Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Poll

Nostalgia - nos-tal-gia [no-stal-juh, -jee-uh, nuh-] –noun
1. A wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time

2. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.

3. The irrational urge to buy beauty products from your youth hoping that they possess some sort of magic that the rest of the world overlooked. When in reality they suck just as bad as you remember, hence why the rest of the world moved on.

Yes. You can become nostalgic for makeup, beauty products, etc. Honestly I have no idea why one would want to go back to the old red Revlon black eye pencil that you had to light with a match before using, or why anyone would buy a shampoo brand popular in the 1970's because it was heavily fragranced and that's pretty much all it had going for it....oh wait. I did that last thing. I purchased "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" shampoo and conditioner several months ago. I did it because I was feeling nostalgic. You see my parents never let me get that shampoo. They insisted I use Flex. You remember Flex right? It didn't smell perfumey and didn't come in a cute pink bottle. No it was utilitarian and inexpensive. To this day my parents still pay no mind to the type of shampoo they buy, what kind of soap they use or anything like that. I think that's why I'm such a beauty junkie. I was deprived as a child and now that I'm an adult I surround myself with things I was denied in the past. At least that's my justification. By the way, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo and conditioner does smell like the real stuff but it dried my hair out really badly. Now I only use it occasionally. It's still nice to use, but it's not an every day thing. I got it at the Vermont Country Store. They have a ton of old time-y products for everything you can imagine. Not just personal care, but home cleaning, candy, clothing, you name it, they probably have it...and if they don't you might be able to ask them to carry it. Yes. It's that cool of a store. This is not a paid advertisement, I just really like the place. Anyway. So feeling nostalgic about beauty products can be an expensive habit. Sure the shampoo I purchased was inexpensive, but if I ever feel nostalgic for a Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Poesie I'm gonna have to shell out $100 or more for it. They are that rare..and yes that beautiful, but no blush to me is worth $100. Heck. Someone recently paid over $230 for a long since discontinued Clarins nail polish on evilbay. I don't deny that it was a beautiful color, but I'm not sure if it was $230 beautiful...well at least to me. Obviously the winner of that auction thought so and more power to her. I bet her nails look fab! What I'm saying, is that one needs to be careful about being nostalgic for beauty product of yesteryear. Sometimes what you remember about them isn't actually what they are in reality. You might have built up how great the product is in your head because time and accessibility have created a product in your mind that exceeds the actual real life item you desire. For example: The Rose Milk Lotion I have coming in the mail to me. Will it be as wonderful as I remember or just another lotion that eventually gathers dust once it's half way finished? Only time will tell
On To The Poll!

1. Lip Of The Day?
- Lancome Pixel Pink. A several Seasons ago limited edition pink lipstick. This cool pink Color Fever Shine lipstick is one of my favorites and I wish Lancome would re-release all the LE shades in one collection on year.

2. What beauty item reminds you of your youth?
- I think that Flex Shampoo & Conditioner is one item. I detested the smell and hated the results but it certainly reminds me of my youth. I don't think I was able to pick my own shampoo & conditioner until I was a teenager...and then when I could I chose Finesse. Remember that? Whoo whee that stuff smelled great!

3. Who was one of your favorite bands or music artists in High School?
- I was infatuated with The Clash, but I also loved Howard Jones. It's an odd paring. Synth pop with Punk rock, but I was still finding myself music wise. I still get a little misty when ever I hear Howard Jones "What Is Love?"

4. What old item from your stash have you recently re-discovered and fell back in love with?
- I recently pulled out my Besame eye shadow in Plum Dandy. I forgot how much I love that color and how awesome it is for making a plummy smokey eye. Combined with that Annabelle pencil that The Mighty J sent to me It is fierce!

5. What beverage reminds you of your childhood?
- I think Yoo-Hoo and Tab are the ones I remember the most. I loved drinking Yoo-Hoo even though it made me sick after drinking it and I remember how much I HATED the taste of Tab but wanted to like it because the can was pink!


  1. Isn't the black pencil Maybelline?

    1. Lip Of The Day? -

    My new everyday standard -- Miss Sporty lipstick in Malaga, sent to be by a wonderful, red-lipstick-loving MUAer in England. Miss Sporty is a cheapo UK drugstore brand by Coty. Packaging like the old Rimmel tubes, smells vanilla-y. Texture is great and color is HG.

