Friday, January 29, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Taupes You Can't Have #1, MAC Innuendo

Elvira and I are bitches. Or bishes, however you choose to spell it. A few weeks ago we were discussing possible themes for blog articles, and we thought of one that we believed was sure to both annoy and amuse people. That topic is:


Yes, we have decided to torture everyone by featuring a hard-to-find (HTF) and/or discontinued (DCed) taupe eyeshadow at the end of each month. Why are we doing this? Because we can, ha! Also, Elvira and I have a huge collection of DCed and HTF taupe eyeshadows that we felt both deserved love and are worth searching the internet for.

I am thrilled to be writing the inaugural post in this series, and I present to you all one of the prettiest taupe eyeshadows I own, MAC Innuendo.

Innuendo was released back in the days when MAC Limited Edition collections were worth their weight in gold, and worth the buzz they created. It was released in the Nocturnelle color story back in 2006, Nocturnelle being one of the last great MAC releases (if you ask me - and I’m sure Elvira will agree with me 100%, as would most MAC fans - the last great MAC release was Barbie Loves MAC back in February 2007). When Innuendo came out, it quickly established itself as one of the MAC eyeshadows every makeup/MAC/taupe addict had to own. It’s gorgeous, it really is, and it sucks that this was not made a permanent shadow.

Innuendo is a soft, cooler-toned purple-grey-mauve-taupe color, but it’s not so cool-toned that I cannot wear it (unlike MAC Smoke and Diamonds). It is soft (MAC Frost formula, but not overly frosty), and easy to work with, as it isn’t too pigmented. It’s just pigmented enough to work as a wash of color over my lids, and I’m sure it it pigmented enough for Elvira to use in her crease. I love how my deeper skintone really pulls out the purple and mauve undertones in this shadow. As I write this, I’m actually staring wistfully at the swatch on my hand. I want to stroke it, gently, as a lover would...but that’s a sexual disorder so I won’t go on about that. Anyways...

This eyeshadow came out before I started to collect MAC, and I was lucky enough to buy it in late 2007 at a CCO. However, I’m not entirely sure you would be able to find it at a CCO still. I just checked the MakeupAlley swap lists, and there are five available for swap. I’m not sure about Specktra, LiveJournal, or Ebay. If you are a fan of plummy taupes, this eyeshadow is definitely worth the hunt.


  1. YAY! Bishes unite! I am wearing Innuendo today paired with Moth Brown (Another DCed Taupe)in honor of your wonderful post. I'm sorry my pictures didn't come out very well. Honestly this color is a lot prettier in real life. Awesome review as always!

  2. Joey and Elvira, great idea, do Chanel Vega too!

  3. You say bitches but you two are the cream in my coffee!

    You guys really make me wish I took my MAC e/s collecting seriously.

    I'm still holding out for Kuala Lumpur bases on last week's NARS review.

    This is the highlight of my Fridays!

  4. Yup, this is a good one, and I'm glad that I have two backups :)

  5. I had it and I swapped it :P Nyeh. LMAO.

  6. This series will help me remember what I actually have. I can't remember the last time I picked up Innuendo.

  7. HEEHEEHEE. I think I'm going to love this series just because I like pretty things. I'm not actually a huge fan of taupes but I love looking at them. =)

  8. Elvira - Thank you for taking the pictures for me! I am amazed at how different Innuendo looks on you!

    Anon - Elvira owns Vega! Tell her to write about it!

    Beck - Look for it!

    Lexi - ILY!!!

    Eighthour - I should have bought a backup, but I feel as if the Korres taupe (Grey Brown) is very close to Innuendo.

    Beccer - Beccer! Noes!

    Marcia - I hadn't touched it in months! So weird!

    Catherine - I'm happy we can give you pretty things to look at!

  9. I love the whole "taupes you can't have"-idea! Now my wallet won't have to risk even more threats to it's content^^ I enjoy reading about pretty things such as eyeshadows way to much, there are so many pretty things that I absolutley "need" and - whoops! - no money left... So thank you! I am also quite lazy so I won't be going through all the trouble it takes to lay hands on something HTF or DCed, you've saved my wallet!:D

  10. OMG! I love this idea as a topic! I have so many limited editions - I still tend to purchase limited editions the most. I absolutely agree that Barbie Loves MAC was the last great one, however. My interest began to wane soon after. Anyway total LOVE!


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