Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kevyn Aucoin The Liquid Lipstick in Ondine

For those that are not familiar with Kevyn Aucoin as a makeup artist I highly suggest you get the book Making Faces. Mr. Aucoin, who has since passed away, created some stunning looks with current celebrities and you wouldn't even recognize some of them if you were told who they were. he was a genius. His makeup line, which was created before he died still lives on today and new products are being introduced all the time. I recently had an opportunity to purchase several lip products on a website called Hautelook which is a "members only" shopping for discounted luxury brands. But you can purchase Kevyn Aucoin products directly from the Kevyn Aucoin website as well as from beauty.com. One of the products I purchased was The Liquid Lipstick in Ondine

The Kevyn Aucoin site claims that The Liquid Lipstick has...
• The coverage of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss.
• Designed to tint and wear like a lipstick while shining like a lip gloss
• Delicate and moist formula stays put for long-lasting wear
• Perfect for any occasion
• Packaged in a lip gloss-like tube with application brush
• Ondine is a stunning poppy red shade
OK. Let's break it down:

• The coverage of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. - WIN! Hell yeah! Shine like you wouldn't believe and opaque coverage from first swipe.

• Designed to tint and wear like a lipstick while shining like a lip gloss - WIN! Didn't I just answer this above. Kinda redundant...but yes. all very true.

• Delicate and moist formula stays put for long-lasting wear - WIN! no dry lips here and the formula is sort of sticky and heavily pigmented so I only need to re-apply one or twice a day...depending on how much I eat. yeah. It's that nice.

• Perfect for any occasion - Win-ish? How do they know ANY occasion? Maybe I'm attending a Buffalo Wings eating competition. Do YOU think lipstick is "perfect" for this event? No. Of course not. It will only get in the way when you are eating. Maybe I'm going to enter a Convent. I don't think Nuns wear much, if any, makeup (hence reason 7,548,723 why I'm not a nun)..so no on THAT "occasion" don't think it's appropriate. Jeesh. These "Know it Alls" and their "predictions" or perfect "Occasions"..almost as "annoying" as unnecessary quotation marks!

• Packaged in a lip gloss-like tube with application brush - FAIL-ISH OK. I got the lip gloss style tube but the one I received came with a sponge tip applicator...which I believe is the old packaging. I'm perfectly OK with this. So it's not really a Fail. I mean look at the brush in the promo picture. It looks like a damn crime scene. All splayed and srcagelly...no thank you.
image from kevynaucoin.com

• Ondine is a stunning poppy red shade - WIN! It is a vibrant COOL toned blue based red. This is a lovely compliment to cooler or neutral skin tones.

The Liquid Lipstick from Kevyn Aucoin in Ondine retails for $27 USD on the beauty.com and Kevyn Aucoin websites. I was fortunate enough to purchase this for only $6.75 from the Hautelook sale!! Would I buy this at full price? I would have to say yes. The color is pretty, it's long lasting and feel very comfortable on my lips. I might even get more colors...they have 4 other colors.

Do you NEED this? Well let's put it this way. If you found Dior Creme de Gloss too creamy and not long lasting, and you found Chanel Rouge Allure Laques too watery and thin, Kevyn Aucoin The Liquid Lipstick is the perfect in between for those products....so yes. you need it.

p.s. if you want to join hautelook you don't need an invitation to join, just go to the site and click on the "become a member" link....however if you are feeling generous and want to join though my invitation click HERE you will get nothing extra, you will not be special in any way and nothing special will happen to you... but I will get $10 credit if you buy something MUWAHAHAHA ...it's all about me after all.


  1. Now that's an awesome red. Gorgeous. This might be weird- but I really like your lip shape. It's kind of the 20's pouty lip. Mine are so thin, and I'm self-conscious about them, so I always notice when someone else has great lips!

  2. Ooh, promo picture fail...

    I hate doe foot but it's worse when they use the standard brush with a thick gloss (like some bobbi brown)...

  3. I have that book and I was a huge fan of Kevin Aucoin, I really attribute that 90's look of the brown based red and the contoured eye shadowed eyes to him. When I flip through that book, I think back to that time and admiring his editorials in Allure magazine and work on music videos - my favorite of that period was Janet Jackson in "That's The Way Love Goes" and he was adorable in his 10 second cameo in Sex in the City. Yes, he is dearly missed! Sadly, I do not own any of his products but I still admire him as an artist and as a person.

    Okay back to your review - if only I could wear red like that I would show up at my local Wings Stop and order a dozen!

  4. Now I'm wishing I picked up a few too!

  5. Ohh that looks really great on you!

  6. that gloss looks amazing! and i thought haute look just sold cosmetics! the pearls on there are keeeling me!

  7. Oh man, this is insanely pretty. Such a great red :D

    I have a couple of Kevyn's ebooks lying around, I must get around to reading them sometime. I started reading one of them and I was astounded at how many celebs he worked with.

  8. This is the best lippie I've ever seen on you!

  9. Marley: Aww. thanks. I have been complimented b4 on my lip shape, but honestly I wish mine were more defined and that I had that cupids bow..I guess we all want what we can't have. :-)

    Hi Citrine: I know! That promo pic needs to be re-done! I HATE bobbi brown gloss brushes. they are the worst

    Lexi920: Ah yes. His death was a great loss. and are you thinking Asian Hooker lips again with this red? LOL

    Catherine: Maybe they will have another sale on hautelook!

    The Mighty J: Thank you!

    Seventh_Moon: Thanks! Yeah. Looks like hautelook sells a lot more than just cosmetics. Maybe you will find a good deal one day too!

    SilhouetteScreams: Thanks! Of yes. His books are a real pleasure to look through!

    lalagirl: Thank you very much!


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