    2. What beauty item reminds you of your youth?

    Any Balsam-smelling shampoo and conditioner I suppose. That's all we used (yes Flex, Wella Balsam, V05 Balsam, etc.) I remember all I wanted was a non-balsam smelling shampoo. Now even Flex doesn't smell like it used to.

    Also smell related but Norell reminds me of my mom growing up because that's what she wore, followed by Cinnabar and other Lauder scents. Smell is the most powerful sense I think. I remember getting my mother a bottle of Weil Antilope perfume at the Twilight Zone store (aka Meyer's Discount Cosmetics, now closed). It had been long discontinued in the US. Mom wore it about the time she met my father. She put some on, Dad took a deep breath and said, "You smell so familiar."

    3. Who was one of your favorite bands or music artists in High School?

    I discovered opera in High School and I had a massive crush on the bass-baritone James Morris. I waited backstage at the Met Opera for his autograph a few times and he drove me home one night! I was 16 and terrified. I learned later that I was just his type -- under 18. Nothing happened but just because a person is a well-known figure, you still don't get into a car with him. I also loved The Who even though Keith was long gone, the Stones (Mick Jagger lived in the apartment building next door at the time so we used to see him on the street), Beatles (John Lennon was a neighbor living 3 blocks down). It was the early 1980s.

    4. What old item from your stash have you recently re-discovered and fell back in love with?

    Maybelline Moisture Whip lipstick in Red Rush. I never fell out of love with it but hadn't been able to wear it because of the bleeding and feathering. Now that I have the EOS balms which make the best anti-feathering primer, I just recently wore it again. Saturated, clear deepish red with red shimmer and red micro-glitter.

    5. What beverage reminds you of your childhood?

    Constant Comment tea because it was special occasion tea.

  2. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Chanel Ming Rouge Allure Laque. It's brightening without taking over

    2. What beauty item reminds you of your youth? - Hmmmm Clinique foundation? And Cutex nail polish. They made a truly vile sheer orange/pink. Not a good memory because I thought I had to "use it up" even after the horror of the 1st application. I don't think Cutex make any nail polishes any more.

    3. Who was one of your favorite bands or music artists in High School? - Tough one --not sure I could say just one.

    4. What old item from your stash have you recently re-discovered and fell back in love with? - Guerlain Holy Smoke. Taupe love in a pigment.

    5. What beverage reminds you of your childhood? - Chocolate milk. I don't drink it anymore but we used to have it in elementary school. Good times.

  3. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Clinique High Impact Lipstick in Nearly Violet. I can't tell you how much I love this line of lipsticks. They have SPF, but no bad SPF smell, they are moisturizing and well-pigmented, and they last forever. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    2. What beauty item reminds you of your youth? - Dr. Pepper Lipsmackers, Maybelline Coverstick, Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick, L'Oreal Lash Architect mascara, Bath and Body Works Freesia lotion and body splash!

    3. Who was one of your favorite bands or music artists in High School? - The Beatles! I swear I had every Beatles t-shirt possible, and I wore them under my grunge flannel shirts (purchased from the canteen at my grandpa's Air Force base) and baggy jeans and Doc Martens. I also obsessed over Weezer and Fiona Apple and all the great grunge bands.

    4. What old item from your stash have you recently re-discovered and fell back in love with? - TheBalm Hot Mama blush- I hadn't worn it all of fall, and now that it feels like spring here, I'm loving corally and bronzey makeup.

    5. What beverage reminds you of your childhood? - Orange soda. It's what I always got with my Happy Meals, which were an enormous treat. I don't think I had a whole Coke to myself until I was 11 or 12.

  4. LOTD: NYX Chestnut gloss, just bought 2 backups of this.

    Beauty Item that reminds you of your youth? Bonnie Bell 10-0-6 lotion. I used it to literally strip the makeup off my face. Also any Lipsmacker, I had the HUGE ones, Chocolate Cherry was my favorite.

    Favorite Band of Music Artist in High School? Ohhhhhhhhh, this so, so, so embarrassing, I was a bubble gum pop kid, I adored Shaun Cassidy and John Travolta (he had a hot album cover tho, on the back he was shirtless under a demin jacket stretching up with low cut jeans on, scandalized my mother).
    It was also the era of the Bee Gees and KC & the Sunshine Band
    (1977 - 1981). I do however, remember liking Aerosmith @ the time too, but I had no idea who Steven Tyler was or Joe Perry.

