby is so cute...

    Back to topic, I don't care that much about the price because I am not really a MAC girl (I like to collect some of those LE items in pretty packaging though) and if they do increase it, I guess I will just skip that Liberty of London lipstick then...There are so many other great brands out there anyway.

  19. Who cares? MAC sucks balls anyway. There, I said it. Crucify me, MAC whores. CRUCIFY MEEEEEE!

    That said, if they come out with something I deem worth it, I'll spend the money. I just don't care.

  20. LOLZ. Thank you so much for posting this Elvira!! I've been downright avoiding (or lurking... *shifty eyes*) on the boards as of late because everyone seems consumed with their stupid bitchy little drama. I thought the outrage over the pigment packaging was retarded enough, but now all this bitching over price increases... I don't understand!!

    Practically all brands raise their prices every goddamned year and yet it's like people have amnesia or something! I seriously don't understand what all the outrage is about. I can't understand how anyone can get so worked up about something so stupid and trivial and that HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! And so it may be that MAC's price increases this time around might be a bit shocking or that they really are making a whole lot more money off it, but I think a lot of people fail to understand that prices go up WITH INFLATION, which is simply a pretty natural part of free market! And it's no secret that the US dollar just isn't worth what it used to be anymore.

    If people want to boycott MAC, great, whatever, that's their perogative, but can they not be so bitchy and whiny about it and go on and on and on and on?? Furthermore, as far as companies to support, I think MAC is actually one of the greatest out there with their range and their charity efforts. The whole of the arguments I've read just sound reactive and downright juvenile.

    If you're a bitch, I guess I am too. But people seriously need to grow up or get lives. Or jobs. Or any combination of the aforementioned, preferably all of them. T_T:

  21. To tell you the truth, this is the first I'm hearing about a mac price increase, and I can't say I'm happy to hear about it. I'm an educated person who's having a really hard time finding a good job since graduating over a year ago now, and for me, mac is one of those brands that falls just inside my definition of what is "affordable." I never pick up more than one item there at a time, unless I have b2m packaging to cash in, and I only treat myself once every couple of months. I like mac because they're readily available, I hate shopping online in general, and I like their colours and formulas, but the slightest price increase is enough to make me think twice about buying from them again until I'm back on my feet. If it's a choice between a lipstick and a meal, food wins. I think it's fair for people to be upset if they feel that they can no longer afford one of their favourite brands. Those who are complaining the most vociferously are probably just venting their disappointment. I can't say I'll "never" buy mac again if the prices go up (never say never!) but the prices as they are now already make me take pause, and even pass up on items that I really, really want. With all due respect to the previous commenter, I don't think it's right to assume the people who are upset about this need to get jobs. I work damn hard at what I do.

  22. I remember when a mac shadow was $9. oh those we the days ;)

    Recently I have been spending less (generally in life), because even $14.50 seems like a lot for a mac shadow. If the prices go up by a large amount, I will probably spend less often, but that isn't a bad thing.

    My main wish is that the quality would increase along with the prices, so that while people are paying a bit more, the products get that little bit better.
    Pipe dream, I know.

    This is the first I am hearing of potential increases. I suppose if prices go up, NARS won't seem like such an indulgence lol

    rock on, bitches!

  23. Well. I'm one of those people who tried a few MAC products early on - I think about 3 years ago, back when I re-started wearing makeup! And just was NOT impressed enough not to be bothered with it. As you said - and let it be known I'm a HUGE Fyrinnae fan - there are plenty of other quality products out there for a lesser price. So this won't affect me at all.
    I think the people mainly calling for a boycott are those people who are MAC addicts in the first place, eh? I do find it crazy they charge that much for something clearly not worth it, but people should have already known that.

  24. Thanks for writing this! I believe there are more important things to get upset about, but I still find the MAC price increases somewhat upsetting.

    I have tons of MAC stuff even if I don't write a lot about it. I like their line - but I've had bad experiences with customer service (or lack of it) at my local stores. I've experienced associates that are unprofessional, snobby, and rude - on MULTIPLE occasions at DIFFERENT locations.

    I found MAC appealing when I was in my late teens because it was high-end to me, but still affordable for a high-schooler. Back then getting a MAC lipstick was special not only to me, but most of my friends. They didn't discontinue colors and had maybe 3-4 new collection releases per year.

    Sure - all lines increase prices and have LE products and repackage their goods. But cutting their pigments by 50% and keeping them the same price is just not cool from the consumer perspective. Will it stop me from buying them in the future? Probably not. I actually bought the 2 new ones but I do hate the new packaging. I find it harder to open and the shape is difficult to work with for my bigger eye brushes.

    I think MAC's direction as a brand isn't so hot. They've made the brand way too accessible and it no longer seems special to me. I love new things and appreciate their effort to be "fashion forward" - but I think they've gone overboard. The "LE factor" can only work so much until it upsets customers so much they stop paying attention to new releases b/c they know it will probably be released in another collection down the line or that something similar will come out.

    This is simply my own opinion. I don't expect others to necessarily agree. I'm not going to throw a hissyfit b/c of the price increase, but this news doesn't bring MAC into a good light for me. I definitely won't be as liberal with my spending on this brand.

    Thanks for writing this article though! You bring up a lot of good points.

  25. Here is my opinion. When MAC first started, it was a cool, edgy brand and one of the coolest things about it was their inexpensive prices. Especially for younger girls as one reviewer said. A young girl can get a high end cosmetic for an affordable price. As our love for make up grows and we mature, we discover that MAC maybe isn't as high end as we thought. They still have good products and their LE stuff is fun, but there is soooo much more out there to discover. That being said, everyone does raise their prices so we have to understand that. BUT I think people are complaining because one of MAC's best features is/was their prices. They are not a $17.50 eyeshadow. All those MAC lovers know that too and that is why they protest. They will continue to protest AND to buy MAC. Still higher end than a lot out there but maybe we will have to think a teeny bit more before purchasing.

  26. I.AM.OVER.IT.!!!!

    If anything, I will now begin to buy pricier single shadows (NARS/Edward Bess, etc) and it will really force me to think about my MAC purchases. There's always the Company Store around the corner from me so I'm not totally bothered!

  27. hmmm company doesnt need to raise the price of the product to make profit. I can also make profit by beeing more efficient, meaning lowering the production cost. muhaha!

    I think Estee lauder will f*** up mac. It just too much profit oriented. I used to have a great blush by Estee. They changed it. Less product. Less pigmentation. Ugly packaging. I dont hope that mac is going towards that direction. It is sad to see that some companys stop improving but dare to ask more money.To me that is stealing in a sophisticated way!

    To be really honost, MAC is overrated girls! MUFE on the other hand never failed in my opinion. So for all you girls upset or not yet upset with MAC. Dont bother give MUFE a try!

  28. It's not as if I've been purposely "boycotting" MAC but it's been well over a year since I've bought anything from them. Nothing has enticed me and the price is a factor as well. If I am going to buy a department store product, it had better be pretty darned special.


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