Friday, January 22, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - NARS Kuala Lumpur eyeshadow duo

Today’s review shouldn’t shock any of this blog’s loyal readers. I’m reviewing NARS’ latest powder eyeshadow duo, Kuala Lumpur, and I love it. Of course I love it. This really shouldn’t surprise anyone. I have never hated a NARS powder eyeshadow.

Now, I am not entirely thrilled with the latest NARS collection for this Spring. Granted, Amber Valetta looks gorgeous and very Catherine Denevue-ish in the ad, but there’s something sort of off about the look.

Maybe it’s the eyeshadow. I don’t know. Also, the promotional pictures of the collection looked kind of boring...except for Kuala Lumpur. There is something about a burgundy-ish eyeshadow that gets my pulse racing and makes my wallet magically open all on its own (I swear!). So of course, being the sheep that I am, I went to my Saks lady - hi Litza! - and asked that I be called as soon as the Spring collection came in.

Litza called me this past weekend, and I hurried over to Saks to pick up my little prize, but before paying for the duo I also checked out the rest of the collection. It was meh. The nude lipstick, Cruising, is pretty but I have too many nudes to justify purchasing it. I was drawn to Ophelia and Easy Lover lipglosses (a soft strawberry and a sheer but bright hot pink, respectively) but again, these are colors I already have. Luckily, NARS items are rarely discontinued or limited edition so if I change my mind, I can always pick these up at a later time. But Kuala Lumpur? Oh, how you made me gasp when I opened you at my desk!

The left side of Kuala Lumpur is a delicious rose-gold color with gold shimmer. Applied dry it appears more gold, the shimmer softly glistening. Wet, it is gorgeously metallic and it shines. The right side of the duo, however, is magnificent. It is not a color for the weak of heart. Dry, it is a beautiful pink-red, not quite burgundy, but not quite merlot, with subtle gold glitter that surprisingly doesn’t produce much fallout. Wet, it is an inky, mysterious merlot and the gold glitter shines against it. It is scary, but approachable. Some may prefer it as an eyeliner, but I went all out with my EOTD and used it wet all over my lid. I know Lachesisss would absolutely die over this duo.

(FYI guys - this was near impossible to get a decent swatch picture of. My sincerest apologies!)

Now, there have been posts on MakeupAlley saying that Kuala Lumpur was too similar to the Cheyenne and Brazil duos. This is blatantly incorrect, and I did a comparison picture to prove this point. In my picture, the duos (starting clockwise at 12 o’clock) are as follows: Bohemian Gold (now discontinued), Brazil, Cheyenne, and Kuala Lumpur. Brazil and Cheyenne look similar but I guarantee you they swatch differently enough to own both.

So, do you need this? Yes if you love NARS as much as I do, or if you love burgundies on your eyes, or if you’re willing to experiment with such colors. Otherwise, maybe not. But who knows? Why not give it a shot?


  1. Joey, honey you kill me - you really do!

    I love NARS...I mean I LOVE him as much as you do. I love him for his lipsticks and glosses that do not make my lips itch or feel irritated like others do. The last duo I bought was Eurydice that sadly sits untouched in the bottom of my makeup kit because for some reason I do not know how to utilize it. Hula Hula - the same but mainly because the fallout is out of control and I feel like a glittery mess when I do wear it. I may have to give Kuala Lumpur a shot because of you description and it sounds like it won't leave me looking like I did a walk of shame to work!
    Thanks for making my Friday!

    Hi Elvira, Did you enjoy the finale of the Shore as much as I did?

  2. Yay! I've been so excited to see you review! Thanks so much!

  3. Awesome review as always. The colors must look beautiful on you!

  4. Thanks for the swatches! Living in Kuala Lumpur (where there's no NARS) I wanted to have this LOL but that burgandy shade throws me. Can't wear reds on eyes :(

  5. LOL I find it vaguely amusing that NARS named the duo Kuala Lumpur when they don't actually have a presence there! LOL.

  6. Anony - YES you do!

    Lexi - Do you know how much I adore you?! =D try Hula Hula wet or with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, it'll help!

    Amy - You are too, too sweet! I hope you enjoyed it.

    Elvira - You flatter me, and I luffu for it.

    Paris - The burgundy is a hard shade to master, admittedly, but it's lovely.

    MusicalHouses - It is funny =)

  7. thanks for sharing! can't wait to check this out in stores :) xx

  8. Thanks for the review - I've been meaning to get it and your review made me finally order :) Just followed your blog!



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