    Old Items in Stash you recently rediscovered? Hmmmmm, interesting, probably my ULTA Twilight Shadow I thought I had misplaced and found in a random MU bag.

    Beverage that reminds me of youth? TAB, althought I never drank it, I had an aunt who basically lived on the stuff. She now does Diet Coke, but if I could find some TAB she'd probably freak out. Also, Fresca for some reason, which is a grapfruit flavored Diet soda, and is absolutely horrible.

  5. Cindy (Prime Beauty)January 21, 2010 at 11:32 AM

    1. LOTD-A BE Buxom gloss I got on sale last night @ Sephora, it's from a holiday collection--clear w/iridencent sparkle. Normally not my style but today I like it.

    2. Herbal Essence shampoo--we only had one kind back then and it was green & smelled like grass. Anything Bonne Bell, esp. 10-0-6 lotion--eek!

    3. Led Zepplin,Eagles, Bread, Fleetwood Mac, Three Dog Night, Pink Floyd

    4. My Chanel Rouge Allure in Darling--the perfect neutral pink

    5. Fresca reminds me of my mom--it's all she drank, that and Tab. I wasn't allowed to have Koolaid or that would've been my favorite.

  6. 1. LOTD: Aveda Shizandra (red) which is my fave red l/s and of course is now DC'd. *sigh*

    2. Baby Soft and those lip balms that come in tins with sliding lids.

    3. I was obsessed, I mean, OBSESSED with U2 in Jr. High and HS.

    4. MAC Goldbit e/s. It's just perfection of champagne.

    5. Black Cherry Soda

  7. Elvira,
    I swear you are my sister from another mother and well father too! I am constantly nostalgic and I don't know if it's because I'm officially in my mid 30's...yikes I'm feeling decrepit!

    1. Chestnut lipliner and Resort Life lip gelee (yesterday's post inpsired me but I'm still on the fence with this gloss!)

    2. Geez where do I start - earliest makeup memories - coty's airspun powder packaging or the terra cotta pot that would sit in her counter as I would watch her get ready for work when I was 5. Because of this I am fond of vintage Shiseido printed palettes. Also scents take me back - she wore Chanel #19 and my cousins (that lived me with at the time) wore Jovan Musk! But if I had to purchase a current beauty product now to take me back to my youth it would be Calvin Klein's Eternity - i would bathe in it if you let me!

    3. Favorite band in high school - I'd say The Cure but then again I loved Beastie Boys and B.B.D. (great now the song Poison is stuck in my head!)

    4. Reintroduced beauty item - I would have to say my MAC Chestnut lipliner that I am wearing today. I forgot how dark it goes on (even for me) but I instantly fell back in love with it. I'll use it with my 5N lipstick tomorrow!

    5. Beverage that reminds me of the past? Yeah Tab conjures up memories of my mother slathering herself with Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil (NO SPF) with her can of Tab laying out for the whole day when the sun would come up (in Daly City, CA the sun is non-existent!) But really for me it would be regular ass coke. A perfect weekend for me use to be hanging out with my sister watching a John Hughes trilogy with a bag of Dorritos, a 2liter of Coke and a stack of recent 17, Tiger Beat, 16, YM or Sassy (God, I miss that magazine) and we contemplated calling boys!

    I have to say this is my favorite poll topic by far!!

  8. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Still Carmex. Yeah...I'm not very daring these days.

    2. What beauty item reminds you of your youth? - Probably Maybelline Great Lash Mascara because my sister used it religiously. That and Cover Girl foundation. I used to watch her put on her makeup every day. She also used to have that eye pencil that you had to heat up to use.

    3. Who was one of your favorite bands or music artists in High School? - Radiohead. Still my favorite, but to this day I can't listen to The Smashing Pumpkins without thinking about HS.

    4. What old item from your stash have you recently re-discovered and fell back in love with? - My Revlon Street Wears. I only have Midnight and Toad...and they are so old...but still great!

    5. What beverage reminds you of your childhood? - My boring family always drank water. Which is probably why I hate it now.


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