Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen

People are going to spend a lot of time in the next few days and weeks talking about Alexander McQueen. He died yesterday at the age of 40. He committed suicide. What people will be talking about is what a genius he was with fashion. There will be discussions as to why he was loved so much by the fashion world and discussions about how much people didn't like his designs. You either love his fashion or hate it. They will talk about the stars that he dressed, Sara Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga, to name a few, and discuss how sad they must be now that he is gone. People will muse as to who, if anyone, can replace him on the runways of Paris and Milan. They will all wax poetic about his talent and his contribution to the fashion world.
They may be saying all these wonderful things about him, but they will be ignoring the proverbial Elephant In The Room.


Mr. McQueen didn't have a terminal illness. He wasn't killed in a plane crash. He took his own life. As sad and selfish as that is, it's the one thing that many fashionistas will ignore when commenting on his legacy. Suicide not only affects the person that kills themselves but it affects everyone associated with that person. From the best friend to the guy that says "Good Morning" to you every dat on your way to work, they will all be affected if you die. You may think you are alone, but you aren't. There is help.

Some people are embarrassed to talk about depression. They refuse to seek help because they don't know where to get it, or don't know how to get it. Here is ONE step in the right direction go to the The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website or call 1-800-273-TALK

Suicide is a major, preventable public health problem. In 2006, it was the eleventh leading cause of death in the U.S., accounting for 33,300 deaths. The overall rate was 10.9 suicide deaths per 100,000 people. An estimated 12 to 25 attempted suicides occur per every suicide death.

If you are feeling depressed or know someone who is, seek help. Call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK. Don't become another statistic...because when all is said and done that's just what will happen.

For Bob S., Sean T. and Adam Y. You all are missed more than you ever could have imagined.


  1. You know I was really sad yesterday after I learned about his death. I was always a fan - maybe not the biggest but I did always take interest in everything he put out. He truly stood above the rest. I am kicking myself that I didn't buy those McQueen jeans on sale on Gilt Groupe or any of the stuff he did for Target. But I will fondly hold onto my skull scarf I bought in Paris that is a direct influence based on McQueen's skull printed scarf from about 3yrs ago. He is truly missed and yes it is selfish to take his own life but I just feel sad that he was that depressed to do such a selfish act.

    Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen were a perfect, albeit short, pairing!

  2. E, good for you for posting this♥

  3. Thank you for posting this and having the "guts" to take on that elephant!!!

  4. Thank you, Elvira. Intelligent and honest of you to raise this and talk about it. You are usually uproariously funny, but you have a serious side, and I support this too.

  5. suicide was the only topic discussed between DH and I when we saw this on the news. We thought that should be the main focus, not who he was and what he did. An icon maybe, but he chose suicide to end his life so that is much to consider/ponder.

    glad you brought this up. I am sick and tired to hear about "what a waste of talent" and etc. look deeper... something was way wrong and he couldn't get out. and look around, you may help saving a life....

  6. Thank you for bringing up the suicide part, and especially putting down information for people, such as the phone numbers. Too many sites are ignoring the fact that he committed suicide, seeming to just gloss over it.

    Depression is a horrible thing to go through, and you are never alone, as much as you might feel you are at the moment.

    Still, I liked how different a lot of his styles were, even though I don't follow fashion. To his family: I am very sorry for your loss.

  7. I cant believe this is true :( I am very sad that he did not see the love that was already there.. and I hope he found the peace he was looking for.

    For anyone that is depressed.. I have been there. I know it is hard. But there is soooo much love surrounding you .. you just need to open your hart and feel it. Let hope be your guidance. And I promiss everything will be alright.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Lots of love ..Sara <3

  8. Thank you for posting this, I don't think it could be a more perfect point. I am sorry for your losses.

  9. well said. I'm so sad to hear the news.

  10. McQueen's suicide is very sad, but if he was depressed, he couldn't see any other way out. He didn't do it to spite anybody. He did it to end his pain. Depression colours everything and clouds judgment. That's the tragedy.

  11. E, You are a class act! You have the heart and the guts to do what is right, instead of what everyone else is doing.

  12. It's really so sad. I can't even imagine in what state you have to be to take your own life. :(
    I hope he rests in peace and that he is somewhere where it's happier.


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